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Typically, the post-production phase of creating a film takes longer than the actual shooting of the film, and can take several months to complete because it includes the complete editing, color correction and the addition of music and sound.
SCREEN ASSOCIATION UK Screen Association is the trade association that represents companies providing services to the Screen Industries - film, tv, commercials etc. We provide a range of services and events from networking, training and information sessions to access to business and legal advice, bursaries and discounts. We work closely with bodies such as DCMS, BIS, PACT, BFI, Film London, The British Film Commission, Skillset, Next Gen, The Digital Production Partnership, BSAC, The Production Guild, the Migration Advisory Committee and many more.
Above is a typical 8mm movie camera used by millions of households to capture their family history. Movies film came in 3 inch 50 foot reels that the film maker would splice using the movie film editor shown above into 4, 5, 6, or 7 inch reels. Through the magic of film editing…I want to share 3 tips that will help you visually amplify dramatic moments and give them much more impact.
To emphasize something in a static camera shot…use your editing software to quickly zoom into the frame to point something out to the audience.
Often times on set, the take will end with a close up or a static frame during a dramatic moment.
In 1913, Mack Sennett shot the Keystone Cops at 12 frames per second and played it back at 24 frames per second. Once again I would like to stress that if you do your homework…you can find simple and creative ways to make your film look and feel like the biggest blockbusters out there. Also, when you shoot at 22 FPS do you still do the standard thing of setting the shutter speed at double the FPS?
Hi Brian and thank you so much for taking time to let me know you’re enjoying my content! It occurs in the making of motion pictures, television programs, radio programs, advertising, audio recordings, photography, and digital art. The process of editing a movie is also seen as the second directing because through the post production it is possible to change the intention of the movie.
It is an independent, industry- funded body with membership comprising companies involved in post-production, visual effects, physical special effects, audio, cameras, lighting, freelance talent, outside broadcast and studios. Most importantly UK Screen provides a central voice for the industry by gathering and representing the views of the sector to Government, Broadcasters, Studios, manufacturers, production teams and other interested parties. But when hundreds of millions of dollars are on the line, you would think that people would pay even closer attention to detail.
Notice the splicing device on the front center and the screen which was lit from behind to see the movies tranferring from the left reel to the right reel. In Pinellas County we service Belleair, Boca Ciega, Clearwater, Dunedin, Indian Rocks Beach, Indian Shores, Largo, Madeira Beach, Oldsmar, Palm Harbor, Pasadena, Pinellas Park, Redington Shores, Saint Petersburg, Seminole, and Tarpon Springs.

These moments can be physical, emotional, dialog driven or even delivered through camera movement.
By cutting out the 2 frames before a punch connects, you accelerate the action and deliver the decisive moment a fraction before the audience was expecting it. This technique allows you to utilize that moment…then build onto it and propel directly into the next shot.
This sped up their actions two-fold and made their actions and movements extremely comical. The techniques and execution are the same…regardless of what camera or editing software you use. I shoot a lot of action stuff plus martial arts this is in line of what we do thanks for sharing. Furthermore through the use of color correcting tools and the addition of music and sound, the atmosphere of the movie can be heavily influenced. When Walter White verbally explodes at someone in Breaking Bad, his words are as damaging as a shotgun blast. These tips have been in Star Wars, Avatar, James Bond films and almost every Martial Arts movie shot on every continent. If utilized at the last possible moment…you can easily blow up an image by 200% and not worry about the resolution.
Stylistically, this is a bold visual decision but when used within a frenetic and chaotic sequence it can really add some excitement when you need it. The Keystone Cops ran, drove and prat-falled in every conceivable way much to the delight of the audience.
The color and sound is nowhere near finalized but the dramatic impact of the effects should give you a good idea of the possibilities. If you are using a Canon DSLR…you can use Magic Lantern (FPS override) and get access to all the frame rates less than 24 FPS. For instance a blue-tinted movie is associated with a cold atmosphere and the choice of music and sound increases the effect of the shown scenes to the audience. Those 2 frames removed can make a safe and sterile looking stunt suddenly seem viscerally realistic. By digitally zooming in you can create additional impetus to drive the edit to the next shot by introducing a sense of urgency at the pivotal moment. This technique of under-cranking the camera to get faster motion is a staple of action movies. There are many ways a low budget filmmaker can use editing to enhance and exaggerate these often dangerous and difficult to shoot moments.
For car chases, actors running and fight sequences, 22 frames per second retains a natural and authentic look but adds a palpable boost of energy.

They are tracking their target on an iPhone while at same time being tracked themselves…by a helicopter high above them. Once you get to 20 frames per second or less…you risk a comical or unnatural look to action. When Immortan Joe and his War Boys are blocked in a desert canyon, an aerial shot shows his entire war party stuck, clearing a path. But when Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch join the good side before the movie’s final battle, they put their talents to good use, helping evacuate an entire city. The speedster tries to alert the police, but finds out that gunfire is all that will get their attention. Bursting in and out of a police station got a laugh from audiences, but his speed isn’t a special effect. The actors did their best to hold still, but their jerking movements show the footage was simply sped up and slowed down. Once you spot it, you might wonder how you ever missed it!Jurassic WorldIn the world of film, nothing says “death” like watching a heart rate monitor flatline. In Jurassic World, a team of dinosaur containment soldiers prove that point when tackling the movie’s biggest, deadliest creature – and being killed one after another. But the effects team assumed people wouldn’t be looking too closely at the hearts still beating. Not only do the heart rates stay steady as the squad is being slaughtered, but the EKG patterns themselves are flawed.
They made sure to keep every heart from beating at the same time, but in a dozen soldiers, even TWO having identical patterns is impossible, let alone every one of them. The movie isn’t the first to cheat with an EKG, and it definitely won’t be the last.Guardians of the GalaxyMarvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy are some truly colorful characters, but none is stranger than Drax (Dave Bautista), the green-skinned, tattooed alien who audiences are told can’t understand metaphors. The idea of Drax being “completely literal” is played for a few jokes, but the character explicitly drops the idea for one line.
If they did, then the filmmakers may have spent a bit more money bringing the main character’s newborn child to life. When two real-life babies were unable to shoot their scene, the crew apparently decided a doll was good enough. Some CG was used to animate the baby’s hand, but once star Bradley Cooper took it in his arms, the act completely dropped.

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