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For marketers planning their next digital marketing campaigns, this map gives a clear representation of the various channels and options for developing a successful campaign.
Your competitors are on Facebook, Twitter and three other platforms – and pressure is on to do the same thing. We often make faulty assumptions leading to crappy ROI and low productivity with both financial and human resources. I believe that we should first focus on building marketing assets that we own (at least to a degree that you can own them). Time for a confession… for me to produce a GOOD 90 second video it often takes more then 30 takes. Sometimes it’s ego-deflating but we have to face the facts, both on an individual and organizational level. While the full frontal assault is on for Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn and other major networks – there are numerous pockets of virtually untapped digital property up for grabs and you have an opportunity to diversify your marketing mix while receiving significantly higher ROE (return on engagement). There are LinkedIn groups for Medicinal Plants, there are forums for Independent Travellers and there are Google+ communities all about Star Wars. These are highly concentrated groups of very similarly-minded zealots, where you could be an incredible resource. For example: you may want to use your blog to increase search engine visibility and educate customers. This way, you can easily put together a simple dashboard that tracks your most important metrics on a weekly or monthly basis. Following the advice above, make a list of all the social platforms and digital marketing assets that you think make sense for your organization. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Getting the best value from your digital channels demands understanding what works and why. A digital marketing audit provides the fast track to understand how your digital investments are working and what’s needed to accelerate ROI.

On this page we included a few words of background about digital marketing audits, but to find out how this could work for you and your business, simply email the team and we’ll find a time to meet or arrange a conference call if you’re outside the UK.
Experienced external eyes, independent of your agency and your brand team can identify how your budgets could work harder. The audit can be as deep as you need; the deeper the requirement, the more information and engagement from your team is needed. The digital audits were initially designed for brands using digital media intensively, firms with a decade of digital comms experience who wanted external support – independent of their agencies – to deliver key recommendations for how to achieve bigger results without bigger budgets.
Today we deliver them for brands large and small with digital budgets in their tens of millions or tens of thousands.
Because the Digital Strategy team are not accessible to small businesses, we developed this simple checklist to help any marketer start thinking about the value of their communications and how they can identify the areas for improvement. The centre of gravity may have migrated to digital channels, but that doesn't mean marketing managers are spending digital budgets wisely.
Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser.
With so many media choices competing for less and less consumer attention, choosing the right marketing channels is pretty much like gambling.
Before making a commitment to your marketing mix, it’s imperative to understand your target market.
As much as we all like to think those are OUR connections, that we worked hard to develop and nurture over time, fact is that Facebook actually owns them.
Now, there are over 50 million pages and rising making it much more difficult to stand out, attract and retain attention.
You just might have to do some digging around first and find those obscure pockets of people where you can the only fish in the pond.
It is a collection of simple and actionable ideas to help find your way to unique and meaningful work. In a fast changing environment, many brands have websites and email programmes that are years behind best practice, failing to engage their stakeholders, generate leads, build brand equity and create the real value they could.

Typically this doesn’t mean spending more, just changing the balance of where budgets and attention are focused. In today's cash-strapped world, an audit of digital marketing effectiveness is the fast track for uncovering ways to save budgets that are not working, and where to maximise budgets that could work much harder. Which led me (after building 2 studios in our home) to believe that maybe that’s not the best channel for my marketing mix. If you take stock of your communication and leadership team’s strengths and natural inclinations when it comes to media choices (audio, video, writing, etc), you should have a clearer idea of what kind of channels will work for you from the content production side. Focus on where yours strengths are – and if you are a growing company, take this into consideration when planning future hires. What I like to do with my clients is assign TWO specific and measurable objectives for every piece of the marketing mix.
Remove everything but THREE (you can have your website and blog be one item… we’ll let that slide). They deliver insights quickly and include key recommendations as well as prioritizing critical issues. We’ll show you how to improve the effectiveness of your agency briefings and raise the value of the time your team spend on digital channels.
So first off, spend a few days and do some research, speak to some of your best customers and look for them on the social networks you’re considering using.
On that note, we’ll talk about content development strategies in an upcoming post in the minimalist marketing strategy series!

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