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The Personalized Mobile Video Experience: What’s Available Today?????? 'TV Everywhere'? ???? ??? ?? ??? ??? ????. And now, the shipping forecast …" Despite a worldwide financial crisis that hit the shipping industry particularly hard, last year the shipping arm of Sweden's Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI) saw its income suddenly leap by 20%, a sum which will probably rise to 45% by the end of 2010.
It is a complex story, involving a Swedish government innovation grant, a young designer named Andrea de Angelis, and something quite new – service design.
The pundits argue that we are not just living through a time of great change but moving into an entirely new economic era.
It is partly the expansion of the internet that has prompted this explosion in service innovation. David Kester, chief executive of the Design Council, chooses Apple to illustrate the point.
While product design exists in the realm of tangible objects, service design deals with the intangible and the conceptual: advice, music and maps at our fingertips. Fast food company Mcdonald's is just one example of a company under intense and often hostile scrutiny that has had to use the close customer understanding and fast prototyping typical of service design to transform itself. When conducting a brand audit, the simplest models often work the best – BCG’s Growth-Share matrix, a SWOT analysis, an organizational chart.
Our favorite model for identifying brand strengths and weaknesses – the 3-Circle Model – is stunningly simple, too.
A typical brand analysis appropriately focuses most attention on points of difference as potential sources of competitive advantage. The 3-Circle Model also provides a “final resting place” (pun intended) for a brand’s areas of ‘non-value’ –features that may be differentiating or important to keeping up with competitors but that are simply unimportant to customers. Putting the Model to the Test??Marketing Professor Joe Urbany and former Professor James H. How to Conduct a Brand Audit – First in a series of ‘How-To’ Whitepapers by Brand Amplitude, it describes step by step where to find the information needed to populate the 3-Circle map. I would suggest the middle as a PoP still offers customer value but would be interested in your point of view.
If you find our thought pieces on brand strategy and brand management insightful and would like a deeper understanding for yourself, your marketing teams or leadership teams we can develop a tailored learning solution for you. Brand Education is a core competency of The Blake Project, the brand consultancy behind Branding Strategy Insider. Branding Strategy Insider helps marketing oriented leaders and professionals build strong brands. Subscribe to Branding Strategy Insider Now and get regular updates and two FREE Chapters of Brad VanAuken's best selling book Brand Aid direct to your inbox.
An increasing number of brand managers indicate that their brands operate in commodity categories. Transform your automobile or fleet of vehicles from an expense to an important part of your marketing campaign. There are no design limitations when it comes to wrap advertising.  Focus on your branding or make a statement at your next promotion.  When it comes to wrap art, everyone notices you! Choosing the right wrap is as easy as talking with our specialist sales team.  They’ll run through the impact you would like to create and provide you with advice on the best options available for your ideas. There are many frameworks for developing brand identity, including prisms, onions, pyramids and a multitude of shapes and structures. In Start With Why, Simon Sinek writes convincingly about the importance of answering the question “Why?” in defining a business strategy, and TapestryWorks’ Brand esSense framework borrows some elements from his model (which he calls the Golden Circle).
Apple spent much of its life as a Rebel archetype, even if they have shifted a little in recent years (they are now much more an Artist). The fundamental question for any brand to ask, before it thinks about anything else in its strategy, is “Why do I exist?”. IKEA are a brand that wants to make “affordable solutions for better living”, fixing the problem that too often well-designed furniture was unaffordable for many people.

