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Through proper content marketing, businesses can build their brand, raise awareness, and engender trust.
The person in this critical role helps coordinate sales and marketing activities to ensure both departments are working toward the same goals. By shaping strategies and overseeing execution, the content director ensures messaging remains focused and on brand. A 2014 report from the Pew Research Center Internet Project reveals 90 perent of Americans over the age of 18 have cellphones and nearly 60 percent have smartphones. With such impressive penetration, it’s not surprising that a separate report from financial giant Morgan Stanley predicts mobile Web usage will exceed laptop Web browsing by 2015. Whether you’re creating email newsletters, white papers, or podcasts, optimize the content for mobile devices. Many companies are hip to the opportunities that come from having one of their leaders write guest blog posts and bylined articles for industry publications. Guest bloggers can easily create engaging, high-quality videos that will inform and educate on a variety of essential topics. With studies reporting videos as the new way to reach a mass audience, the evolution of guest videos is upon us. For example, you might ask a well-known consultant to write a review of your newest product. Another possibility is having someone in your marketing communications department do an audio or video interview with the influencer.
Some companies enjoy success by developing a one-stop online resource where visitors can educate themselves on issues and topics relevant to your industry. One approach is to use a university model in which you offer online courses, instructional modules, and self-test tools. Content packaged to teach your customers things they want to learn is highly effective at drawing in visitors and getting them to engage with your site.
Create a check-list to ensure you’re contributing the most helpful information for your viewers.
Try custom-content feeds that give viewers access to a variety of content like social media RSS. Many people are taking up Google+ to disseminate content marketing information for their companies.
Peter Scott is a journalist and editor who has been covering business, technology and lifestyle trends for more than 20 years.
For content marketers looking to increase content production and save time, content curation is the answer.
But many people interested in content curation—and some who are already curating—may still have lingering questions about best practices. To avoid competing in search engine results with the original article, it is important to always craft a new headline. – This website helps find popular keywords surrounding various topics so that your article will rank high in search engines results. It is also important to note that even if a title worked well on the original post (it got you to click, didn’t it?) it may not work well for your specific audience.
To avoid copyright issues and add originality to your post, try using an entirely new image.
Although a CTA is an element that is necessary for any type of blog post, it is especially important when it comes to curated content.
If you’re interested in more information about curating content  download our latest eBook, The Ultimate Guide to Content Curation or reach out to us for a demo of our content curation software.
Excellent article on curation…as someone who helps others Tame the ContentBeastie™ curation, properly done according to your structure, is a great way to tame the bugger! Secondly, Alex is not a lawyer, nor am I, but what Alex is saying (in her corrected version) and what my eBook says, as far as I can tell, is consistent with ethical and lawful curation of images. In the case you are describing, the individual didn’t ask for explicit permission for the image from the image creator.
Steve, maybe it would be helpful to provide a link to your legal website so that people know who to hire. One final note to prove my case-see how many Pinterest pages have been taken down because people thought it was fair use. Content curation is widely recognized as an efficient tool to engage with online audiences more consistently. I would be curious to see some examples of curated content, what the original post looks like and what the curated post looks like.
Get weekly content marketing news and best practices right in your Inbox and Curata's exclusive eBook free! As I was enjoying the view of the Charles River during our train’s crossing of the Longfellow Bridge, a poster ad in the subway car caught my attention. After further thought, I realized that placement of this ad was quite strategic since the Red Line passes right by Mass General Hospital. This post has been updated as of March 20, 2014 due to the release of our latest eBook, The 4 Steps to Content Marketing Enlightenment. Due to this significant concern, we’ve crafted The 4 Steps to Content Marketing Enlightenment eBook to help content marketers overcome challenges and cut through the noise.
In the weeks following Content Marketing World 2013, we found that our “STOP Egocentric Content Marketing” message was resonating with content marketers far and wide. In order to progress beyond egocentric content marketing, I have outlined below the 4 Steps to Content Marketing Enlightenment. Marketers at the Egocentric: Product Out stage have certainly bought into content marketing.
Egocentric, product-out marketers will publish any content that they have readily available. Readers are not linking to their content (unless they have a direct interest in the product, i.e. Even though these marketers have the best intentions, they don’t receive good results.
Marketers on this step will create original content with their buyers in mind, rather than starting with their product or solution.
Querying their sales team for questions asked by buyers as starting points for content creation. While these marketers create content with their buyers in mind, it is still solely sourced from the vendor.
Egocentric, content out marketers are able to achieve a bit of engagement, but very little trust in the marketplace. In addition to all the realizations that the predecessors on lower rungs have, Market In marketers also realize they need to incorporate other voices into their content marketing campaigns to sustain their engagement and increase their perception as a trusted source. Content Marketing Teams. Enlightened marketers understand that content is not a part-time job.

