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This city map about Dubai is an illustration I designed for the tourist company Alpha Tours in Dubai, UAE. Oil revenues at the first stage of development and also very intelligent and clever people made this country a great touristic as well as trade and logistics center. If you want to see the country, better rent a car, because even simple group tours are expensive.
Just keep in mind that automatic cameras watch for traffic.Visit the Emirates from November to March inclusively. In addition to the main landmarks and attractions, there is also a list of recommended places for dining that Alpha Tours put together.
Each emirate manages its natural resources apart from the others, so there is a great contrast.

Another attraction included in the project is “The Dubai Fountain.” It is a coreographed fountain spread over a 30-acre lake.
However, the sheikhs (rulers of the UAE) always help each other in solving financial problems.The population is small, about 5 million, 70% of which are workers from South Asia and South-East Asia.
As for Fujairah, it is quite far and there's nothing to do there apart from the beach (with jellyfish).
Name (required) Mail (will not be published) (required) Website Protected by WP Anti Spam Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.MUST READ Rough Girl's Photos Leak By a Guy She had fun With Lagos Big Girl With The Biggest Milk Factory(Photos) WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? It is second among the countries with the lowest number of murders per 100,000 inhabitants.

Therefore, if you are looking just for a beach holiday, then stop in Sharjah and use hotell shuttles or taxis to get to Dubai.There is very little natural vegetation - 90% of the green territory is watered with a huge irrigation system. We saw how police asked two Russian-speaking tourists in open shirts to leave Dubai Mall. Very often agencies can offer 50% lower prices.To save time at Dubai airport, don't forget to pass a retinal scan and then the passport control.

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