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Even if you are not inspired the “Smart Instruments” will help you to quickly find new chords and produce new arrangements. Missing editing options for instruments: after you have recorded a pattern you cannot change the value of the note and the bars like in the Mac version of Garage Band.
If you like these kinds of apps generating random or harmonious tones, this app is for you.
A very original instrument, especially if you want to create and use the samples for your own creation. This app realized by the German software company algoriddim is a real must have if you want to impress your friends (especially girls ?? ) because it’s a virtual turntable.
The app is well done, allowing users also to wire virtual cables and so to produce even more astonishing sounds!
If you are looking for the best app to create your next electro track or astonishing beats, this app is for you. This entry was posted by MatD on August 14, 2011 at 12:38 am, and is filed under Apple, Music, Techzone. Launched in 2000, Collectool is one of the leading search engines for collectors in France. Here is a small selection of free and paid iPad apps that will help you to increase your musical creativity.

When Apple launched the iPad version, the similarity to the Mac’s version was very high, and I must say the realization is pretty good. The loop library is also filled with bunches of samples and if you have bought the GarageBand sound banks you can import them into the app in order to extend the number of samples.
The app comes with a bunch of samples and instruments, which gives you good possibilities to create something original. SoundPrism is composed in three parts and by pressing on the right part you can generate organ and synth tones played on several chords.
Let me first say that djay won the Apple Designer Prize this year and it really deserves its title. The response time while scratching discs (… sorry MP3s ?? ) is accurate, there are not lags. Impressive by the fact that it’s a reproduction of an existing synthesizer the famous Korg MS-20 used by famous electro artists such as Daft Punk, Depeche Mode, William Orbit and of course ?? the Gorillaz. This is sooo impressive and the numbers of configuration and features parameters are almost unlimited. This site presents the car entertainment system I've built for my car and explains how you can install your own system in your car.
This is the seventh version of my website since 2000 and I'm sharing interesting stuff about programming (e.g.

Even the Gorillaz have produced a complete album only by using iPad and iPhone music apps, so now it’s your turn!
The number of virtual instruments is very high and the instruments and loops are classified like in the Mac version. The 16 step drum machine will give you full control on your beat and I’m pretty sure you will create very soon a nice dance track! Once you have selected your two tracks from your iTunes library you can start to mix and put the fire on the dance floor.
So first of all let me say this is an all-in-one app, meaning you have a drum machine, a synth, the keyboard and the KAOS Pad. HTML5, Node, Actionscript for Flex & Flash, Unity, Android), new systems like Wizzmo or Swoozy, my hobbies (testing new devices, cars and designs), music reviews (new releases, soundtracks), some of my scientific publications and DIY articles. You can improvise a drumbeat while tapping onto the screen and depending where you are tapping, the sound is changing (try it on the percussion, you will notice that even if you are tapping on the same instrument, the sound changes depending on the position where you have tapped).
There is a small training time before understanding how everything works, but with some deduction and tries you will certainly found out (without the manual) how to generate your first electro track.

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