Best-in-class marketers at this stage will realize that there is room for improvement here, especially if their organization is facing pressure to create more compelling and valuable content due to competitors in the marketplace. Think like an industry analyst by bringing independent viewpoints to the table, performing primary research on relevant topics and driving intellectual content and conversations. Be selective when it comes to curation to make sure you’re providing the most relevant, valuable information for readers. Use ethical best practices when curating content from third-party sources, including annotation (to provide added value readers) and clear attribution to the original author with a link back to the article featured in your curated post.
Measure the impact of content so you understand what content resonates with readers and what content falls flat; and market you marketing by repurposing content to get the most mileage out of it.
Enlightened marketers are able to attain both high buyer engagement and trust and become the go-to destination for their audiences.
Content Marketing Tactics Planner: Find out how to shape up your marketing mix to become the best-in-class standard of 65% created, 25% curated and 10% syndicated.
Agorapulse – This is a fantastic and very affordable tool run by our friend Emeric Ernoult. Iconosquare – Instagram is designed for mobile use, but Iconsquare (see image above) is an Instagram management tool designed for desktop.
Constant Contact – Constant Contact has a programme to help digital consultants and agencies to support their SME clients with a full suite of small business marketing tools – including email, social media, surveys and events.
Curata – Curata (above) offers both a content marketing platform and a content curation platform. Venngage – For the non-designers among us, this app is specifically designed to make the creation of infographics a whole lot easier. Moz– Moz Pro (above) opens up a wealth of research tools to your disposal, making it one of the ultimate SEO tools. Hootsuite Ads – Hootsuite collaborated with Facebook to deliver an automated Facebook ad generator. Upcast – Upcast is another Facebook book ad management tool and covers twitter as well offering both and self-service or managed account. Nimble – Nimble brings together your contacts, prospects and existing customers and collects data from a number of sources. Podio – Podio (above) labels itself as a “fresh take on collaborating and getting organised” and offers a really simple UI, which is customisable. Pipeliner – Pipeliner is a great CRM tool for people who find it easier to monitor statistics and data through visuals. Having graduated from Lincoln University with a BA, Mark joined Our Social Times as Marketing Assistant in the summer of 2015. Our Social Times is a boutique social media agency based in Cambridge, UK, providing a range of high-value social media marketing, monitoring and training services.
Leave your details and we'll keep you updated about this and future courses (we only email very occasionally). In addition, this leader provides a vision and helps the business incorporate the best content marketing strategies, including webinars, videos and guest blog posts.
Whoever holds this role needs to have a well-rounded approach to creating, managing and distributing content across multiple platforms to reach as many people in the company’s target audience as possible. As smartphones are becoming cheaper, the study results illustrate the absolute necessity of content marketing on mobile devices. Videos allow guests to show, not just tell, so the company will receive a more compelling piece from their guests.
Work with industry influencers who have respected voices, and ask them to develop content your company can distribute.
While you won’t have the kind of control over the content you’d have if you used someone inside your company, you do gain greater credibility and trust through working with a professional outside your firm. Professionals are connecting with their work, while also sharing personal articles and photos with family and friends. With the ability to create presentations and share them easily with groups, this trend has B2B marketers working hard to create vivid and engaging content.
The industry is experiencing new advancements every year, which is sure to provide more insight on what is producing ROI for all companies utilizing it. In addition, your audience will appreciate you exposing them to new sources of third party, independent content. Invest significant time on this step of the process — a good headline could be the difference between someone clicking on your article or passing it by. Simply paste your title into the field on the home page and it will automatically correct any capitalization errors.
Often times, simply inserting one word in place of another can take your title to the next level. However, we try to put it in the context of content marketing, since that is what our audience wants to read about.
Frame the original article in a way that is useful to your readers by citing the content’s relevance to their needs and providing your own analysis on the topic or issue at hand. I’m sure you’ve spent tons of time creating unique and interesting blog posts, eBooks and other resources. Although I am partial to Curata (shocking, I know…) we have rounded up a list of curation tools in a recent blog post to help you weigh your options. Alex serves as the Editor-in-Chief of the Content Marketing Forum which has a readership of over 40,000 where she frequently blogs about content strategy and marketing.
I’ve seen articles where there isn’t the emphasis on adding your OWN content and OWN images, so this was very refreshing! Ask Google how many Federal Court orders they receive not asking, telling them to remove the photo. Our most recent survey found that 71% of marketers are increasing their content spend this year to hire staff, create more content and better leverage content-specific technology.
Unlike some of their peers who are still solely fiddling with interrupt driven, outbound marketing, these marketers do understand the value and merits of producing and publishing their own content to attract buyers to their brands. These marketers realize the value of content marketing similar to those on step 1; but in addition, they realize that the content they produce must be focused on buyers’ interests versus their own vendor offerings.
Rather than relying solely on internal sources such as their sales team for content ideas, these marketers will go outside of their organization for content ideas and spend a considerable amount of time listening to what the outside world is saying.
Because these marketers are tuned in to the market, they are able to identify relevant conversation on other sites, as well as add value through comments in those discussions.
