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Guerrilla Marketing principlesAIDA model in Internet marketing communicationAs the literature review shown, three elements of innovate marketing was identified as the most important principles for non-traditional marketing. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  is the process of bringing more qualified prospects to your website through the most popular search engines. Our SEO services are based on what we know to be the most effective ways to bring more qualified visitors to your website through search engines. In the world of business and entertainment, you’re only as good as people think you are. Our Videography services cover a multitude of projects ranging from event coverage to short films.
As some of you may know, we have completed quite a few websites in the past but stopped accepting web projects in early 2011. We are now giving customers the option to add custom QR codes to any of their print materials at no additional cost.
Email marketing is one of the most powerful 21st century marketing techniques available to any business looking to increase profits and gain a greater share of their marketplace. To help you achieve this we have, in this revealing fact-filled article, put together some of the most effective email marketing best practices that you can start implementing right now to grow your business and move ahead of your competition. It is sorely tempting, when designing your email marketing strategy, to send as many promotional messages as possible to your list of subscribers. There is no more scientific way to improve your response rates than through rigorous split-testing.
Sadly, for most people, their email inbox is a constant reminder of the many mundane and mind-numbingly boring tasks they have to deal with such as paying bills, taxes and other such responsibilities. The key to being interesting and exciting is to inject personality and infuse excitement into every email you write. Email marketing is an extremely powerful marketing strategy that is poorly used by most online businesses.
E-commerce has changed so dynamically over the previous years that companies like yours have to adapt and adjust accordingly — ASAP. Keeping all that in mind, we now acknowledge Slideshare as one of the leaders in the content marketing world. Slideshare is also a great platform to engage the easily bored and distracted lead population because the content found onsite makes use of short and visually stimulating materials. And for you to better understand why the famed website is a content marketing giant, here’s an infographic created by the collaborative minds of Column Five and Slideshare.
It’s a pretty weird question for people who have read so many “blog posts” and met a variety of “bloggers,” both professional and amateur, over the previous years. Once you already have a selection of potential SEO providers, perform a simple [or extensive] background check on them. Contact your prospects over the phone, via e-mail, chat, video conference or if it’s possible, visit their office. The reason why you need to compare the services or solutions they offer is for you to get a feel of how they work. One of the biggest lessons learned of 2012 is how many parts there are to the internet marketing puzzle that can make an impact in your business. For example, if social media is your only internet marketing strategy, you will be sorely disappointed.
In a recent infographic by Shebang you get a snapshot look at the role that social media, blogging, content creation, SEO, websites, landing pages, email and mobile marketing plays in your overall internet marketing strategy. The infographic is a glimpse into 2013 as well, as the growth trend for these channels is certain to continue.
These elements are: a high degree of innovation and originality, divergent thinking and risk taking.
Our process starts with a keyword discovery process that focuses on achievable primary keywords. Content is written for submission to industry channels and social news sites such as Digg, Reddit, and StumbleUpon, and is promoted through Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz and LinkedIn, etc. As part of these programs, our experts will look at your traffic, the referring sites, keywords, which pages are working and which are not, and much more. Like us on Facebook to recieve updates and special offers from C.Adebule and the CA Designs Online Team. We began to get so many inquiries about videos and photography that we decided to focus more on those mediums and stop web for a while in order to direct our full focus to what our customers required.
Unfortunately, very few businesses utilize email marketing to anywhere near its full capabilities and, as a result, massive amounts of profit are left on the table, completely unclaimed. After all, the more times they see your marketing messages the more likely they are to buy, right?
This means that, with 80% of your emails, you are building trust and creating good will with your subscribers. You will boost your response rates if you develop a strategy of sending a set number of emails at a set time, consistently, every week like clockwork.
If you, in that very same space, can bring something exciting and interesting to their lives, then your emails will always be opened and will be keenly read.

Simply put, let the engaging, charismatic and intriguing person that you are shine through in your emails. The online competition has grown fiercer as businesses strive to not only increase their ROIs but also to intensify brand awareness through content marketing. Undoubtedly, the site is a reputable pool of indispensable content for businesses [for B2B marketing] and leads [for lead generation] such as infographics, reports and presentations among others.
Blogging is so common nowadays that we’re continuously introduced to web logs of different kinds: personal, travel, food, parenting, political and so on and so forth.
