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Cherokee Distributing Company and Yee-Haw Brewing Company are proud to present Rhythm N Blooms 2016. Cherokee Distributing Company has acquired Mid-South Distributing, another wholesale beverage distribution company, thus expanding its service area from 22 to 53 counties in Tennessee. In part one and part two of our three-part blog series, we learned common terms used by beer drinkers, as well as attributes and characteristics to describe the brews. About CherokeeCherokee Distributing Company is a wholesale beverage distribution company offering the leading brands of beer and non-alcoholic beverages. Asahi Super Dry is a full-bodied beer that combines sophisticated technology and premium ingredients.
Unlike some beers that are weighed down by complicated compositions, this lager has a light, grainy flavor that strikes a balance between sweet and malty.

With headquarters in Knoxville and a second distribution center in Kingsport, family-owned Cherokee Distributing Company has served East Tennessee since 1958. If you’re hosting a celebration, you can spice up the average apple cider and serve some festive adult beverages at your dinner or holiday gathering. That vocabulary also often includes terms about who brews the beer, like brewpub or craft brewers. Crafted in 1987, it is Japan’s first “Karakuchi” or dry beer, meaning it contains a higher alcohol content and less bitter aftertaste.
First brewed in 1759 in Dublin, this beer is the original Guinness formula that started it all.
With just the right balance between bitterness and sweet, Original Extra Stout is a favorite of beer connoisseurs around the world.

A versatile beer, Dos Equis can be paired with almost any food and is especially refreshing on a warm, summer day. Original Extra Stout is brewed using only premium roasted barley to create the iconic dark color, sweet aroma and hearty taste. The barley is provided by an outstanding network of grain suppliers, and the hops are selected using a list of more than 100 criteria.

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