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Kate Michaels has asked me to write a reference for her in support of her internship application and I am delighted to do so.
Professor Donaldson if you need any additional information about Kate Michaels please contact me by phone or email. I know the problem was the instructions and not the burrito because I gave it a second try. The new four story condominium development on Bank Street features homes with state of the art appliances and the latest in furnishings.
Buyers and their agents should stop by the sales office on Bank Street or request a copy of the four color brochure to learn more about this very special property.
The question before the Supreme Court involves states rights, and governors around the country will be watching. Final Event: Race to the Finish As quickly as you can, add hyphens, apostrophes, commas, and semicolons to the passage below. College professors encourage their students extensive vocabulary and 50 word compound complex sentences.
Much college writing includes perfectly structured paragraphs with an introduction three or more supporting sentences and a conclusion. Did you insert two semicolons, five to seven commas (depending on whether you use the serial comma), three apostrophes, and five hyphens? Many middle-aged (not middle-age) people plan to work beyond the age of 65 (not age 65). Our system administrators have identified an issue with one of our mail arrays related to a hardware failure of one storage member in the SAN. A creative yet pragmatic communicator with award-winning experience in narrative storytelling and news production.
Extensive experience in film production, with works featured in regional, national, and international film festivals. Proficiency in handling sensitive matters and communicating diplomatically with people of differing views. Strong skills and experience in research and in communicating through letters, emails, op-eds, social media, and speeches.
Supervised support staff of 14, including legal secretaries, paralegals, and general office support. Consistently maintained Number 1 or 2 ranking for order fulfillment in a team of 32 order pickers.
Created a system for finance managers that generated and emailed monthly financial reports and spreadsheets for on-time budget planning.
Review your older jobs and accomplishments to be sure the language still communicates well. For instance, if you are more than 10 years out of school, drop your college activities unless they communicate something unique and amazing.
Imagine this situation: That job you held from 1993 to 1996 was once a significant part of your resume, worthy of five bullet points of accomplishments. Just as emptying your closet of old clothes helps you focus on and build a new wardrobe, eliminating old resume details helps you focus on and build a case for the newest phase of your career. Replace some of the text with concise bullet points if you have chunks of text that are longer than three lines. Replace typefaces such as Times New Roman and Book Antiqua with a sans serif typeface like Trebuchet, and see if you like the difference. Experiment with incorporating a strong left alignment rather than centered headings, to communicate energy rather than formality. College instructors sometimes ask me to recommend a text to use in their business writing classes.
I'm pleased to announce a complete new communications curriculum for college instructors. One of my many favorite learning activities from the curriculum involves revising relationship-busting statements. If you are a college instructor, you can find about more about the free curriculum and how to receive it.
If you are not a college instructor but want to try your hand at revising the statement above, please do!
If you are holding back, thinking Well, it depends, you are with The Gregg Reference Manual.

Good proofreaders catch errors that would embarrass, torment, and diminish us if those errors appeared in print or online. If you have made certain style decisions on your own—for instance, you use Canadian spelling because you have Canadian clients—let your proofreaders know that.
Email marketing is an affordable way to keep readers engaged with your blog, make business announcements, send out event invitations, or inform customers about new products, services and special deals. Use a Striking Visual: An eye-catching image like this one by Hudson Shoes really steals the show in a powerful way. Created a CTA:  An effective call-to-action (CTA) makes it easy for your email audience to get just enough information about your product to make a move quickly and easily right from their inbox.
Reach Out to Fans:  Email invitations are a clever way to boost ticket sales and promote your events directly to your intended target audience. Before choosing an email marketing design, ask yourself what your goals are for this email marketing campaign. A more serious brand may use muted colors and layout to craft a simple, straight-forward message. Multiple studies have found that design impacts how many readers respond to your call-to-action. Mailchimp and other email systems have certain templates built in that simply require dragging and dropping your visuals and otherwise plugging in your text to put together a clean, professional email. But if you’re looking for a bit more creative control than drag-and-drop templates often allow, Canva might be the solution for you.
Canva is a free platform that offers dozens of templates with various styles and customizable features for designing everything from social media posts to posters and, of course, email marketing templates. If you want to add GIFs to your email, some platforms allow you to insert them as you would other images. Businesses ranging from small startups to Fortune 500 companies use email marketing as a strategic tool for their business’ growth.
Kate worked with me from January, 2014 through August, 2015 as a teaching assistant in our marketing program, I was her direct supervisor. She used creative approaches to help students' understand complex concepts in marketing statistics.
Perhaps my carelessly following rather than interpreting the instructions wrecked the meal?
Buyers looking for beautifully appointed two and three bedroom contemporary homes with open floor plans will want to visit this high end development. Whether they live in New York, New York or Cairo, Egypt, people like to feel included and informed.
Professors and teachers admire academic writing however readers needs on the job are different. Although business writing contains elegantly structured chunks of text it also features one sentence paragraphs. If not, you are just in time for our final online punctuation class, Punctuation for Professionals, on May 19 and 26. Proven ability in written and visual communication, with particular expertise in social media. Eliminate early jobs such as working in a frozen yogurt shop (unless you are applying for a fast-food management position) and acting as a camp counselor (unless you are still in the counseling field). For example, the SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS shown in Tip 1 above includes this list, which might include links to online samples (indicated by underlining): letters, emails, op-eds, social media, and speeches.
Your resume should make you feel pleased, proud, and confident as you move into your future. Both instructors and students can benefit from the tips on completing the assignment--tips about the purpose of the message, its audience, the communication strategy, and content.
Students first recognize why the instructor statements below are relationship busters.
Don’t be the person about whom the proofreader says, “He insists it be this way despite what the dictionary and style manuals say.” And if you don’t understand a change your proofreader has made, ask questions to understand the correction rather than automatically reject it.
Make proofreading a priority.Proofreading is as essential as planning, writing, formatting, editing, and printing.
West End’s clean, yet striking email design shows off its new product in a way that makes even a simple light bulb look elegant, nostalgic and desired.
Visually-driven industries, such as clothing retailers, may have more freedom to play with pastels, bright colors, and bold fonts in keeping with the brand.

