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Infotainment-wise, you get the requisite Bluetooth connectivity, sound-system with internet app capability and optional Bose premium sound-system with Centerpoint surround sound.  This is all nicely ensconced in a choice of cloth (Black, Sand), leatherette (Black) or leather (Black, Almond) interior trims. The whole car has a lower suspension, is 30 percent stiffer than the outgoing model and is 200 pounds lighter.  This combined with the wider stance, longer wheelbase and shorter overall length means this Mazda3 should be plenty zippy scooting through the turns.
High Beam Control (HBC) – The system automatically switches the headlamps between high and low beams.
Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM) – This safety confirmation system detects objects located in blind-spot areas to the sides and rear of the vehicle and issues a visual alert within the outside mirrors for the driver to see. Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) – This system monitors the lane markings on the road and issues a warning to the driver when it predicts that the vehicle is going to depart from its lane. Forward Obstruction Warning (FOW) – This system monitors the vehicle ahead and issues both audible and visual alerts to help the driver take evasive action when it determines a high risk of collision to exist.
Smart City Brake Support (SCBS) – When traveling at speeds of less than 19 mph, SCBS helps prevent or minimize a collision with a vehicle. Mazda Radar Cruise Control (MRCC) – The system determines the difference in speed and distance to the vehicle in front and will automatically adjust the cruising speed in order to maintain a safe distance. Mazda Proactive Safety is Mazda’s development concept, and it aims to help the driver avoid dangerous situations before they occur by minimizing the risks that can lead to an accident.
If you also check the order form for the Titanium 4WD model, you will find yourself paying a premium of $4,085 over the less expensive SE 4WD model. In addition, Ford supplied our test Escape with a couple of pricey extras you could probably eliminate without discomfort.
We especially loved it for its 5 stage heated front seats, which permits more comfortable temperature adjustment than almost any similar product on the market today.
Also, the optional blind spot warning devices provided by package 301A are much less obtrusive than those of most competitors. Of course, once ensconced in the elevated driver’s throne, the view of the surrounding roadside is unparalleled. Ford takes good care of you with a bevy of informative gages spread out across the instrument panel to monitor every facet of the diesel’s behavior. Of course, in order to accommodate 26,500 pounds of baggage, Ford suspended this Sumo F with the stiffest springs in the parts bin. Once I got over the initial disappointment of that generational descriptive shift, I discovered that the latest Mustang has lost nothing of its rambunctious nature, active hood scoop or not.
Since our test F-150 arrived during a week when we were building and furnishing a small utility shed, we put the behemoth Ford to good use all week long. The bed of our test truck featured 8 different tie-down hooks, which we utilized to attach bungee cords to stabilize the load. Since my wife and I drive close to 50 different new vehicles each year, it would be easy for us to become a bit blase about their various virtues.
The value facet of Fusion ownership manifests itself in the wide variety of affordable combinations Ford offers. If you choose a Hybrid Fusion, you will lose considerable trunk space compared to a gas powered model. But the beauty of this Hybrid lies in its virtually undetectable transfer from electric to gasoline mode when underway. Ford’s Fusion is leading domestic mid size sales because it looks good, rides well and offers a wide variety of combinations and price points. If you relish having the most expensive house on the block, then the Fusion Energi is definitely the Ford you’ll want to own. The constant velocity transmission (CVT) offers little in the way of help when you suddenly need more oomph from your drive train. Steering anomalies aside, the Fusion Energi is one of the best plug-in Hybrids you can own.
Drivers who still consider a car to be a precision tool rather than a blunt appliance will rejoice that Ford is into the second year of production for the sublimely satisfying Fiesta ST. In a stunning development, Marty Reid, IndyCar Announcer Dude, mentions the Champ Car World Series swan-song race at Long Beach, right on TV, during the IndyCar Series telecast. You can't talk to Danica without having the obligatory Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue montage.
Marty reports that the anti-weeper people SUCKED 10,000 gallons of water out from under the track to get rid of the bastard weepers. Goodyear busts up the flow and tells us that Motegi is shaped like a paperclip (not an egg) and has 10-degree banking. Arute with Ziggy Harucus (I may have spelled his name wrong, sorry.) Zig says Marco just brain locked. Lap 23 -- Ganassi -- Target Twins -- Stayed with their practice setups while AGR dialed in more downforce in response to the rain-cleaned track. Marty briefly tries to jolt us out of our lock-step-induced slumber by claiming that Dixon is closing in on Helio. After five laps of yellow for no apparent reason other than to let everyone pit, we're GREEN on Lap 97.
Lap 146 -- Since cars can go about 50 laps at full throttle, expect a festival of topping off if this yellow goes that long.
Lap 200 -- Danica (!), Helio, Dixon, Wheldo, Tony, Ed, RHR, Manning (-1), Briscoe (-1), Bell (-1), Mutoh (-1), Rice (-2), Howard (-8), Yasukawa (-66), AJ4 (DNF), Vitor (DNF), Roth (DNF), Marco (DNF).