Since your blog site will be indexed by Google and all the other search engines, you’re given a means to target a specific audience.
Before going out there and making a deal with people you do not know, you should have an idea of what SEO or Search Engine Optimization is.
Browse their websites, view their portfolios, learn the services they provide and also get a look on their team.
Search engines [especially Google] have changing algorithms and companies compete for the top ranks every day. By comparing this definition to variety of guerrilla marketing definitions available online a set of common elements may be found as the ground of the guerrilla marketing. The approved keywords are embedded into your meta tags, which help Google and other search engines organize and rank information. Relevant and effective link building through partners, articles, press releases, bookmarking, Blogs, reference sites, etc., is one of the most important factors in your search marketing.
Press releases are distributed via high-ranking paid releases through PRWeb, which opens the doors to thousands of industry targets, regional targets, syndicated feeds, AP News Wire, Google News, Yahoo News, eMediaWire, and more. Well im sure you have seen them popping up on your favorite cereal box, movie poster, magazine ad, etc.
To the savvy business owner, who is willing to learn and implement the most successful email marketing best practices, this represents a lucrative opportunity to move ahead of competitors and dramatically increase revenue and profits. If you do this then, in the other 20% of emails which are promotional, you will see ultra-high conversion rates based on the credibility you have built up.
Your autoresponder software will have this feature built-in and you can set up your test in less than 2 minutes. If you combine these 4 best practices together then you will see a tremendous boost in your email response rates and, more importantly, your overall profits. The concept entails the use of valuable, catchy and attractive “content” to keep end-users engaged or hooked to your company. In fact, one of the reasons why it’s an essential content marketing tool nowadays is because the views of the documents uploaded and shared via this website can be used in consumption measurement just like Youtube hits and Facebook insights.
But this time, we’ll focus on business blogs, what they are and how they can influence the growth of your business. It’s an online publishing hub of valuable information, shared by an individual or a group of people, documented in a reverse chronological order. Certainly, there aren’t a lot of things that you can share using Twitter’s measly 140 characters or with your Facebook page’s limited number of fans only. It will represent you and your business to the online community, help you build trust among your customers and also aid you in reaching out to other businesses.
We’re not just talking about investing in your domain, your hosting and all the other technical stuff.
If you’re thinking about hiring a writer or giving another employee the responsibility of creating posts for your blog, make sure that he or she is in the right position (or mindset) based on credentials, attitude and personality.
Your strategy doesn’t have to be complicated for SEO to work on your blog site (and primary website).
One way to keep readers engaged is by using photos, videos, slideshows and other multi-media that will make your posts more visually appealing, entertaining or interesting. When you’ve used another company’s material (say an infographic, photo or article), do not forget to acknowledge them and create a link back to their site. Tweet, post links on your Facebook page, update on LinkedIn and incorporate share buttons on your blog post for fast and easy sharing! Do you want to drive more traffic, expand your network, increase your revenues or go global? That means you have to perform SEO tasks consistently to be able to maintain your website position. By fulfilling the goal of internet marketing, to satisfy customers in profitable way by using Internet and other digital channels, the business objectives transformed into marketing activities of the company can be reached by combining the characteristics of the traditional marketing and internet marketing with elements of effective marketing communication models. Releases include keyword anchor text, an embedded image, social bookmarking features, and other SEO-related functionality.
We will also consider new strategies, techniques, trends, etc., and decide together what site enhancements may be needed to improve both traffic and conversions.
All the top email marketers in the world religiously split-test their email subject lines and so should you.
Thus, when that goal is reached, a positive end result is anticipated which is the conversion of viewers from being “just leads” to becoming actual customers. These posts or write-ups have a diary-type appeal and also allow internet users to comment or share the information through re-blogging or via social media.

This is why sites such as Instagram, YouTube, and Slideshare have become so effective in helping businesses.
Feature people, colleagues and also invite writers once in a while to maintain positive connections. You should also make sure that you’re seen on the top pages of Google [or any other search engine for that matter] whenever customers search related keywords. Be transparent and authentic in a way that your customers will appreciate your online presence. Publish content of high value based on topics related to your business and the solutions to your customer’s problems. Also note that it’s best to ask for referrals, references or feedback from trusted friends and colleagues. Following diagram shows how the AIDA model may be used on Internet.Image 9 AIDA model in Internet marketing, Vit Horky Guerrilla Marketing PrinciplesBy contrasting from the various definitions of guerrilla marketing which only identifies the main elements of guerrilla communications like unexpected, drastic or cheap, the author of this research adopts definition of Guerrilla Marketing of Alexander Reidl, former marketing director of Volvo Cars Middle East.
