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Apple offers two potentially important upgrades for the 11-inch MacBook Air that could alleviate some of my concerns. Normally 200MHz isn’t much to write home about, especially not for $300 more than the standard 11.
Combine the two upgrades and you’ve got a fairly expensive MacBook Air ($1399 if you’re keeping score).
With powerful dual-core and quad-core Intel processors, more advanced graphics, faster PCIe-based flash storage, superfast memory, and Thunderbolt 2, MacBook Pro with Retina display delivers all the performance you want from a notebook. We are always happy to offer free technical advice without obligation, just give us a call. We have been in business for over 4 years, specialising in DSLR video equipment since 2010. On the release of the second generation of MacBook Airs in late 2010, the new models seem to demand consideration. Is the 11″ MacBook Air the perfect laptop for working the photographer working on-location? For the traveling photographer, the 2GB RAM that ships with the base configuration of the Apple MacBook Airs simply isn’t going to cut it. The 11″ MacBook Air comes with the bare essentials – the standard MagSafe power adapter, extension cord, and a square packet. The packet includes a slim, perfect-bound instruction manual, software agreements, and standard white Apple stickers so you can broadcast your expensive taste in electronics. Almost equally mind-boggling is knowing that Apple will inevitably make an even thinner and gorgeous design that will leave your wallet even lighter. Of course, the big question with the appealing design of the MacBook Air is whether it comes with sacrifices that limit its usefulness for the professional photographer.
On the underside of the MacBook Air, one nice touch is a set of four rubber bumpers in the four corners, which keep the bottom of the laptop just slightly raised off surfaces and scuff-free. For as thin and light as the Air body is, it’s actually a little amazing just how nice the build of this machine feels in the hand. The one point where there’s a detectable flex is on the screen – the very thin aluminum casing of the screen does give in the center when the Air is squeezed near the light-up Apple logo.
My old laptop is an ancient beast – a vintage 2004 15″ Apple PowerBook – a true dinosaur in computer-years. The 13″ MacBook Air features the same connections, but also features a built-in SD cart slot. The MafSafe power connection has been around since 2006, and while it’s not a new feature, the design fits in perfectly with the new MacBook Airs.
The keyboard of the MacBook Air is pretty much the same keyboard found on the MacBook Pro line. One thing of the new 16:9 aspect ratio sported by the new MacBook Airs is that content is, unsurprisingly, narrow.
Overall, the battery life of the 11″ MacBook Air is good , but not excellent compared to the larger MacBook Pro models.
With light tasks like web surfing without heavy video viewing, the 11″ Air does deliver on the 5-hour estimate specified by Apple. Aside from general day-to-day use, one other consideration is the very low power consumption of the Air models while not in use – up to 30-days standby juice.
Overall, I found general that the modest MacBook Air was more than up for general Photoshop work in terms of quick editing – cloning, layer masks, layer adjustments, etc. If anything, the stock interface of using the Air’s touchpad was the most limiting factor, due to the slight awkwardness moving sliders with the touch-based interface. Adding in my preferred interface – a Wacom Intuos 4 tablet – makes processing on the Air much easier, though it takes it out of the realm of an ultra-portable, too. The workaround I found was in rendering 1:1 previews for the batch prior to editing, which made checking focus on a batch import a breeze. Overall, I had no complaints with the speed of using the Develop module in Adobe Lightroom 3.
Again, just as with Photoshop, the biggest stumbling block of RAW processing is the fact that you’re using a labtop – using a trackpad on any laptop, even one multi-touch enabled – is far from ideal.
To test the new 11″ Air, I setup a simple experiement – pitting the laptop against my current workhorse, my Apple Mac Pro.
My test for these two machines was simple – I exported 60 RAW (Nikon .NEF) files from my Nikon D3 at full resolution to 80% quality JPGs and timed the task. So, is the 11″ MacBook Air the perfect laptop for working the photographer working on-location? However, in terms of delivering an ultra-light platform for mobile editing, the 11″ MacBook Air proves a completely viable solution when size and weight are of paramount concern. I can’t help but think that the MacBook Air line is something famed nature photographer Galen Rowell would have appreciated. Wenn Trendsetter Apple ein neues Produkt ankundigt, werden meist nicht nur Apple-Junger hellhorig.
Das verbaute Retina Display kommt auf vier Millionen Pixel, was 227 Pixel pro Zoll entspricht. Unter der Haube werkeln 2,5 Gigahertz Intel Core i5 Prozessoren mit Turbo Boost-Geschwindigkeiten von bis zu 3,1 Gigahertz. Bei den Anschlussen setzt Apple auf zwei Thunderbolt-Schnittstellen sowie zwei USB 3.0-Anschlusse.

Das Apple 13-Zoll MacBook Pro ist mit 2,5 Gigahertz Intel Core i5 Prozessoren mit, 8 Gigabyte RAM und 128 Gigabyte Flash-Speicher fur 1.749 Euro zu haben.
