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Every once in awhile, someone comes along that makes you smack your own forehead and say, "where has this person been all my life?" Chances ar eyou had a moment just like that when you watched 300 and saw Leonidas's wife, Queen Gorgo. Well, lucky for us, somebody watched those things, otherwise we wouldn't have Headey on Terminator every week. The only problem we have with Summer Glau, who appears at number eleven on our list of the sexiest women in television, is a relatively minor one: we're absolutely scared sh*tless of her. Anyways enough of that gripe of mine, lucky for us our annual mecca is coming and time is running short!
Industry leaders see Comic Con as a huge outlet for advertising their fall & future Sci-Fi fares. I've also loaded a few new things to the gallery - like caps for the Unaired Pilot that are courtesy of Jade Leopard. 2) FYI the thumbs might look a little weird there's nothing I can do about it - this happened when we had to rapidly dump our files off of the old servers and load them here. 5) Finally If you have ANYTHING that you would like to contribute to our gallery let me know! On "Terminator Salvation," the shoot was compartmentalized to focus first on exterior scenes, leaving mostly soundstage work to be completed.
Basically it means that no one will be getting in trouble for anything to do with the strike effecting T4 as the strike is beyond their control. Also remember the possibilites of a strike hinge on the AFTRA deal NOT passing- and them being able to finangle a better deal with the AMPTA (or whatever brand the alphabet soup is this time). ALBUQUERQUE a€” The scorched earth and post-apocalyptic wreckage on a hillside just south of here carry a message for those who think the film industry has been closed down by the stalled negotiations between actors and producers: Hollywood will not give up next yeara€™s pictures without a fight.
For all the talk of a de facto strike a€” a shutdown caused by studio reluctance to schedule production beyond the expiration at midnight on Monday of a contract with the Screen Actors Guild a€” a number of high-profile projects are simply pushing ahead.
None have done so more boldly than a€?Terminator Salvation.a€? This huge production has tantalized Albuquerque with glimpses of weird military hardware, a blast site marked by the shards of a 7-Eleven sign, and a lot full of battered helicopters, even while establishing this desert city as a manufacturing center for big-budget films. As of Tuesday, actorsa€™ guild leaders were reviewing a contract proposal that the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, which represents production companies, says is its a€?finala€? offer. Set for release by Warner Brothers next Memorial Day weekend, the fourth installment in the a€?Terminatora€? series, this one directed by McG, began shooting in May. The moviea€™s cast, including the lead, Christian Bale, would be pulled off the set if actors chose to strike. Producers of a€?Terminator Salvationa€? referred calls to Warner representatives, who did not respond to queries. A 100-day strike by the Writers Guild of America East and the Writers Guild of America West left studios scrambling earlier this year to patch holes in their movie schedules for 2009 and beyond.
That the a€?Terminatora€? sequel should be pushed into the breach a€” whether the actorsa€™ guild had a contract this summer or not a€” owed much to a five-year campaign by Gov. His program offers a 25 percent rebate on virtually all film production expenditures in the state, without a cap.
Recently, Lionsgate and the director Frank Miller shot a€?Will Eisnera€™s The Spirita€? in Albuquerque. Though relatively small, with a population of about two million, New Mexico has managed to keep its budget on an even keel, thanks in part to oil-, gas- and coal-related income, which has grown as energy prices have risen. But in a phone interview last week, both said that industry practice was to charge higher premiums in the face of a potential strike that could leave expensive equipment sitting idle, or expose a star like Mr. As SAG leaders were considering their response to the latest studio offer on Monday, it was business as usual on the a€?Terminatora€? sets at the complex. Even fliers from the nearby Kirtland Air Force Base have been in on the still uninterrupted movie fun.
Will we be seeing Jonathan Jackson again as Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles' Kyle Reese? As we await official word on what's in store for us in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles' second season, the first spoilers are starting to trickle out.
In old but good news, Malaysia's Star Online has an interview with Thomas Dekker and Summer Glau from their antipodean press tour earlier this year here.