So I respect Marco's willingness to accept responsibility for his mistakes but it is getting kind of old. When she was on the final lap, it was all I could not to shout, with wins by Graham and then Danica, "Farewell, Splitville! There is a lot to like about the Houston Botanic Garden master plan proposed by the Dutch landscape and urban design firm West 8.
Getting little attention this week, but certainly one of the most important decisions up for a vote by the Houston ISD school board, is the matter of how to evaluate every teacher in the district.
Filter Mexican folk music — such as son and  huapango — through bilingual young musicians from Los Angeles.
In early summer of 2010, nobody thought much about the odd artificial hill where, every year, the city of Houston launched Fourth of July fireworks. Idea : High school students with intellectual disabilities can benefit greatly from internships. In a 40-word statement this week, the White House announced that Malia Obama will take a gap year before starting college (at Harvard, to no one’s surprise).
The final hopeful broke away as the sun set on the last Tuesday, his parting shot a giant miss: a desperate and averted kiss. My brother the Connecticut science professor found the photo on a Facebook page dedicated to sentimental images of the Bronx. The $1,100 pill rattled out of its plastic bottle, bounced off my outstretched palm and struck the smooth, white surface of the lavatory basin. The day after the Harris County Sheriff’s Office reported that an inmate had been beaten to death in jail , the county unveiled a $2 million grant from the John D.
JAL has revealed photos of the new seat designs for all four classes of its flagship Boeing 777-300ER fleet, which will debut on the daily Tokyo-London service from January 2013 before being rolled out to New York and other US and European destinations. The seats will also make their way onto JAL's 767-300ER jets, starting with the lie-flat Sky Suite business class product, in the second half of 2013. The 777s will feature eight first class berths equipped with all the mod cons, including a 23 inch flat-screen telly. 49 fully-flat Sky Suite beds are ensconced in their own cubicles, going further down the privacy path than even Cathay Pacific's business class design. The lie-flat beds can accommodate 1.88 metres from feet to follicles, with width varying from 65cm down to 53cm at the base. Despite a 2-3-2 layout, JAL has staggered the seats to ensure that every passenger has direct and unobstructed access to the aisle.
And if there's nothing to watch on your 12.1 inch seatback personal video screen, why not make your own fun and create a 3D pie-chat?
David Flynn is the editor of Australian Business Traveller and a bit of a travel tragic with a weakness for good coffee, shopping and lychee martinis. I've travelled on JALs current seats between Sydney and Tokyo and Tokyo and New York (which are different, but both equally bad) and these new ones are going to be much better.This is a bit over due from JAL but will definitely a giant leap forward for them.
Having just flown on a JAL 777-3 (LAX-NRT) in the middle business seat, this would be a massive improvement.
These new products are starting to put Qantas's SkyBed II - which with age seems to develop an unfortunate droop (to shame) in three respects - direct aisle access, a fully flat bed that stays flat (by virtue of the fixed feet part), a larger TV that doesnt fold out.
I've flown on JALs 787 and would certainly appreciate easy access to the aisle, particularly on night flights. Seems like the Business class design means that the "aisle" side seat would be quite claustophobic with no window. I travelled recently on JAL economy - according to the airlinequality seat guide index, seat pitch is now 33" but it felt much more cramped than that. Hi Dundas -- I was as skeptical as you, but when JAL had me into their Haneda seat workshop I got to try out the new economy seats, and they really have added extra room, both in terms of advances in seat pitch (taking advantage of new seats' thinner backs) and simply spacing them out further. The Truth About Cars is dedicated to providing candid, unbiased automobile reviews and the latest in auto industry news. Rolls-Royce took the cover off its new Dawn convertible (see what we did there?) Tuesday in an online reveal ahead of its debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

The post Meet The New Rolls-Royce, Same As The Old Rolls-Royce appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
The latest creation as part of Rolls-Royce’s Bespoke Collections might as well have come from the Fox-body-loving garage of our own Sanjeev Sajeev Mehta. Most of these Junkyard Finds come from big chain-owned self-service wrecking yards that have fast inventory turnover and plenty of fresh cars at all times. Though Bentley and Rolls-Royce are adding ultra-luxury SUVs to their collections, Jaguar Land Rover has no plans to put one above Range Rover. The post Eberhardt: No Separate Brand Above Range Rover For Ultra-Luxury SUVs appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
The post Rolls-Royce Enters Premium SUV Game In All But Name appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
Having spent most of January on its side, the Hoegh Osaka returned to Southampton, England Tuesday to unload 1,400 premium vehicles bound for Germany.