Das neue Retina Display sorgt fur vier mal so viele Pixel wie beim bisherigen 13 Zoll MacBook Pro und liefert damit ein deutlich scharferes Bild.
Apple integriert unter anderem zwei Thunderbolt- sowie zwei USB 3.0-Schnittstellen im neuen 13 Zoll MacBook Pro. Ab sofort beginnt der Einstieg in Apples „Leichtklasse“ bei 899 Euro, wobei der Hersteller nicht nur den Preis gesenkt, sondern die MacBook Air auch mit neuen Prozessoren aufgerustet hat. Apple verbaut ab sofort Intel Core i5 und Core i7 Prozessoren der vierten Generation und verspricht durch bessere Energieeffizienz beim 13-Zoll MacBook Air eine Laufzeit von bis zu 12 Stunden- und dem 11-Zoll MacBook Air von bis zu 9 Stunden. Den Einstieg in die MacBook Air-Klasse ubernimmt das 11-Zoll Modell mit einem 1,4 GHz Prozessor, 4 Gigabyte Arbeitsspeicher und 128 Gigabyte Flash-Speicher. Beide Modelle sollen mit erhohter Akkulaufleistung und schnelleren Zugriffszeiten uberzeuge.
I concluded the 11-inch was the pinnacle of portability, delivering the weight and form factor of a netbook but without the drive-you-crazy performance of an Atom. For $100 more than its $999 starting price, you can outfit the 11 with 4GB of memory instead of 2GB. But if you want the portability of the 11 and are looking to get as much performance as possible, it’s your only option. Note that the original MBA started out higher than this upgraded machine, and the competitors that followed with the SFF LV C2Ds were just as expensive, if not more.Who else is using the ULV C2Ds from Intel? I can’t find any, which makes me wonder how Anand can say the price is “a lot” when there is nothing to compare it to.
From preview on SNB destop we can expect 10% higher frequency and 10% higher performance vs.
So you can retouch your photos or edit a home movie in HD and experience an astounding level of clarity.
On the surface, the Force Touch trackpad is engineered to deliver a responsive, uniform click no matter where you press.
So whether you’re browsing a website or building one, streaming video or editing it, MacBook Pro flies through the most complex (and not so complex) tasks with incredible power and speed. So you can be creative with your photos, videos, music, documents, spreadsheets, and presentations right from the start. With OS X El Capitan, it’s simple to do amazing things and delightful to do all the everyday things. Though Apple does offer a 1.6GHz Intel Core 2 Duo setup, this is only an option with the 128GB SSD model at additional expense. Thankfully, the late-2010 models feature the option of upgrading to 4GB of RAM, unlike the original MacBook Air. The base model of the 11″ Air ties with the MacBook for the cheapest Mac with display at $999. Price and performance aside, that shiny piece of aluminum is going to look good in its box.
Thin, sleek, and impossibly spare, the case design for the 11″ MacBook Air is a stunning work of industrial design. There’s zero creak, the screen closes absolutely flush to the body, and the the hinge has no play. After using the MacBook Air for the past several weeks, it’s actually hard to imagine using anything heavier. As much as I’d love to see it, even a Firewire 400 port seems as though it might be too thin for this design. Considering there are only two USB ports with one likely to be needed for an external drive, the issues of importing, transferring, and backing up with the MacBook Air certainly highlight the very limited connectivity of this setup. However, due to the very limited real estate, the only issue here is potentially tight fits with USB port.
It’s not a dealbreaker, but back-illuminated keys would certainly be nice for editing, keywording, etc in questionably-lit locations on assignment.
For any photographer not used to multi-touch on their min workstation, the gestures-enabled trackpad is beautiful for quick navigation. In contrast to the real estate of a larger screen, the relatively short height of the screen means that the working area in programs like Adobe Lightroom becomes extremely tight, even when hiding some content panes.
The reason being is simply the limited space available for battery cells in the extremely thin unibody design of the Macbook Airs.
With processor-intensive tasks like photo development, the work time can dwindle to 2-hours. Even with the wispy 1.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, apps open with almost shockingly alacrity and general computer tasks are fast, fast, fast. Despite diminutive processing power, the solid state drive lends a snappiness to the machine that belies its true specs when compared to mechanical drives. In other words, the basic retouching tasks you’d be performing on-location or while traveling.
Using keyboard shortcuts helps diminish this problem to a degree, but it’s still not an ideal situation. Here, the Air really seemed to struggle to render the images at 100%, which can be important when checking focus or determining detail effects like noise reduction or sharpening. However, this system of editing assumes the luxury of time to render 1:1 previews (albeit also with the necessity of checking focus).

For exacting edits based on technique and focus, it makes sense to edit as completely as possible before this level of granularity of selection, and then to batch render previews as needed.