The Terminator franchise has been steadily reinvigorated of late, especially with the recent airing of Warner Bros' Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles TV series. There was a Terminator card game in the late 1990s (interestingly also by the ill-fated Precedence), but was quickly forgotten amidst lacklustre sales. They say that timing is everything, and we'd actually think that given the strong ratings enjoyed by the TV series and the hype surrounding the upcoming movie, a Terminator card game should enjoy modest success. While no longer really news, CraveOnline has posted a blurb about TSCC's return and new cast members here. Long before The L Word scooped her up for a season, Sci-Fi and fantasy film fans knew all about that blonde bad-assed bombshell Kristanna Loken.
And in cast-related news, Variety reports that "Legendary Pictures has confirmed it is developing a 300 follow-up for Warner Bros.
However, the Glasgow Sunday Mail notes that "Gerard Butler could return to 300 role as producers plan new movies" here. In Terminator Salvation news, every geeksite known to Google is reporting that Helena Bonham-Carter been cast in T4 in what's being referred to as a "small but crucial role" by the Times of London. As for the casting Bonham-Carter itself, all I can say is: to all the girls in Alexandra Hall who sneered at my regular Saturday evening appointment with Star Trek: The Next Generation while they clutched their VHS copy of A Room With A Viewto their chests, look who's doing sci-fi now! And while ScreenRant is perplexed - "the casting of this film is getting stranger and stranger by the day" - here, AfterEllen is skeptical - "Is Helena a genius casting pick? Meanwhile, older John Connor, Christian Bale, has been all over the Internet promoting The Dark Knight and chatting a bit about Terminator Salvation along the way. Bale is currently shooting the new Terminator film and laughs slightly when asked what it is about him and franchises.
DR: What drew you to play John Connor in another classic film franchise, the new "Terminator Salvation"? CB: In a similar fashion that "Batman Begins" revitalized and reinvented, even though with "Terminator Salvation" we are, of course, continuing a mythology, we're not ignoring a mythology as we did with Batman.
I see there being great potential for reinvention and revitalization of the mythology of it. Finally, we have commentary from JoBlo's Arrow-in-the-Head site about the official Terminator Salvation logo revealed on the movie's official blog here. The Terminator movies are based on the fear of a future taken over by robots, but we eventually begin to root for the Terminator, played by our most robotic of actors, Arnold Schwarzenegger.
From behind the scenes, Albequerque cop Rob DeBuck who retired as a captain from the Albequerque PD and worked as a technical advisor on Terminator: The Sara Connor Chronicles and USA Network's In Plain Sight has returned to the police department as a rookie. Aren't robots like the liquid morphing T-1000 in Terminator 2 supposed to be in works of fiction about a diabolical future?

Anyways - there's still a chance that Brian might get on the short list for Best Guest Appearance - so keep your fingers crossed!
More updates emerge for Terminator 4 from Christian Bale who talks with Sheila Roberts about the film! As always remember we have a lot of stuff to keep your TSCC interests up between breaking news stories. Finally, we've got tons of great interviews, season 1 trailers, and mini-documentaries on TSCC and the Terminator films located in our Sarah Connor Video Channel! Virgin Media has announced a new batch of programming for its video on demand service this month.
New content will include the ER pilot movie, US medical series Private Practice and Terminator spinoff The Sarah Connor Chronicles.
Malcolm Wall, chief executive of content, said: "With nearly half our customer base enjoying TV on demand each month, our goal is to continue leading the on demand revolution with the most diverse range of quality TV possible. So I still haven't gotten around to loading all of the stuff that I have to manually sort to get into the gallery, so instead today I tackled loading tons of photos (most all are LQ-MQ) of members of our cast from all sorts of other non-TSCC events. This girl was a social butterfly in NYC, unless she gets major screentime and someone requests something I'm not loading everything that she has attended in the last year.
