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The Drip Marketing Campaign Manager provides an overview of all the Drip Marketing Campaigns you have created. Build – The hammer and chisel icon on the Drip Marketing Campaign Manager denotes that the Campaign is currently in Build. Active – The Active Status can be identified by the green circle icon on the Drip Marketing Campaign Manager.
Suspended – The Suspended Status occurs when a Drip Marketing Campaign has been manually or automatically Suspended.
Complete – A Campaign is marked as Complete once all of its stages have been executed. Dynamic arrow – Clicking the dynamic arrow shows or hides details about a specific Drip Marketing Campaign. Stages - This displays the number, type, and sequence of stages in the Drip Marketing Campaign. To get started with Swiftpage Drip Marketing you will need to select either New Campaign or Copy Campaign. 1) The Anchor Campaign type allows stages to be setup based on a date before or after a certain Anchor Date (such as an event).
3) The Duration Campaign type allows stages to be created based on the days since a contact has entered the Campaign. To Copy a Global Drip Marketing Campaign or one that you have previously built, click the Copy Campaign button on the Drip Marketing Campaign Manager.
The Swiftpage Drip Marketing level you have purchased determines which Drip stage types you are able to utilize.
To create a stage in your Campaign, click on the icon of the stage type you would like to add. Telemarketing- Sends a CSV file of contacts to a third party call center to call your contacts on your behalf.
Export- Creates a list of qualifying contacts in a .CSV formatand automatically emails it to you. 1) Drip Marketing Stage Creation – Click one of these icons to create a new Drip Marketing stage. 2) Campaign Information – Shows details regarding the Drip Marketing Campaign that is currently being edited. 3) Dynamic arrow – Clicking the dynamic arrow shows or hides details about a specific Drip Marketing stage.
5) Viewing Stages – After Drip Marketing stages are created, they are listed on the right hand side of the Edit screen. The Drip Marketing Stage Editor can be accessed from the Drip Marketing Campaign Manager by clicking the Edit button. 2) Email – For the Email stage type, the Email section provides details about the email you will be sending.

3) Send On – For the Email stage type, the Send On section allows you to select the date and time your email blast will be sent. 5) Options – Selecting the Contact list Sync is desired prior to execution checkbox sets a reminder to sync your contact data with this Drip Marketing Campaign.
6) Email Notification – Email notifications can be sent prior to stage execution, after stage execution, or both. To view Drip Marketing Reports, click the Reports button on the Campaign you would like to view. Drip Marketing Preferences allows you to set preferences for the features you use most often.
The Drip Marketing List Viewer allows you to view different lists within your Drip Marketing Campaign . The following section will detail how to use a List Manager Group to update your Drip Marketing Campaign’s Contact List. To help you achieve this, we share with you top email marketing tools enabling you to send emails that brings you a lion’s share of ROI. Avari is one of the amazing Predictive Content Recommendation Engines that provides Open-Time Email Personalization. PowerInbox provides an easy to implement solution that combines real-time capabilities, dynamic animation, device and geographic targeting with personalization. Rebelmail is a great tool to send out interactive emails that are compatible in so many email clients. Send with Us is an amazing tool for sending transactional emails without the help of designers or developers. Drip is one of its kind lightweight email marketing software and tool to send personalized autoresponders. FeedBlitz allows automatically creating of mailings from your blog, manage multiple mailing lists, filter content preferences, and more. When you click on New Campaign, you will see the below screen and the following three options: Anchor Date, Calendar, or Duration. All of the stages are added in relation to the specified date as days, weeks, or months before or after. We offer nine stage types: Email, Call List, Postcard, Letter, Fax, Telemarketing, Export, Transfer, and Review. Then you will need to customize that stage by adding information such as a name, date, contacts to include, and any email notifications wanted before or after the Campaign is sent out. A Call List is a group of contacts that are ranked based on their interaction with an email blast. ITalso allows you to specify a date to sync your contacts’ data with your database and, if desired, to automatically suspend your Campaign. The editor can be accessed from the Drip Marketing Campaign Manager by clicking the Edit button.

From left to right, the Stage Number, Stage Type, Stage Name and Execution date are shown for each stage. You will need to enter a Subject, select an email Template, and enter an associated Personal Message if the selected Template contains a Personal Message Mail Merge field. Contacts from previous Email stages, matching Response –affects contacts that Opened, clicked, did not open, or a combination of each from all previous Email stages.
Enter the date you would like the notification to be sent on, the email address, subject and body.
The tool also offers real-time, targeted performance ad network, to enhance your emails and earn immediate revenue. The tool understands user behavior in real time and track user actions using the powerful analytics.
The tool facilitates creating drip campaigns with the in-built dashboard, ensures automatic inlined CSS at send time, allows previewing recipient’s inbox view before sending out the email, provides segmentation feature through built in-app or via API etc.
It also provides meaningful merchandising in email and with hyper-targeted triggers that deploy to the right contact at the right time. Recipients receive only the most relevant content and products through emails custom-tailored to them as individuals. Suspended Campaigns can be identified by the red octagon icon on the Drip Marketing Campaign Manager. You will be able to identify stages in the Editor, Viewer, and Reports based on the Stage Name.
If you are creating a Call List stage, for example, this section will allow you to select a date and time to create a Call List.
The tool enables tagging subscribers when they perform particular actions, provides amazing liquid templating system and also offers RSS to Email, custom redirect pages etc. It continually and automatically refines that understanding by incorporating new data points and finding hidden connections. Select the Swiftpage Send As UserID, offset the Campaign dates, select a contact loading source, and then click Copy.
If you are creating a Call List stage, for example, this section will provide a Call List Name. If these preferences are set, they will appear as default settings while creating the appropriate stages within a Drip Marketing Campaign.

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