For the kind of quick edits would would need to process in the field – exposure, WB, curves, etc – changes are pretty much instantaneous and smooth.
However, with its compromises also come a level of freedom that translates into an efficiency impossible with heavier setups.
Damit besitzt das Display des neuen MacBook vier mal so viele Pixel wie das bisherige Modell, was fur sehr viel scharfere Bilder sorgt. Auf Wunsch lassen sich diese auch auf Intel Core i7 Prozessoren mit 2,9 Gigahertz, mit einem Turbo Boost von bis zu 3,6 Gigahertz, erweitern. Diese dienen sowohl fur den Datenaustausch mit externen Speichern als auch zum Anschluss eines externen Displays. Die MacBook Air arbeiten mit Flash-Speicher und derzeit mit dem Betriebssystem Mac OS X Mavericks. Wer statt der 899 Euro furs Einstiegmodell 1099 Euro auf den Tisch legt bekommt eine Aufrustung mit 256 Gigabyte Flash-Speicher. The 13-inch was more of a regular, get-your-work done notebook - just in a very thin and very light chassis. Light web browsing and writing don’t need more than 2GB, but start editing videos, photos or open way too many apps at once and you’ll quickly want more memory. In applications that are CPU bound, you may see close to that percentage in improved performance.
If it’s just a personal thing, then there is a lot of history of ultra-portables that are vastly more expensive for performance making the 11” MBA the cheapest such machine he’s tested, that I can find.If you want to talk 13”, I like the styling of the Vostro but it isn’t close to the MBA.
For the sake of performance Sandy will not be much better than Clarkdale in the CULV space.Thank god Ontario is coming soon. Text is razor sharp, too, so even everyday things like browsing the web and revising a document are better than ever. Underneath, force sensors detect how much pressure you’re applying, adding a whole new dimension to touch. For me, this necessary upgrade gets the MacBook Airs to a bare minimum for photo editing and processing. The interesting aspect of this included USB dongle is that it eliminates the need for an optical drive and disk to reinstall the software. Not only for surfing the web, but also for working with the cluttered (and scrollbar-filled) panes of Adobe Lightroom, too. For anything more serious, the format of a laptop simply isn’t viable, regardless of the power. Aside from a difference in the processors, we’re also talking 9GB RAM in the Mac Pro vs 4GB RAM in the Air. The 11″ MacBook Air, with its limited processing power and even maxing out to 4GB RAM, is far from the perfect engine by any standard when it comes to photographic software. Das neue Modell ist um 20 Prozent dunner sowie ein halbes Kilogramm leichter als das aktuelle 13 Zoll-Pendant. Das soll Vorteile bei hoch aufgelostem Video- und Bildmaterial bringen, da sich dieses dann pixelgenau betrachten lasst.
Alternativ gibt es hier noch einen HDMI-Port, speziell fur aktuelle HD-Fernsehgerate gedacht.
Die neue Power Nap-Funktion in OS X Mountain Lion halt das MacBook Pro immer aktuell, wahrend es sich im Ruhemodus befindet. Das 13-Zoll MacBook Air ist mit einem 1,4 GHz Prozessor, 4 Gigabyte Arbeitsspeicher und 128 Gigabyte Flash-Speicher ab 999 Euro verfugbar und mit 256 Gigabyte Flash-Speicher ab 1.199 Euro erhaltlich. If you’re planning on keeping your system for a while, the 4GB upgrade makes a lot of sense.
How can Sony justify an Atom Z550 CPU + GM500 IGP for that price when the bulk of the cost has been reduced to a $30 CPU and IGP. You can use a Force click to enable new capabilities, like quickly looking up the definition of a word or previewing a file, just by increasing pressure on the trackpad.
Das Retina Display nutzt die „IPS-Technologie" und bietet dadurch einen Betrachtungswinkel von 178 Grad, soll um 75 Prozent weniger reflektieren und einen um 29 Prozent besseren Kontrast bieten. Zu den Konfigurationsmoglichkeiten gehoren ein 1,7 GHz Intel Core i7 Prozessor, bis zu 8 Gigabyte Arbeitsspeicher und Flash-Speicher bis zu 512 Gigabyte.
Anything below that is tough to feel in real world use, but anything at or above that 10% mark usually feels quicker. Der integrierte Flash-Speicher sorgt fur schnelle Zugriffszeiten bei Programmen wie Betriebssystem und kann je nach Wunsch 128, 256 oder 768 Gigabyte betragen.
These advanced capabilities work in addition to all the intuitive Multi-Touch gestures Mac users love. It’s an ultra-portable, I guess, but it’s not in the same class as the Adamo, MBA or now defunct Voodoo Envy.The first Adamo is a well engineered machine.
Hopefully they something else coming.Note, that Vaio X is thinner the new MBAs but with an Atom CPU+GM500 IGP and 3 hour battery.

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