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Using special warp software and multi- video cards to produce full 1080i curve video in one box. Video Screens inc is the only known company that changes pixel by pixel to get the best resolution possible in software. I have chosen “lock to my hardware” for my delivery method – what happens next?Once our sales team have reviewed your order, you will be emailed a download link to download your software.

You will then need to provide us with your hardware id from the pixelwarp software panel.The hardware id is located in the licence tab. If you think you are likely to have these kinds of problems, or want to use on more than one computer, purchase the USB Key version.My USB key has failed, what can I do?In the unlikely event that your key has failed, you can return it for a full replacement. What is the Add Autoblend licence option?This allows you to use the camera configuration file from Autoblend.What is Autoblend?This allows for automatic calibration of your warp and blend arrangement of your screen image via a simple camera like a webcam.

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