A thoughtful, engaging design should catch your reader’s attention and ultimately lead to increased traffic and sales. Thankfully for many small businesses and individuals, you don’t need to be an expert in graphic design, buy expensive software, or spend hours learning a complicated technique to make stunning visuals like the examples above.
If you are looking to make your own custom GIF, you may need a bit more time and expertise. Email marketing can be both cost and time-effective in engaging your target audience, increasing traffic, and growing sales.
Carefully remove from oven, peel off plastic film and allow to sit for 1 minute before serving. In reply, they sent me a coupon for a free frozen entree, and I bought the same burrito.
When new things come to light in your job search or profession, share them with your network. Business writers will use a one sentence paragraph when they want a statement to stand out. Apply these tips to make your resume fresh and representative of who you are today, with an eye to tomorrow. Assignments cover explanations, requests, bad-news messages, inquiries, solicitations, messages saying no, complaint resolutions, a range of job-search messages, and other pieces. Instructors can never be sure where students may go wrong with a writing assignment that requires them to imagine themselves communicating on the job. The course, Business Writing That Builds Relationships, developed out of my long-standing interest in diplomatic, relationship-building messages at work.
Proofreading is finding and correcting errors and inconsistencies in documents that are virtual final drafts. Know that occasionally something will slip by even after several editors and proofreaders have reviewed a document. Using these easy-to-use online tools, even marketing novices can seamlessly integrate their branding identity into their very own e-newsletter, event registration form or product promotion in a few easy steps.
The GIF shows off Modcloth’s different products and shows how their target audience (millennial women aged 15-30) can mix and match them. Several images are free to use, but if you need a more professional image, several stock photos are available for as little as $1 a piece. And for a low monthly fee, you can upgrade to Canva for Work which allows you to change the dimensions of any existing design you have saved. With free, user-friendly tools and platforms, you can add this powerful marketing tool to your arsenal of advertising and engagement tactics.
She took initiative to enhance online outreach to students, showed evidence of a keen understanding of both short term results and long term benefits of various marketing strategies, and consistently delivered professional, high-quality work. My friend Sarah began a job search on September 1, 2007 and ended it three months later, nevertheless, she still networks. This email entices the reader to further explore Modcloth’s products and possibly at a few to her closet. Avoid calling, pinging, emailing, or standing over your proofreaders while they work—and dissuade others from interrupting them.
Because I cringe when I see the phrase “thanks-you notes” in my book Business Writing With Heart, knowing that two proofreaders (including me) carefully reviewed it. You can also track how many people click your email by creating a unique link created through Bitly. Save the link to your Bitly account to view data and results.
When it comes to email marketing, bear in mind that your readers may use a desktop, mobile device, or tablet and that your design should ideally adjust to all 3 options with maximum visual appeal. Before you give a piece to a proofreader for a final review, make sure it has already gone through its rounds of revisions, if necessary. Canva’s free design school section is a great resource for finding awesome marketing designs and learning to build your own with the site. After all, if you aren’t going to defer to their knowledge of grammar, punctuation, and usage, why use them at all?

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