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Improves upon version 17 by adding native support for 64-bit processor architecture and - unique to the Ultimate edition - can work with 4K content, including the XAVC S codec. The Ultimate Video-Editing SoftwareTake on any video-editing challenge with Pinnacle Studio 18.5 Ultimate, our most complete version. Powerful video editingDrag and drop elements to make a movie automatically or use the Storyboard mode to plan. Live Screen CaptureRecord content from your screen and include the footage in movies with Live Screen Capture.
Multi-layer editingCombine an unlimited number of video and audio track for multi-layer editing, and create custom-fit soundtracks with ScoreFitter. Light Blends - Light-inspired scene transitions with light flairs, orbs, rays, strobes and more. Film Effects - Create an authentic, old school film look with blemishes, jitters, spots, scratches and graininess.
Video Essentials 2 - Create a vignette, swap specific colors in a scene, add picture-in-picture, and correct lens distortion. Video Essentials 6 - Remove subtle imperfections, replicate footage into a video wall, magnify a video segment for emphasis. Video Essentials 7 - Avoid tedious keyframing when applying pixelation, easily pan and zoom on still or video, and more. Video sharing & Blu-ray Disc authoringPost your movies online with one-click sharing to Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo.
Fast, no-limits movie makingAlong with 64-bit speed and responsives, Ultimate offers frame-accurate precision editing on unlimited tracks. Live Screen CaptureRecord content directly from your screen, then easily bring your captures to the main Timeline to add them to your movie. Incredible bonus effectsExplore endless creative possibilities with over 700 presets and more than 55 plugins from industry leader NewBlue. Remove unwanted noise and enhance audioiZotope Music & Speech Cleaner easily removes unwanted noise from your audio and video files.
Blu-ray Disc authoringAuthor your video to high-definition Blu-ray Disc to watch in HD on any Blu-ray player. Live Screen CaptureRecord directly from your screen, capturing both system audio and microphone sound. Drag and drop HD video editingChoose the editing approach that’s right for your project.

64-bit performanceSee results sooner with native 64-bit architecture that lets you make the most of your PC’s processing power and memory.
Timeline Editing (Unlimited tracks)Do more with unlimited tracks that let you create sophisticated picture-in-picture and multi-layer effects in HD or 3D—just like a Hollywood pro.
Import all your digital mediaImport your videos and photos manually or automatically from virtually any device—camcorders, digital cameras, webcams, tablets, mobile phones, handheld audio recorders, and more. Save your FavoritesEasily add your most-used effects, filters and transitions to the new Favorite section to quickly find and reuse them anytime.
Organize and tag your mediaWith the built-in media library, it's simple to organize your favorite video clips, photos, music, and other creative elements so you can easily find and reuse them in various projects.
Titles and overlaysAdd titles to your photos and videos, or overlay a graphic on your project and set the length of duration. Photo slideshowCreate amazing photo slideshows complete with transitions, titles and effects, or combine photo and video for the perfect montage. Stop motion and green screenCreate amazing animations and fast-motion effects like you see on the big screen with stop-motion capture. Edit anywhere, anytimeWork on projects anywhere with Pinnacle Studio for iPad2, then transfer them to Pinnacle Studio for further polishing.
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Our Discreet Directory of X Dating sites the place to be for all free minded individualsa€¦!Welcome to Exxxtasy Island 2, an erotic destination on the Brazilian coastline where bronzed asses glisten with sweat, spread open to receive their fill as these native women are eager to demonstrate their oh-so-incredible skills! Powered by a new native 64-bit architecture, Ultimate lets you create breathtaking movies with support for 4K Ultra HD video.
This bonus pack includes tools for image stabilization, creative effects, exciting translations and more. It’s even easier to bring your captured files to the main timeline to use them in movies, presentation and training videos.
For instant results, drag-and-drop your desired media elements from the library into SmartMovie to automatically make great videos—complete with music. Keyframe-based control gives you precision timing over how your effects, titles and transitions move. Tag and rate your media files, as well as group them into categories for even faster access. Add music with the included ScoreFitter library of royalty-free sounds and songs—they even automatically adjust to fit the length of your movies. Pinnacle Studio even lets you superimpose people you've shot in front of a green screen over different backgrounds.

Try Project Packages to bundle together all of the media files related to a given movie, taking the work out of organizing and assuring that you always have all the files you need.
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Turn your videos and photos into professional-looking multimedia disc projects, complete with image-rich menus and music. Energize your videos with 2,000+ transitions, effects and templates, add the perfect soundtrack, and create a DVD in just a few steps with new Pinnacle MyDVD.
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First you will need to insert the GameShark into your Game Boy Advance and then insert your copy of "Pokemon& . Elise and Alec`s wedding shot by Josh Gruetzmacher is just one of those that sweeps you off your feet at a quick peek at their images.
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Many precious memories were created with everyone, however those cannot be found at a thrift store, but they were captured by our amazing photographer Josh Gruetzmacher and Daydreamer Cinema.Santa Rosa Winery Wedding.
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