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Most advertising ideas seem to come back to the same methods: radio ads, television ads, and websites. Having an eBay account and posting listings online can be particularly profitable, especially for anyone who runs any aspect of their business online. For example, if you’re a painter, why not approach a few paint manufacturers or companies locally and try to make a deal?
Even if your company is mostly or completely online, having a local contest will do a lot when it comes to getting more PR, both locally and internationally. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to have a video marketing campaign. Geo-targeting sites like Google Places, Facebook Places, and foursquare are all great resources for companies. Today we bring together fresh and very creative advertisements to show you the power of a good ad campaign. Designbeep is a design blog dedicated to web developers,bloggers,designers and freelancers.Our aim is to share everything about web design,graphic design,tutorials and inspirational articles and more.
Digital advertising, this concept has become one of the integral part of modern day marketing.
There are several online marketing platforms which you can use but it’s better to choose the right one carefully. In your digital advertising strategy, knowing the audience well play a vital role in opening the door of success.
Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, although those three are different platform having different vibes, but offers a great advertising opportunity for every business whether it is small or medium. The Print Ad titled EFFECTIVE ADVERTISING was done by Naga DDB Kuala Lumpur advertising agency for brand: DDB in Malaysia.
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These accounts are free to set up and free to use, so it’s worth posting advertisements on both of these sites from time to time. Joining forces with other companies that are either the same or have some sort of relation to your own business can be a great way to boost your advertising and marketing power, for both you and your business partner.
You’ll use only their paint products and advertise that you use their paint products if they give you a discount on the cost of paint.

Put up some signs and advertise on your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn accounts that you’re having a contest.
One of the most effective advertising ideas is to offer special discounts or promotions to people who “check in” to your business on one of these geo-targeting sites.
And if your business is still not frequently using the correct strategy of digital advertising, you’re missing opportunities of the digital space.
This creative expression differentiates you from others in the market and make it easy for customers to remember you as well. Every platform has some unique attributes and you have to choose which one is more beneficial for you.
If you have past experience of audience behavior and what actually worked in favor of you, you can create a strategy based on that.
Identifying the right group who you need to target is imperative, whether it be off or online marketing campaign. Even with a modest investment it is possible to reach your target market through Facebook advertising.
Being proactive in every digital platform and maintaining consistency across the marketing channels you can achieve this. You may be surprised by the amount of leads or customers that you’ll amass through these free sites.
They get fairly inexpensive advertising, and you get a break on the cost of materials for your job. Consider submitting a short statement or advertisement for it to the local newspaper too if it’s in your budget.
One of the most effective ways to get people to come through to your website is to have a unique, interesting or scary video online that only shows the beginning of the story.
For example, if you sign up for a “foursquare” account, anyone who checks in to your store, restaurant, or company can then have an advertisement from your business pop up on their laptop, tablet, smartphone or mobile phone that further encourages them to either make a purchase or return another day to take advantage of the promotional offer. If you want your business thrive throughout a much wider audience and your message flow across the audience , digital advertising is a much needed component to include in your marketing strategy. Your logo, font, color schemes and every creative element that uniquely defines your brand should find a place in the digital advertising made for your brand. It’s imperative for your business to have the right platform that really work well with the marketing effort.

But the strategy should support research evidence you have gathered for your current marketing campaign. What is their response to your website pages, how much time they spent on each page and based on the results you can take steps to befit their behavior.
Twitter is also an effective tool that any business can use to communicate with their audience. But keep in mind to align yourself with the every latest update of digital advertising trend. You can then conclude the video with a link to your website which has a poll in which your viewers get to choose how the video ends. For digital advertising to work in your favor every component of it must have to be perfect or else most likely you wouldn’t get the best from it. But it doesn’t mean that without considering other aspects you can make insensible use of it.
You need to understand very well how each platform works and suits the behavior of your audience.
This analysis will make you aware about buyer’s journey and what you need to offer at each step for better engagement.
To know more about how Facebook and Twitter help grow your business, you can refer to our blog ‘Managing Social Media For Small Enterprise’. Have some promotional products to hand out, like water bottles, key chains and baseball caps that feature the name of your company, to further promote your business. To get the best out of your digital advertising campaign, here’re some tactics and you can try it for achieving the result you’re looking for. While using this for your campaign make sure that every post give a familiar but unique feel to the audience so that they don’t consider it as repetitive.
Make intelligent use of your visual elements sensing the peoples interest and ultimate goal of your digital advertising campaign.

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