You may also write about promotions, events, company updates and entertaining work experiences. If you don’t know anyone who can help, depend on the internet, trust your instinct and create a pool of nominees to interview. According to his thoughts there is a set of six characteristics that every guerrilla campaign has to fulfil. There are many ways how to catch interest of people by putting usual objects to unusual places or using usual objects in unusual time.
Therefore, the marketers may use such situation to attract the visitor, on Internet in particular, to receive a message which contains the marketing message.Guerrilla marketing trades effort for money (Krawder, 2009)Very important fact is that unexpected campaign can be taken negative by the target audience eventually. The marketer should build the campaign in such way that will minimize the negative effects of the element of surprise in the campaign as a part of the Attention phase, the first phase of AIDA model. A process of segmentation and proper profiling of target audience can be identified as one of the most important part of preparation for building a guerrilla campaign which use the moment of unexpectedness effectively.DrasticA word "drastic" is defined by Oxford Dictionary as having a strong or far-reaching effect (Oxford Dictionary, 2009) .
Any guerrilla marketing campaign should work with a form of drasticity in order to reach maximum relevant target audience. The element drasticity enables the marketer to reach large number of message receivers without necessarily large marketing budget. It is the element that may significantly help the campaign to be cost-effective with high degree of Attention and Interest element. The negative aspect of any form of drastic behaviour is that the marketing message can be automatically rejected of the target audience, or its part, because it can assess the campaign as impolite or strongly negatively affecting their individual values.HumorousHumorous effect in the marketing communication helps to diminish the barriers between the sender and receiver, the business organisation and the customer respectively. Moreover, entertainment in the marketing communication can significantly increase the efficiency of the campaign by reaching larger number of receivers. Humorous effect is in promotion and marketing communication difficult to create however by looking at the video coverage of chosen guerrilla campaigns in the end of this section as a part of this work shows that the effect is in guerrilla campaigns is commonly used. The humorous aspect is also one of those that differentiate the campaign from most of others.
However, as the secondary research indicates, many so called guerrilla marketing campaigns have not proved that humour was one of the elements of the campaign. According to the research can be stated that those guerrilla marketing campaigns that contains the effect of humour reach more receivers and helps to create interest. Humour is used commonly in viral marketing campaigns distributed over Internet uncoordinated by the Internet users.One shot gameOne shot game, meaning that the guerrilla marketing campaign is performed only in strictly limited period of time, indicates that the receivers of the guerrilla messages understand that the campaign is only temporary the concept should not be used again on the same market.
This aspect has in Internet marketing great importance because variety of interactive tools and techniques can make long-term guerrilla campaign for users that will be allowed to see the campaign only temporarily.
The objective is to create rumour, buzz effect and immediate impact on target group but still keeping the budget tight. This means: creativity, innovation and saving processes come necessarily to place in the marketing planning.
The large number of internet users and technical accessibility of the Internet content indicate that the impact of any guerrilla marketing campaign can be large and therefore the cost of the guerrilla campaign highly depend on the planned targeted segments to be reached and type of the guerrilla marketing campaign.
When a customer buys a laptop in a store, he pays for his own benefit to work and communicate anywhere. He gets benefit immediately because he purchased the laptop and opened it up in his car and started immediately to use it. However, the customer benefit may be less visible when another customer is travelling to her office by tram and she is exposed to several numbers of billboards, big boards, light boards or flyers during the way. The benefit for her can come at the time she uses the business message from an advert for her own benefit by purchasing new laptop for 25% discount for example than in the store where she was planning to buy it. However, for those people who do not need any of the products and services aggressively communicated in most of the advertising places outside the benefit is very difficult or even impossible to find.Guerrilla marketing campaign should always give the target audience something that will make them feel richer or satisfied.
The literature review revealed that those campaigns that use creativity and innovation which build trust and self-satisfaction of the customers may significantly help to efficiency of the marketing campaign.

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