Justin Timberlake sat down with BBC Radio 1Xtra with Twin B and Yasmin Evanswhere where he talked about fatherhood working with Pharrell (The Neptunes), Timbaland and The Weeknd, check it out below. Pharrell Williams is coming for Kanye’s Yeezy Boost sales with his new collection for Adidas Originals this spring. Mac Ecko, the fashion designer who founded Complex in 2002 and serves as its chief brand officer, said the concept for the event is to couple “the intellectual discovery environment” of South by Southwest with the party atmosphere of a festival like Coachella. Complex, which caters to a millennial-male audience and claims to have 57 million unique monthly visitors online, was acquired last month by Hearst and Verizon Communications. Complex will promote the festival through its existing media properties, and will feed content produced from ComplexCon back into them. He is responsible for designing the event’s brand identity and will lend his oversight to the overall design and aesthetic experience. Here is the Official Video to BIA’s new single titled ‘Gucci Comin’ Home’, directed by Carrington Scott. It’s official guys, we’ve already assumed it but now Justin just confirmed that he indeed is working on a new album.
Here is the Extended Version of Pharrell’s newest collaboration with Axwell and Ingrosso’s with the tune ‘Dream Bigger’, get it now on iTunes.
Here is the Acoustic version of Alyssa Bernal’s ‘Wherever, Whenever’ tune from her Slip (EP), get it now on iTunes. Skepta just dropped his collaboration with Pharrell from his new album titled ‘Konnichiwa’, that he recorded earlier this year. The Voice Season 8 winner Sawyer Fredericks has finally announced his long-anticipated full length album titled ‘A Good Storm’ which is now available for Pre-Order to the general public before it’s official release date, May 13. Here is the Official Version of Axwell and Ingrosso’s newest collaboration with Pharrell called ‘Dream Bigger’, check it out below and make sure to cop it on iTunes. Pharrell and Scott Vener sat down with LA producer Flying Lotus to talk about the State of Hip Hop, Aphex Twin and more, check it out now on Beats 1 Radio. Pharrell Williams presented Gwen with the Radio Disney Hero Award, and he couldn’t resist giving Shefani a shoutout while gushing about Gwen’s good works. In this cautionary tale, rappers Lil Dicky, Trinidad James, and Mystikal find themselves responsible for customer safety at a liquor store.
Now this is news right here, Mystikal sat down with Ebro In The Morning to talk about his new projects where he talked how it’s been working with The Neptunes and revealed that Pharrell has some new heat for him ready, check out the Interview below.
In fact, Lena Headey, who comes in at number 15 on our list of the sexiest women on television, has actually been starring in films and television shows for over fifteen years. But after watching her play psychotic stone cold assassin River Tam in Firefly and now futuristic robot destroyer Cameron Phillips on Terminator, well, we're a bit traumatized. Keep your fingers crossed folks that the actor's strike does NOT go underway this week, otherwise there's a very good chance that Comic Con will be boring as all get out (what a thrill considering this will be my first one.) If that's the case, Josh Friedman can expect that without any of the actors around to buffer the attention from him that I WILL get a spoiler or two out of him to share with you all! I have something like 2,000 more photos that mostly focus on actor projects, events, episode, & promo photos to load - so if the gallery seems bare in places, don't worry, I'll be working this week on filling it up. I also had some interviews that I had capped a long time ago that I hadn't loaded but are now up.
I'm implementing this new rule as a means of preventing folks from hotlinking to my photos and stealing our bandwidth. The deal producers have with the cast and crew is that paychecks stop in the event of a strike, but nobody gets force majeured, and each person gets a plane ticket home from the location site in Albuquerque with the agreement that they'll all return within 48 hours of a SAG settlement. Neither party shall be liable for any failure or delay in performance under this Agreement (other than for delay in the payment of money due and payable hereunder) to the extent said failures or delays are proximately caused (I) by causes beyond that party's reasonable control and occurring without its fault or negligence, including, without limitation, failure of suppliers, subcontractors, and carriers, or party to substantially meet its performance obligations under this Agreement, provided that, as a condition to the claim of nonliability, the party experiencing the difficulty shall give the other prompt written notice, with full details following the occurrence of the cause relied upon. AND if they want and ARE able to get 75 percent of the SAG members to agree to even strike. It was widely expected to delay that step until it learned the outcome of a vote by the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, another actorsa€™ union with overlapping membership, on a tentative agreement with terms that guild leaders have called inadequate. She was referring to a shift by studios, which earlier had promised to shut down rather than get into a game of chicken with the actors. Warner came up short at least one potential blockbuster when troubles with the script and other matters delayed a€?Justice League of America,a€? a superhero film that was racing toward production when the writers struck last November.
