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During the recording, the current screen content is always visible; the remeining storage capacity is displayed as well. Like with the numerous EyeTV products, Elgato sticks to a guideline which we normally only recognize from Apple: keeping hard- and software simple and presenting the desired range of functions as good as possible.
As any HDMI-source without HDCP-copy protection can be used as input, the user can record whatever he likes. If you would like to take a closer look at the Elgato Game Capture, you can do this on Elgato's product website.
I have recently purchased an Elgato capure card that I am using to stream and record Vainglory games from my iPad and iPhone.
I then realized that when using the Lightning to HDMI adapter, the iOS devices can send the audio out on the analog headphones jack which is not possible while using AirPlay. Through this adapter the sound and image from your iPad will be mirrored out on the HDMI port. The basic setup would be an HDMI cable between an iPad or iPhone (with the above mentioned adapter) and the Elgato and then having the Elgato connected to a PC or Mac using the provided USB cable.
The sound delay problem is solved by using the analog audio in on the Elagto for the game sound. By using an audio splitter cable you will be able to send the sound to the Elgato and thus to your stream or recording, but also to your headphones.
After connection everything like above when setting up the Elgato you will have to choose the source as HDMI and tick the checkbox for with Analog Audio.
Now, this set up was not exactly how I wanted things to work, but it could be good enough for some of you. The 3,5 mm jack will be connected to audio splitter coming out of the iPad instead of the Headphones. The microphone can also be connected to the red audio connector, but I chose to connect my mic directly to my PC’s sound card. If you want to see how the stream looks like using the Elgato HD60 with this setup head to my twitch or youtube channel.

If this tutorial will prove to be useful for you guys I will continue with tutorials and might do some video tutorials on Youtube.
Elgato advertizes the Game Capture HD with the statement that it can be connected directly to a Playstation or a Xbox and record game scenes.
On the Game Capture HD's second side, the HDMI-output is located, to which the TV or every other random output device can be connected. The Game Capture HD is plugged between the source which should be recorded and the software is started. These contain recording quality as well as some editing possibilities, which can also be made afterwards, however.
With a price of 199.95 Euro in the Elgato shop, the Game Capture HD is certainly nothing for a little bit of fun here and there.
The small connector by the HDMI is another Lightning connector in case you would want to charge the device while using the main Lightning connector for video out. While setting things up if there is now sound on the analog output try to disconnect and reconnect the splitter to the headphones jack and it should work.
My problem was that with my headphones connected to the iPad, I would not be able to hear anything from my PC.
It’s main purpose is to use it with game consoles and be able to hear both the in game chat and the game sound in your headphones. It is true plug and play, tested on Windows 7 and Ubuntu Linux and it should work on Mac too.
If you want to share the coolest scenes in a game or the most spectacular frags with friends, you have to rely on software solutions for recording such as Fraps. Thus it can also be taken to your friends and are suitable for mobile applications as well - in contrast to other cards. At this point, we would like to mention again that HDMI-sources which are protected via HDCP are not supported. The USB-port serves for the power supply, which is ensured by the computer on which the Game Capture HD software is installed.

Though, the video material can be edited with any video software which is able to handle the chosen source material.
I would get real time video since I would be watching it on the iPad screen, but the audio would be sent through the lightning to HDMI adapter to the Elgato and later to the PC with a delay of about 0.5 seconds. This new sound device will have to be set as default so all the sounds will be sent through it.
Recording on a computer was and is certainly possible via software, but if you would like to have high resolution, this would consume much processing power and space on the hard disk or the SSD. Elgato is oriented towards OS X; however, they also offer a Windows version of the Game-Capture-HD-software. Somit kann er auch mit zu Freunden genommen werden und ist anders als andere Schnitt-Karten auch fur den mobilen Einsatz geeignet. Although Elgato explicitly mentions PlayStation and Xbox, it goes without saying that all other compatible sources can be recorded as well. MPEG4-container with H.264-video and stereo-AAC-sound should have a fairly big selection, however. The situation is the same with computers; almost every current graphics card offers an HDMI-output. This would mean that the game experience would decline dramatically and I would rather be streaming using and AirPlay server on my PC. I also use mumble on my PC since it’s easier to have it in front of me instead of having to switch back and forth between Vainglory and Mumble. We took a closer look at the Game Capture HD and amongst other things, we tried to record iOS games. Expecially smaller blogs and websites which would like to make a game-review every now and again will surely favor a direct record of the HDMI-material over any software solution.

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