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My new Home Hub from BT ready for my BT Infinity super fast broadband installation the following week. A direct mail letter from BT inviting me to take out a BT broadband package as a new customer.
I immediately went on to question what sort of service I am likely to receive from BT when clearly the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing and started to doubt whether I had made the right decision in switching providers.
I accept that BT is likely mailing thousands of prospective customers a week and that this direct mail piece was probably scheduled weeks ago. Alison Jobson is a chartered marketer and Director of Devon-based marketing agency, Straight Marketing Limited. As a Sales Manager for a direct mail producing company I would like to comment on the article you wrote regarding what you describe as a poor example of Direct Mail. A mailing campaign such as the BT one may have been in the planning for many weeks, sourcing data from many lists, compiling it into cells and assigning flags and codes all to enable data to be collected at a later date from the respondees. Once the data has been passed on to a third party supplier such as ourselves there is perhaps only a very short window of time before it is printed and personalised and fed into an envelope and from there straight into a mailsack.
If BT then wished to cross check and subsequently remove any records of folks who had recently taken out a service relevant to the mailing campaign in question, it would in the first instance be so time consuming, therefore expensive, and secondly ludicrous. Yes it is a technology based business but direct mail is still a mechanised operation that results in physical pieces being plopped into a sack, extraction at any time during the process once data is processed and progressed to the printing stage is extremely difficult, a visit to a print and mailing operation like ours would certainly be helpful to you before criticising BT for poor marketing, and its hardly going to affect your technical service from them at the end of the day is it ! They are like any other business, trying to maximise their position in the marketplace and if along the way it makes a few people question their marketing techniques then so be it, their company hasnt done too bad on it so far ! Thank you for taking the time to comment and share your insight on the mechanics of direct mail.
The Legal StuffStraight Marketing Limited is registered in England and Wales with registered number 07997497.
Advertising Agency, Marketing Company, Brand Consultants, Website, Graphic Design, Internet Marketing Firm. Describe the results in as much detail as possible with particular reference to the RESPONSE of the target audience including deliverability statistics, response rates, click throughs, sales cost per response, relationships built and overall return on investment. We've launched an all-new version of Coloribus.It's a brand new set of tools for the perfect workflow. A leading full service marketing agency - clients choose Wodehouse Direct because we are diverse, rich in local culture and design trends, helping to transform businesses while boosting bottom lines.
Success is what we deliver for clients through our core services including innovative graphic design, cutting edge print, website development, social media and exhibition services.

With offices in Trafford Park, Manchester and Chester we cater for a broad regional client base being passionate about the service we provide for them. Direct marketing is one of the key elements for quick launch of products, brands to a very specific target group and requires extensive experience and knowhow that is guaranteed by the professionals at CHL Worldwide. And well done to all the team here at BURN who have worked so hard for their clients over the last year.
15 agency executives examine the evolving role of the marketing agency to clients and the industry at large.
Now that the recession is arguably over, direct marketing agencies are in an especially fortunate position. Agencies finished last year with improved revenues and are racing to scoop up new business as marketers begin to shop again. Marketing budgets were slashed in the recession, which led to reduced agency headcount and a strong focus on ROI.
In DMNews' first annual Agency Business Report, we found that DM agencies continue to evolve in order to stay relevant in a complex age of cross-channel marketing.
This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in any form without prior authorization. Your use of this website constitutes acceptance of Haymarket Media's Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions. Starting as a direct marketing agency in 1981, BKV has stuck to our roots and philosophy of no-nonsense hard-numbers accountability.
Direct Marketing is a data-driven discipline and we often lead the discussions with spreadsheets and analysis. Creative is the area where the general (brand) agencies and digital agencies are guilty of their greatest buffoonery. As you consider the future success of your brand, think of these best practices and how you can put them into action. Yet how hard can it be for a technology based business such as BT to get the technology right to ensure these mistakes don’t happen?
Alison spent 13 years working in-house for a number of professional service firms advising and developing marketing communications programmes and business development strategies. We dedicate ourselves, knowledge and expertise, ensuring a return on investment and maximising visibility. For over 10 years Wodehouse Direct has provided every client, large and small, near and far, with big design agency experience at affordable prices.

We really appreciate your support and it’s great to know the work we do for you is appreciated. Given their efficiency and accountability, they're poised for success in the data driven digital marketing revolution — and business is finally beginning to grow, according to many agency heads.
So what happens when you ask our executives to share their top direct response “best practice?” They share 3 or 4. Creative, offer and media are the primary elements of every direct marketing and digital campaign and all should be tested continuously to determine the best performing combination of the three.
Make sure you are spending time creating an offer that is strong enough to make your audience act. An offer doesn’t have to discount the product, though saving money is a powerful enticement.
She set up Straight Marketing in 2010 to help small to medium sized businesses raise profile, win new customers and increase sales. We achieve these targets by carefully selecting and using services from our marketing, advertising and public relations mix - masterfully tailored for each client. A good testing discipline enables optimization across all elements of the campaign and is the surest path to success! You can create greater value for your consumers by bundling multiple products to create a unique package, including free shipping, touting the guarantee, offering free returns. Creative that gets results should be the primary goal of all good direct and digital campaigns.
However, in the rush to mine the data better than the rest of the data miners, let's not forget the need for real marketing innovation — based on research and informed by insights drawn from our experience as direct marketers.
20% of the success of a campaign is attributed to creative, and this can be the difference between success and failure.
When you put it on, you will be capable to see one of the pleasure destinies offered by Shangri-la.
Make room in the test plan not just for the nuance of the control, or the list, or the media buy, but also to test a completely new idea. Developing responsive creative is a key best practice that sets true direct agencies apart from pretenders who may be very good with the analytical and list part of the equation, but don’t understand how to make the consumer stop and act!
That's where we can find some of the biggest wins for our clients and keep them coming back for more.

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