Content teams led by a content marketing executive (Chief Content Officer, VP, Director of Content) consist of a content manager, specialist and a team of writers who are able to craft strong storytelling narratives. Our list, which includes social media, content marketing, SEO and ad management tools, isn’t by any means exhaustive, but does include some useful suggestions.
It allows you to track stats, manage multiple accounts, set up hashtag campaigns and competitions.

The social media tools enable you to offer vouchers and capture data, so should not be overlooked. The content marketing tool allows you to track leads and analyse content to understand which parts of your content are working best. Leveraging the power of social networks and the way they spread news, storify allows you to search with it’s all-in-one search engine, gathering stories and reports that have appeared on numerous social media sites.
Uses range from site audits, tracking the rank of pages and keywords, looking at page successes or failures (using metrics and social data) and more besides. Ideal for consultants and smaller agencies, it’s an excellent resource for getting started in SEO.
It offers key features in creation such as 3rd party tracking, excel upload and ad set scheduling and management with auto page post promotion, auto optimisation scheduled web queries.
Epom (above) offers four default sub accounts which offer varying levels of access and responsibility allowing the Network supervisor (highest level access) to organise their team in whatever way they see fit. Using social media listening, it sifts and identifies the contacts that are most relevant to you. It integrates with tools like Google Drive and Box, making it easier to store important files and docs. A helpful feature within Batchbook is its task system, which assigns jobs to members of your team and sets tasks, such as reaching out to contacts who have not been contacted recently – helping to keep your team on their toes.
Their graphs make it simple to understand what you need to do to achieve your goals, making workflow more efficient.
A keen social networker, he writes about the latest developments in social media marketing.
Sharing and promoting content related to your particular industry attracts people to your social media and digital platforms as well as your product lines.
Thinking about mobile now ensures your company won’t fall behind the curve in the coming months.
Does your company practice data curating to get the most up-to-date, comprehensive information available? Have a leader in the field post a blog, or take the time to interview one of the most successful people in the field and post the video online. With new technologies from Google bursting at the seams every year, there is no doubt that Google+ is innovating a whole new network of social sharing. In fact, according to a recent study, best-in-class marketers use a content marketing mix of 65% created content and 25% curated content. Instead, link to a piece of your content that will help them expand their knowledge on this topic.
Keeping your leads engaged let’s them know that you are helping to bring them value on a consistent basis and catering to their needs. You are correct — we have to be careful when using images, even if it’s just a thumbnail.
One case right now we are doing the thief states in her blog she never met the person in the photo. Michael has over 25 years of marketing and sales experience, having successfully launched and sustained three start-up ventures as well as having driven innovative customer creation strategies for large technology organizations. However, few of these marketers will be able to overcome the content shock that many of their buyers experience due to the overwhelming amount of information available on the Internet today.
This typically has diminishing returns as their more prominent issue is getting buyers to trust their brand, which can be done by publishing a variety of content from credible sources. These actions not only make these marketers smarter, but it increases the value that they provide other parties, which ultimately results in reciprocation of interest and traffic. Over time, buyers may even solely rely on the enlightened marketer’s content as the starting and ending points for their journey. Agorpulse also offers features such as automated moderation, competitions, quizzes  and promotion codes with pricing for businesses of all sizes.
It allows you to identify your most valuable followers, so you can focus your activities on the higher impact relationships you have. The story editing process is designed to be as simple as possible, just drag and drop content which is instantly imbedded with no coding knowledge required. This gives you snapshot of internet search terms, so you can optimise your content accordingly. The programme comes with a range of features such as auto-split which helps you microsegment your audience, budget optimisation which gives you the best value for money spent, real time reporting for keeping up to date with ad campaigns and a whole lot more.
When you sign up to Epom you also get your own Epom personal assistant to offer support and assistance with tasks such as “configuring ad campaigns, setting up of trafficking options, optimizing existing campaigns, creating analytical reports based on your campaigns performance” and so on. It enables your whole team to access and manage your CRM, making organisation simpler and customer interaction a whole lot easier. Client details and your interaction history is recorded to make closing future sales easier. This is your opportunity to bring in intelligent, outside voices, which is one of the main advantages of content curation. The Ninth Circuit United States Court of Appeals decided that using thumbnail images amounted to fair use in the case Kelly v. Your content can be shared by copying and pasting an embedding code anywhere on the web or through twitter cards. The pricing can vary from set price plans or custom ones making Epom affordable for smaller business. Ellen & company photo does not belong to her~ it belongs to Bradley Cooper he took the photo.
Michael received his MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management, as well as a BS in Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and an MS in Engineering from Northeastern University. Storify can also quote people you have mentioned in the content increasing the possibility of it getting shared.
Pawan holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer science from MIT where he his thesis on Natural Language Processing won a top departmental and international awards. Just because you use a thumbnail it is still infringement unless you have the photographers permission.
She is also asking for damages from Google because they were ask to take it down and didn’t.
Before you go giving false advise to readers I strongly suggest you read how copyright infringement works.
Learn before you write a blog Alex or you might find yourself in a federal copyright infringement case too.

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