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When you have determined who will be responsible for each portion of your team's debate, it is up to ou to prepare yourself for the challenge that lies ahead. What charcters are there?A  What are there jobs?A  Use Xmind to chart it out.A  The beggining of the book has the names. If you were heading to the antartcita today, what would you pack?A  What would you buy from REI? In the book Shipwreck at the Bottom of the World, Sir Earnest Shackleton had to make a tremendous amount of decisions that would impact the life or death of his crew. In the end we can paste all of them together and make connections as to what type of leader he was. Michael Boll is a Grade Seven teacher and Technology Coach at Concordia International School, Shanghai. As a Technology Coach, Michael is an enthusiastic designer and presenter of professional development workshops. As a middle school educator, Michael enjoys working with "distracted" students and offering them, and their parents, systems and strategies to help them function more effectively in a busy school environment. Podcasts can be used effectively with users of any age, community or culture regardless of the message or the context. They have become a universal way of communicating with sound and vision freeing your audience from reading text. You can download them and listen to or watch messages on portable players, mobile phones, mp3 and other players.
They are revolutionising education by providing a way of supporting, guiding and celebrating learning.
Although it is targetted at the primary sector - the range of file conversion formats make it ideal to use when creating podcast content. It has built in samples and instruments in which you can compose and combine high quality audio recordings. Audacity is a free audio recording software that is used widely in schools to record multi channel audio. It is the software recommended by Camden Music service for use by schools. You can record audio using an microphone device that will plug into your PC.This includes using the micophone from a webcam. In "Creating a Podcast in GarageBand" I will go over how to create a podcast using GarageBand.

Just like in the "How do I Podcast?" section we need to start with backwards thinking, beginning at the end and working toward the beginning.
Below you will find three different sections for getting started with creating podcasts in GarageBand.
In order to watch the video tutorials, please make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash installed. Tip: To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above. Right now I’m grading papers that my elementary students wrote about what they learned in music class. After reading through what my students wrote, it’s apparent that project-based learning helped students actually learn the material.
What great ideas and the fact that it was more fun for you and the students shows the value in your work. You should have answers prepared which will be used to respond to your opponents questions. This assignment is worth ________ points and wil be graded based upon your ability to debate this issue and convince the judges that you are indeed deserved of your claim. Recap your previous points breifly and throw in something extra that they will remember upon leaving the room. However, Michael understands that some of the best coaching is done in a one-to-one situation.A  Sometimes educators want to take what they have just learned and implementA  it (with assistance) in their classrooms.
If you continue without changing your settings, we will assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on this website. It has a clear and simple interface which allows a range of functions not possible within Windows Movie Maker.
You might be wondering what the benefits to using GarageBand to create a podcast than just using the way we outlined in the iPod Touch section "How do I Podcast?". I used to give a multiple choice test, but these one-page essays tell me a lot about what these students have learned (which is helpful when giving grades). What I like about this, and other projects that cross curriculum lines and encourage higher level thinking, is that the learning is directed by the student.
It reminds me of how Ramsey describes flipped classrooms–students need to have that desire to learn.

Imagine that you are from the other teams and determine what questions may be asked of your team. There are many benefits to using GarageBand over creating a podcast right from an iPod Touch. Click on the screenshot to be taken to a website to watch a video tutorial on how to complete each section. They really do understand all that stuff–eighth notes, half rests, repeats, phrasing.
We decided to create a music video to accompany each song, so I (as the music teacher) explained creative commons, giving credit, and being respectful online.
They learn what they need to know when they need to know it in order to meet a goal they are pursuing for themselves. Be sure that you work together so that all members of your team have an adequate background of the positions and arguments thatyou will be proposing. The questions should be specifically directed to your opponents and should be concise and clear. You should take notes during the entire debate so that you may refer to these in your final presentation of your team's views.
We learned about what websites we should use and if we have to give credit and learned rhythm and tempo. And it wasn’t just a more effective way to teach, it was also more enjoyable (for them and for me!). So this year, I composed songs with my music students as a way to teach them about rhythm, tempo, melody, song form, etc. As we created the video, I could talk with them about pacing, types of shots, and telling a story visually. In past years, I composed short pieces of music with my students, but limited the lesson to one 40-minute class period.
In this one project, each music class learned about composition, digital citizenship, video editing, and their own content area, which ranged from adding fractions to human body systems.

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