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Marketing Trends of 2016: Marketing Automation Will See Tremendous GrowthBy Will Stangler 5 months ago2 CommentsIn 2015, dozens of tools emerged to improve the marketing process. As marketers (and particularly as those who skew towards the creative end of the spectrum), we’re perpetually fascinated by the psychology behind what we do: what motivates our audience, what grabs their interest, and how we can better reach them.
Kathryn Honderd, Pardot’s Client Services Manager (and a strong advocate of to-do lists and tactical approaches), gave a webinar on this topic recently and shared her expertise from helping hundreds of clients with CRM integrations. Integrating your marketing automation system and and your CRM is all about sales and marketing alignment, so make sure your sales team has input from the very start.
Chances are, your vendor deals with integrations like yours every day, and they have a wealth of knowledge to share with you on how to best configure the integration to meet your goals. The challenge for marketing managers is always the same: marketing campaigns are much needed as a source of leads and future customers, but cost a lot of money at the same time. Optimize your marketing efforts using the familiar and intelligent marketing capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. I cut my teeth in the non-profit world, applying cutting edge marketing techniques to an industry sorely lacking in the innovation department.

But there are times in our jobs when we need to stop philosophizing and theorizing and take a more tactical, hands-on approach — and integrating your CRM with your marketing automation platform is one of those times. Your sales reps may be very comfortable with your CRM and may not see a need for introducing a new system, so make sure they understand the benefits of marketing automation and the goals you hope to achieve by implementing it. Talk to your vendor about your goals for the integration, and make sure you can answer all of the questions on the checklist below before you get started (even if you don’t fill in the answers!). Join us for Kathryn’s free follow-up webinar this Thursday, “Marketing Automation and CRM: Terrible Twosome or Dynamic Duo?” And, as always, we’d love to hear your thoughts in our comments section! Use flexible segmentation tools, intuitive campaign management features, robust workflows, and insightful analytics to increase the effectiveness of your marketing programs.
As more and more businesses embrace technology and get better at leveraging its power, marketing automation will grow in both popularity and specificity.Marketing automation is the use of technology and software to perform marketing techniques that would have otherwise been done manually, or flat out impossible. Define your goals, map out a plan, and know what to expect from your integration before you even get started.
And, as Kathryn points out, it often helps to pull one sales rep in on the implementation process, thoroughly train them and allow them to see results, then let that sales rep sell the rest of the team on marketing automation.

The customization of this technology can be taken one step further by sending them another email in a few days if they have not yet performed the CTA in your email.Based on the data you collect, you can tweak this process to send a different email at custom intervals until this prospect becomes a customer or is deemed to no longer be a prospect. You can also use it to keep your existing customers by providing product updates, added features and other useful content that will improve their experience with your product or service.Other automation tactics are done right on websites. It is the ultimate target marketing because it is not only targeted towards the individual, but it is targeted towards their mindset in that particular moment and their actual behavior.For example, I recently purchased an office chair for my home office on Amazon.
This section suggested I purchase a plastic floor mat and a waste basket along with my chair.
I already had a trash can so I ignored that, but my home office is carpeted so I purchased the floor mat because the chair had wheels on it.This was a brilliant bit of marketing automation, like the candy bars at the register in a supermarket but customized to me. No Amazon employee sat there and watched me shop and said “Will, how will your chair roll on the carpet?

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