Dettol are a brand on a “Mission for health” and choose the Warrior archetype in much of their marketing, with a little bit of Caregiver in focusing on the importance of protecting the family. These examples demonstrate the power of being clear on why you are in business, and using that knowledge to define a personality that can embody your own values and match these to customer goals (through archetypes).
HBO GO, Netflix, Hulu ?? ??? ???? ?????? ?? ????? ? ?? ???? ????, ??? ???? TV? ???, ????, ???TV, ????, ??? ?? ?? ???? ??? ???? ?? ? ?? ?? ?? ????. TV?????? ?? ??? ??? ?? ??? API, ?? ??? ?? ??, EPGs(Entertainment Program Guides) ?? ?? ?????? ???? ????. Whereas an industrial economy focuses on physical things, such as a car or a lightbulb, we are about to enter the age of the information economy – a post-industrial economy based no longer solely on manufacturing but more on knowledge, service and information industries. And, increasingly, designers are being asked to identify service improvement in the public sector. It has really embraced the practice, explains senior vice-president of brand strategy at McDonald's Europe Pierre Woreczeck, because it had to.
The company's head of design, Joe Ferry, says: "This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of service design's potential. While mariners struggled even to navigate before the invention of the astrolabe, today they have access to extraordinary levels of information. These models work because they distill tons of information, identify what’s important and are easy to grasp.
It involves just three overlapping circles representing the brand, customers and competitors. In addition to identifying points of difference, a 3-Circle Analysis highlights potentially leverageable points of parity as well as unaddressed customer needs. The average supermarket now carries over 38,000 items, many of which are minor flavor or size variations. The competitive landscape is dynamic, meaning today’s advantage can be leapfrogged at any moment. Davis, both of University of Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business, developed the 3-Circle Model. As practitioners and educators we deliver interactive brand education workshops and keynote speeches designed to align individuals and organizations on essential concepts in brand management and empower them to release the full potential of their brands. Army and Wyndham Worldwide are some of the organizations that have turned to The Blake Project for help in meeting learning objectives.
We focus on sharing thought provoking expertise that promotes an elevated conversation on brand strategy and brand management and fosters community among marketers.
The irony for brands of course is that the more you embrace what works for others, the less likely those ideas are going to work for you. I first began focusing on this area when I conducted a branding seminar in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and was asked by several conference attendees who worked for different energy companies to help them think through how to differentiate their brands so that they could command a price premium. The question of purpose and mission is far more important than the question of what you can make or do. IKEA follow the Everyman archetype in almost everything that they do, communicating meanings of inclusion and equality in what they say and also in the experience of shopping in their stores (where everyone follows the same path and products are displayed in a variety of typical ‘real home’ environments). Their symbolism is linked to meanings of strength and efficacy, in their tagline “Mission for health” and their logo is a sword with a flash of light at its tip.
For example, I recently wrote about a packaging redesign for Dettol shower gel where I think the brand has not been consistent with its brand identity in moving to pastel colours.
Businesses can best exploit this new economy by developing new services and expanding brand loyalty still further than today.
An important factor here is the way that, at its best, the design process involves taking a problem apart, as if it has never been looked at before.
In the Netherlands, service design agency DesignThinkers was commissioned by the Dutch government to work on a national branding programme.
After Andrea de Angelis introduced the idea of service design to SMHI, he developed an integrated web service which allows ship owners to keep track of an entire fleet, in real time.

Mapping the intersections of customer desires, brand capabilities and competitive strengths allows strategists to classify and prioritize different types of ‘value’. BSI is a service of The Blake Project, a leading brand consultancy based in the United States, serving marketers around the world. This is a powerful and simple way to think about the most important truths of your brand and business.
One of the examples he uses is Apple (writing in 2011), who have (or had) always had a clear idea of why they were in business from their very first day (in the mythical garage). This question is often best answered by considering what problem in the world is your brand solving, and why can your brand solve this problem more credibly than any other.
Building on the brand’s core strengths, consider what products and services match the business’ core competencies.
Also the design of the product experience connotes the same meanings, with a strong efficacious smell and a visually powerful white cloud effect when dissolving in water. The conceptual challenges are complex and include the integration of the physical and the virtual worlds, as well as a desire to live more sustainably. Rapid erosion of technical advantage in a fierce global marketplace has also had its effect: expensive new technologies and fancy new consumer products will still be dreamed up, but with emphasis on pleasing customers and stamping their loyalty to a brand for life. London Transport's Oyster card, although first developed to fight fraud, has become a much more convenient and speedy way to travel. In Korea, US design group Continuum finds that its Seoul office has one in 10 projects geared to service design, particularly in retail. And now look at companies like Apple and Dyson: their entire company is built on the ethos of good design. They can also keep watch on their ships' speed and environmental performance compared to their last voyage. According to Harvard professor, Youngme Moon, “There comes a point beyond which we are hard to impress…beyond which additional improvement ceases to add value.” At that point, it’s time to take a closer look at what customers truly value.
Brands need to keep a keen eye on competitors’ points of difference as well as their own, lest they find themselves in the position of Kodak or Blockbuster, outflanked by companies with a better sense of what customers truly want. The resulting map looks simple, but it incorporates hours of digging, discussion and debate. In the case of Apple, the problem was (and is) bad design and poor user experiences, and they have been uniquely placed to solve this problem because they care intensely about designing great experiences (in a way that other brands do not).
Also consider, what the experience of using the product or service might be like, given the meanings that are relevant to defining the brand, as well as other aspects of execution. People are becoming far less interested in "stuff" alone – products or commodities – and far more interested in an all-embracing experience as they interact with a product or service.
They were the first company to take a user interface or a mouse to market, but they didn't invent those things – Xerox did.
The NHS's innovation unit has used service design to improve surgical processes as well as ward operations. The system helps choose the safest route to take, depending on the specific ship, the value of its cargo, and the weather conditions.
Owning an iPhone, for instance, is just the beginning: it's what you can do with it – the "apps" – that matter.
Innovation can happen anywhere, in any public or business sphere, from improving post-diagnostic services for people with multiple sclerosis to better community strategies for the police. To use Apple as an example again, they have often talked very openly about what (and who) they are not, a powerful way of communicating who you are (they were not IBM in the early days, and then they were not Microsoft).
Apple placed design right at the heart of the business — and then reinvented the music industry.

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