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Google started it's quest with HTML5 player for YouTube in 2011 when Adobe discontinued flash support for mobile devices. With the advancements over time, both are now at level grounds at least in all major browsers. How it Works: YouTube relies on a cookie to switch to HTML5 as part of their original opt-in feature. For the most part if you don't have any issues with the way YouTube videos play currently, just use what ever YouTube is defaulting to.
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October 2, 2012 By Sunny Kinger Leave a Comment YouTube is the most popular video sharing website in the world. You can enhance the video viewing experience on YouTube by just installing Magic Actions extension on your browser. But with limited browser support and relative immaturity of the HTML5 player, it was no match to the flash player at that time. Chrome.You can force Chrome to use the flash player by installing the "Disable Youtube HTML5 Player" extension from chrome store. For chrome alone, this cookie is always set and the opt-in page doesn't give an option to un-set it. Firefox, IE and others.In all browsers other than Chrome, YouTube uses the default player from the browser settnigs.
But After last Ubuntu update -also flash player has updated- (I just think that was occurred after update but maybe not) I can not watch 1080p, 480p and 240 videos in youtube.

After installing, you can right click on any playing YouTube video to check that flash player is indeed getting used.
But if you find that YouTube is not honoring that, please check if you have accidentally opted-in for the HTML5 trial and opt-out. That means if you try to watch any YouTube video in a Chrome browser, it will be played using the HTML5 player always.

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