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The hippest social network since Facebook was invite-only wants to change the way people make money online.
One of the co-founders of the trendy new social network Ello wants to change the way the internet is monetized. Ello is gaining viral popularity for its pledge to remain ad-free and never mine its users data. The stripped down, design-minded site is still in beta and members must be invited, which has increased its hip factor. A Ryerson University business prof says it might serve a niche audience, but he’s not sure Ello is about to usher in a revolution. But those big bucks have only raised more suspicions that Ello is a another big business out to get users’ information.
He founded the network with Todd Berger and Lucian Fohr of the design firm Berger and Fohr.
Since the August 7 launch, word has spread like wildfire — basically they’re where they are after weeks with what they expected would take months. Ello is firmly against the idea of selling your information to advertisers, so to make money, Ello's founder, Paul Budnitz, says users will be able to purchase small, specific features that will help people build their own version of Ello that's customized to their taste.
So while the core Ello experience will "always remain free," Budnitz says, people will be able to expand Ello's capabilities, spending a few dollars for that new killer feature a€” whatever it is. Budnitz says he has seen thousands of emails from users suggesting features for which they would be willing to pay, and Budnitz says plenty are already in the works.

Other hotly suggested features include the ability to browse Ello with inverted colors, turning the screen black and overlaying it with white text. And while others have debated how feasible Ello's ad-free business model will work out, Budnitz doesn't seem worried about facing any pressure to sell out or incorporate ads at a later time. At the end of the day, Budnitz says keeping Ello sustainable will be a relatively simple feat, given that Ello's business model is inherently different from Facebook's, and that means the costs are different, too. If you're interested in trying out Ello for yourself, you can request an invite right here. Skeptics worry that, like Facebook, one day it too will sell ads — remember, Mark Zuckerberg for years said Facebook would stop being cool once it sold ads.
Then people can buy new features, like the ability to run multiple accounts from one spot or other features, many of which have yet to be developed. I think we’ve all been burned enough and I think it’s totally valid and I applaud your cynicism and skepticism and the only thing I can say is at the same time please give us a chance because what’s the alternative?” Budnitz said. About 50,000 people are requesting invites a day, but Budnitz said they’re keeping it smaller than that for now so their servers can grow. The concept to build an open protocol as a fundament for many services seemed noble and for me it was much more appealing than diaspora. If we create a special feature that you like, you can choose to pay a very, very small amount of money to add it to your Ello account forever.
I will definitely try to keep faith with Ello for a while, since not only it’s minimalism is a a nice change to Facebook and Twitter, also noise is virtually banned in a separate tab.

Interestingly enough, the feature saw over 500 requests, mainly from Ello users in Europe and Japan.
The issue was recently brought up after it was revealed that Ello had already raised seed funding from the venture capital firm FreshTracks Capital, causing some to doubt Ello's ability to remain ad-free if its funding source becomes anxious for added revenue. Budnitz said that’s the point — attract users then build the site to meet their needs. Ello was first created as a closed network for about 100 friends spread from Vermont to Berger and Fohr’s Boulder, Colorado, office. For example there is currently nothing like retweests or shared items that spam the timeline. And while I manage Twitter pretty well with private lists and am quite thankful for Facebook’s arbitrary filtering, on both channels there is still a lot of automated content, ads, spam, noise and redundancy on those channels. And it has been a great opportunity to just follow a couple new pepz, I didn’t already knew from elsewhere, which has is own appealing.

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