Bill Richardson to build New Mexicoa€™s film industry with unusually aggressive incentives. Thus the makers of a€?Terminator Salvation,a€? with a budget reported at more than $200 million, are expected to recoup tens of millions of dollars from a state government eager to showcase the production, New Mexicoa€™s largest so far.
Casting the talented star of the Batman movies (who's soon to be seen in The Dark Knight) as the guy who fights the machines in the future is definitely a coup. And with a fifth movie in the pipeline (Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins, starring Christian Bale, and slated for a 2009 release), it will mean that there should be plenty of takers for all things that have images of the menacing T-800 and John Connor. As the latest and greatest in the Terminator proto-types, Loken made for a mighty-fine cyborg in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines! Who could have predicted that the woman who starred in the schmaltzy television romance Beauty and the Beast would diesel out like she did to face off with a muscle-bound cyborg killer?
Phillip K Dick, Arthur C Clarke and Nobel-nominated Karel Capek have all toyed with the idea, before John Sladek based his 1968 satirical novel, the Reproductive System, on a self-replicating machine that goes wild. For that I'm certainly not bitter - Mary should've been nominated every year since BSG began, her role is utterly groundbreaking and the fact that the Oscar nominated actress hasn't been nominated before only further proof that the Emmy's often chose what's popular over real talent and great writing. Once you choose the ideal viewing level, you can view all the episodes by choosing the 'playlist' button. This past weekend Sheila Roberts caught up with Christian Bale to talk with him about The Dark Knight which is easily one of the movie highlights this summer.

Now whilst Batman Begins was clearly an origin story, and we were in many ways ignoring any of the other movies that had come before, which wona€™t be the case with the Terminator a€“ we are staying true to the mythology, certainly to one and two more so than three, but ita€™s the opportunity and the chance to reinvent and revitalize that. Sure Terminator 3 was a bit weak and did not live up to the first films, but it wasn't crap. The guy's been watching all three Terminators incessantly and hea€™s definitely going to capture the essence of the character Michael Biehn created in Camerona€™s first film.
We're only 4 months old and in between seasons, gone through servers changes and has not only survived but thrived!
Register and you'll have access to over 18,000 (and climbing) screencaps, HQ promo photos, and actor photos from both TSCC and the Terminator films franchise! TSCC made the cover of HD Review even though the article is about tons of other sci-fi shows hitting Blu-Ray. Pharrell designed two distinct pairs for Pink Beach, an Elastic Slip On and an Elastic Lace Up that come in a crisp white and a multicolored stripe option. Pharrell Williams has signed on to help create the inaugural ComplexCon, a two-day festival from media company Complex covering pop culture, music, art, food and more set to debut this fall. ComplexCon will feature concert performances, shopping, art exhibits, food and discussion panels (dubbed “Complex Conversations”). Timberlake, but at midnight on Friday, the former N*SYNC frontman dropped a new single, “Can’t Stop The Feeling,” a feel-good radio-ready song that will appear on the official soundtrack for a forthcoming Dreamworks animated movie, Trolls.
Growing up in Tennessee, very central of the country, Memphis is known as being the birthplace of rock and roll, but also the home of the blues, but Nashville’s right down the street so there’s a lot of country music. The Grime rapper released his fourth studio album on May 6 through Skepta’s own label ‘Boy Better Know’. Every Pre-Order will receive an instant download of the new song “4 Pockets” with a Remix by Pharrell Williams, In an interview with Reality Rocks around the release of the EP, Sawyer revealed he had been working with his The Voice coach Pharrell Williams on some tracks that could end up on the album. Most of y’all would recognize that beat from the old Alicia Keys demo from 2007 from her third studio album ‘As I Am’ which didn’t make the final cut, instead Lupe Fiasco got the beat with the finished vocals by Alicia and released it back in 2009, and now check out the finished version by Kevin McCall below.
