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Kenscio is the winner for the 2011 Red Herring top 100 Asia Award, a prestigious list honouring the yeara€™s most promising private technology ventures from the Asian business region. Kenscio is a strategic digital marketing company that offers leading edge digital direct marketing solutions and services tailor made to suit clienta€™s specific requirements. Multi-channel Marketing Intelligence Solution (McMIS) enables to obtain a single view of customers.
Kenscio's email broadcast solution provides a reliable and robust software platform for successful email marketing activities. Kenscio has a fully dedicated erudite Data Scientistsa€™ team to offer the finest analytical solutions. Kenscio grew from being one of our many vendors to being our strategic partner; not just by merely being there for us but by walking the extra mile. Kenscio has helped us improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our direct communication efforts. Kenscioa€™s team comes with years of international expertise in email marketing practices which helped us fine tune our marketing campaign and gain optimum results.

Kenscio is our Strategic Partner handling our Digital Direct Marketing Initiatives for the last two years. Intelligence is about giving you the tools to continually improve the bottom line – your marketing ROI.
Started with Email Marketing, Kenscio has evolved through multiple success stories and is now a full-fledged 360 degree digital marketing company. It facilitates a comprehensive study of their channel behaviour, activity (or lack of activity) and purchase behaviour in relation to their demographic and psychographic information. It simplifies Email marketing by creating an easy platform which consists of only a few steps: Upload List, Upload Campaign and Send. It allows you to manage the entire lifecycle of email communication for your customers and improve customer loyalty by means of highly targeted and personalized communication. With a broad range of Analytics capabilities, Analytics service can offer solutions pertaining to Trend Analysis, what-If- Analysis, predictive analysis etc. Today we are able to measure our direct marketing campaigns and take corrective steps to keep improving in this area.

Bob has extensive experience in business development with many leading global direct marketing and database marketing corporations. Since its inception in 2009, Kenscio has steadily grown and has positioned itself as one of the direct marketing industry leaders in India. By using this tool, an Email marketer can personalise the Email content Live, in real time and even after the mail is sent out.
However customers have changed, they are no longer satisfied with traditional one-way communication.
With a mission to bring together leading technological solutions and innovative ideas to help its clients acquire, Interact, engage and converse with their audience, Kenscio has developed strategic global delivery network to cater to business and enterprises across the globe.

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