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In terms of who participate in the research: 53% of the participants were marketers representing corporate brands (25%), consumer brands (30%) and other related industries (45%). Over 76% of respondents were key decision makers and influencers (CMOs, senior executives, VPs and directors) with annual marketing budgets ranging from under US$1M to over US$100M and whose key markets are North America (57%), Europe (19%) and APAC (11%).
Thanks for providing the chart Drew…Anyway, I have learned a lot from this post…Great job! I definitely agree with the push on content creation as once a business gets their head around it, it is the most cost effective marketing there is. For an example: A previous client of ours (a drug and alcohol rehab) was convinced by us that doing a major content creation campaign and redirecting the bulk of their marketing dollars here was the best way forward, other then the fact that they would not see overnight results. The run up to get to 66 articles a month was several months as we had to find the correct writers to do the job in the manner we wanted.
How ddi you manage the process of having that many outside writers create that volume of content?
Well it took a couple of months of testing and vetting writers, but once they realized we are going to read every word they write and they would not be paid for junk content it was actually pretty easy. I think at one point we had 8 writers but they were weened down to just 3 that were producing quality. Jobs in the digital marketing field can be an excellent option for you if you are enthusiastic about a career in advertising.
Digital Marketing is a field which is continuously evolving and therefore jobs in this field have a lot of variety. Their membership is made up of digital agencies and production companies throughout the world, on five continents in 24 countries.

The remaining 47% were creative service leaders from traditional agencies (23%), digital agencies (64%) and production companies (13%). I’m happy that blogging and copywriting took the 1st slot of the digital jobs of the future because I really love those. It was only 2 or 3 articles a day and with the WordPress CMS we have on the site it was a pretty easy job to get the content online after it was approved. For that we pretty much used google keyword research then ordered several dozen books off of Amazon for the writers. Such jobs are high paying and you also get a chance to innovate a lot, which makes the jobs very exciting. Developing innovative and strategic programs for driving sales, membership as well as website traffic happens to be the most overarching goal of the digital marketing jobs. All the writers were outsourced and only go paid for the article if it was worth publishing. You can hold the position of a web content creator, a copywriter or a website developer in the sphere of digital marketing. You must have a thorough working knowledge as well as understanding of the most recent digital software if you are interested in doing digital marketing jobs.
You must also possess a very good idea about applications like Javascript, CSS, ASP, PHP and XHTML.Digital Marketing Manager - Important Job DetailsThe profession of digital marketing is one which involves a great deal of creativity and strategic thinking. As a digital marketing manager you will need to develop online marketing strategies and innovative concepts.
You will be responsible for coordinating the development, internal design and also the production efforts in order to help the businesses attain their consumer outreach and digital marketing goals.

A digital marketing manager leads the creative concept as well as technical development of various novel media advertising products. These products include promotional websites and electronic commerce, email newsletter marketing, banner advertisements, rich media, mobility platforms like motion graphics and phone applications as well as social media applications.Digital Strategist - Essential Job RequirementsDigital marketing requires its workers to possess excellent communication skills and to be highly organized. You should be able to determine who your target market is and how you should reach out to them. It is advisable to look at the competitor’s strategy and include changes in your strategy accordingly if so desired.
In order to be a digital strategist, you should ideally hold a degree in marketing, advertising, communications, management information systems or computer science.
This is because most employers prefer qualified individuals who have advertising agency or marketing experience and who are creative.
Your job will require you to produce work plans as well as coordinate your creative team’s efforts.
You will also be responsible for monitoring the results of an advertisement campaign and analyzing the next step.

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