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The following videos were recorded by Free Electrons during the Embedded Linux Conference Europe, Cambridge, UK, October 2010 (ELC-E 2010). Here is the first video which deals with the first two elements of e-Linux: Toolchain and Bootloader. Now if you have seen the Part 1 video, then you must be wondering what that noise is, and frankly speaking, nobody knows what it is! A couple of weeks ago I introduced the ipcas RS232-to-USB Converter and the Centronics-to-USB Converter as gap-filling solutions to link up legacy port equipment with modern USB and network technology. The other day I mentioned that ipcas released a new embedded systems product this year – Linux Box 2.
The integrated LINUX operating system and the combination of 32-bit CPU, various interfaces, real-time clock, and USB ports make the compact LINUX Box LB1 ideal for the implementation of peripheral tasks with wide-ranging functionality – from open- and closed-loop controlling, data acquisition, and remote maintenance, through to protocol conversion, and embedded computing. The other crucial feature the LINUX Box LB1 offers is network ability, thus opening the gates to the new world of high-end online working environments.
The LINUX operating system and extensive network services such as the web server HTTP, SSH, FTP, and Telnet are all pre-installed. The ipcas Centronics – USB Printer Converter does just the job allowing you to connect your legacy parallel interface equipment to modern USB printers. In case you didn’t already know, ipcas is exhibiting again at the Embedded World 2008 trade fair in Nuremberg, Germany, from 26 to 28 February 2008. Embedded World is regarded as the world’s largest exhibition of its kind, and is treated as the place to meet by the international embedded community. Embedded technology is used everywhere – whether in car, data, or telecommunication systems, industrial or consumer electronics, military or aerospace systems.

Among its most salient features is its outstanding versatility: Due to numerous integrated interfaces, the LINUX Box LB2 can be used for an astounding number of different applications such as converting, recording, alerting, counting, etc. The IO modules can be populated customer-specifically, thus providing you with large scope to develop your own ideas and solutions. This universal measuring device is ideal for the effective, via Ethernet recording, storage, and visualization of measuring data from electronic S0 supply meters (electric, gas, water, heating, etc.
Szkolenie dla wszystkich zainteresowanych rozwijaniem projektA?w opartych o Embedded Linux. So I thought to share the following videos which will introduce you to some of the most basic concepts of e-Linux. People from around the world who are enthusiastic about these topics and willing to support the open source community are invited to share their information, knowledge and expertise by means of written tutorials and videos on the website. And, that goes without saying, the LINUX Box LB1 is immediately ready to run without time-consuming software installations. Moreover, it is immediately ready to run (no refitting, no installation drivers, and a cinch to configure!) and, what’s more, it’s highly cost-effective! After watching these video tutorials, you will have learnt about the four elements of e-Linux system: Toolchain, Boot loader, Kernel and User space. So at that time, I will be using the terms and concepts of e-Linux quite frequently, and hence you should be familiar with it!
I understand it is not very popular in India, and that is perhaps then main reason I think this is bold step from your side. Of course, users also have the option to develop their own software solutions for specific applications wherever required.

Over the next few years, strong growth is forecasted particularly in the area of small, compact box and panel PCs with embedded operating systems and without rotating parts. PoznajA… praktyczne metody automatyzacji uruchamiania i aktualizacji systemy przy pomocy skrytpA?w U-BOOT-a. Furthermore, he likes to write stuffs on his website for techie newbies and loves to teach others.
The third part essentially deals with a specific ARM processor board, and hence its not posted here. And towards the end (around 52nd minute or so), beware of the background noise, you have been warned!
In his spare time, you will find him with volunteering somewhere!More Posts - Website Follow Me:Loved it? Here in the US, as I see, people are pretty much tech-savvy and are more into the developer stage rather than waiting for solutions to be posted on the internet! The slides used in the workshop are also available for free and can be downloaded from here.

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