And not just, like, direct to video crap, but honest-to-god bigass films like The Remains of the Day.
While many of the beauties on this list are perfectly at ease on the runway or lounging in a bikini at the beach, Glau seems most comfortable in the middle of a post-apocalyptic holocaust, clutching a skull in one hand and a bloody axe in the other. I'll be loading a bunch of Leven Rambin photos from events that she attended this past year as well. I've also unceremoniously dumped a bunch of stuff into single folders - I will be sorting them out, I just haven't gotten around to it yet. I've also increased the number of thumbs that you can view on a page so that should mean that you'll have fewer pages to load when hunting through things. I'm looking for folks who would be interested in capping some of the earlier works by our leading actors, like Thomas scenes as Zach on HEROES, or Summer as River in FIREFLY, or any of Lena's films.
Dates by which performance obligations are scheduled to be met will be extended for a period of time equal to the time lost due to any delay so caused. Those and other projects have brought about $1.8 billion in entertainment-related spending to New Mexico in the last five years, according to Eric Witt, director of the governora€™s entertainment development effort. A truck hauling a mock-military vehicle purporting to be full of jet fuel pulled up outside another.
A mama bear with her cub, Hamilton's ripped Sarah Connor wasn't about to let anyone f*** with her son. Now whilst Batman Begins was clearly an origin story, and we were in many ways ignoring any of the other movies that had come before, that won't be the case with the Terminator - we are staying true to the mythology, certainly to one and two more so than three, but it's the opportunity and the chance to reinvent and revitalize that, otherwise. Tufts University has been tapped to develop a new breed of robot that will operate much like the T-1000 rather than the hard shell robot varieties we are all familiar with. It set the scene for movies like The Terminator to tap into fears of robots capable of reproducing and taking over. These last two points do make you wonder if the RepRap is a self-replicating machine at all. And after visiting Sam Worthington on the set of Avatar, I know hea€™s perfect for his role. I'm guessing that they got the top spot since they're a new show and it, like HEROES, hit the HD market on the first go around.
And one look at the campaign images will reveal just how strong Pharrell’s creative vision can be. Pharrell will work both in front of and behind the scenes as cultural director and host committee chair for the event, under a deal Complex inked with the singer-rapper-producer and his creative venture, i am OTHER.
Though “Can’t Stop The Feeling” is an unlikely candidate for the lead single for Timberlake’s next campaign, the Memphis singer has revealed to radio jock Carson Daly that he is in fact working on a new album. Skepta said about his Pharrell collaboration that it’s “One of my favourite tracks [on the album] – Pharrell, my don. The “Happy” singer commended Gwen for her kindness and generosity, and he said that he knows Blake is also a big fan of Gwen’s big heart. Now, if you'll excuse us, we've got to go AFK a while to get some World of Warcraft fan service.
A lathe could be used to make parts for another lathe; what's so different about his RepRap? If you have your own site, be sure to grab our Video channel widget and load it for cool content that you don't have to post yourself! A limited-edition collection launches on May 5th with a Consortium+ range of vibrant, graphic-heavy items, like an olive green shirt and short set.
In picking Long Beach, “we were looking for a location where the city itself becomes a backdrop to the event,” he said. So that is my aim, and that's why I finally decided, because I took a long time to consider and why I finally decided yes, I wanted to try this, because that's a responsibility that we have as filmmakers and that's what I'm aiming to achieve." He says he is pleased with the way Terminator is progressing.
McG the director is taking his new role as director of Terminator 4 very seriously and he is not just dis-regarding the past films, he is trying to continue the story and maintain the mythology. In addition, Complex announced that contemporary artist Takashi Murakami has joined as ComplexCon’s first host committee member. The Long Beach Convention Center & Entertainment Center includes a 3,000-seat hall for “film-festival-like experiences,” Ecko added. Pharrell gets back with his rapping skills on this banger with characteristically whimsical style both vocally and instrumentally, check out the heater below and make sure to cop it on iTunes.
Tickets for ComplexCon are slated to go on sale in the next 30 days; pricing is yet to be announced.

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