The post Land Rovers, Jaguars Et Al Leave Hoegh Osaka After Month At Sea appeared first on The Truth About Cars. The post Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce SUVs Still Waiting For Green Light appeared first on The Truth About Cars. If one were so inclined to visit Macau for a bit of gambling, they could hitch a ride to their hotel through one of the many cabs running throughout the city. The post Rolls-Royce Receives Largest-Ever Fleet Order For Macau Luxury Hotel appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
It is late March in 1924, and a dim sun is setting over the city of Cork in the southeast of Ireland. The post Between the Mountain and the Moon: The Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost and the IRA appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
No sooner did Bentley confirm that they will indeed be producing a premium priced crossover, then Rolls-Royce CEO Torsten Mueller-Oetvoes announced that they will join the other British ultra luxury marque in offering a utility vehicle, likely to cost even more than the Bentley, which is expected to start at about $250,000. The post On Brittany Howard, LeMons and New Jersey College Virgins appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
The post Capsule Review: 2013 Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
The post Seven The Hard Way: Possibly The Coolest Auction Of The Year appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
In the olden days, when a Bentley was a rebadged Rolls Royce (or vice versa), it was easy to mistake one for the other.
This will be a wee complicated and very British: The Schneider Trophy, a prize competition for seaplanes was won several times by a Supermarine S6B, which in turn was powered by a  Rolls-Royce R Type engine. The post Born From Props: Rolls Royce Presents Supermarine S6B Inspired Special Model Collection appeared first on The Truth About Cars. A 1962 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II, adorned with over a million Swarovski crystals is on display at the Four Seasons Hotel in Munich, Germany. Additionally, it maximizes the range of conditions in which the vehicle can be driven safely and with peace of mind.The SKYACTIV-Body efficiently absorbs impact energy from any direction and minimizes the chance of the cabin structure being compromised. If you do carry passengers in back, you’ll want to provide them with air sickness bags because the latest Mustang is a true g-Force generator second to none.
Our test truck featured a couple of options that vastly improved its load carrying ability.
No fewer than 9 different models are available for 2014, ranging in price from the FWD S at $21,900 to the Titanium Energi at $40,500. The high energy battery pack occupies a substantial section of the trunk floor, leaving you just a little flat storage area before the floor steps up sharply to house the battery and electric motor components.
Whereas most such combo cars let you know quite clearly and noisily when switching from electric to gas power, the Fusion transfers energy source quietly and seamlessly. It’s nice to roll into your driveway and plug this Fusion in for its night time battery recharge. The seats are excellent, with special accolades going to their enveloping and adjustable lower back support. Your choices are restricted to D (Drive) or L (for additional downhill braking), with no paddles connected to the steering wheel for manual shifting. At times it felt like the wheel was difficult to turn, at other times it kicked back subtly for no apparent reason. The IndyCar Series Web Site acted as if the TV times for the Champ Car race were none of your business even though it is an ICS points race and we are all allegedly part of one big happy family. In a clear violation of OSHA guidelines, Arute is not wearing a protective welding-like visor to shield his eyes. I take a huge drink of Saporro here because we've obviously arrived at the outer rings of hell.
Yet another innovation that will allow them to kick American car-makers' asses for yet another decade.
Goodyear calls for tire warmers like they have in F1 and used to have in CART, especially at Motegi where it's usually just above snowing temperature for the race. I always wonder if people don't just openly lie to Jack and the pit reporters to throw off the competition, or if there is some league rule that you can't lie to Jack.
Arute -- I asked (Kanaan's team) how much fuel he could make and (closes in on the mic) WELL, THEY JUST SMILED.
I must be a Highly Advanced Thinker because I have no note of the booth guys seeing what may happen here. Probably figured they couldn't make it for sure so, in a street-race fashion, need as much lead as they can get going into the pits. Just give your mic and headset to Bev Patrick because she was just, maybe, 19 times more articulate than you were there.
A shout out here to Danica for pulling into the victory area and not doing a bunch of Zenardis (donuts) all over the track.
But this is just one of a number of surprising and important connections between the energy and drug industries. I'd been more or less able to avoid her since leaving New York, and I certainly wasn't expecting her to turn up next to me at a yoga class at the Rancho la Puerta spa in Mexico. This means that I’m going to see lots of Volvo 240s in California, lots of old Subarus in Colorado, and millions of acre-feet of Tauruses and Sables everywhere. Spring is coming, and in the patchwork of fields that surrounds this busy coastal town, green shoots are already poking up through rich, damp earth.
Probably soon, probably better and probably from Louis CK, in which case it will definitely be funnier.
I’m speaking literally here, standing atop Quarry Rock in North Vancouver, tomato-faced and lathered with sweat after a hurried hike. Or a truly bespoke suit, not just one off the plebeian racks of Armani or Ermenegildo Zegna?
Bentley cleverly leveraged its “smart shopper” image into sales that were an order of magnitude higher than those of Rolls. 2,916 More Non-Chevy-Volts Recalled For Fire Hazard appeared first on The Truth About Cars. The substitution of aluminum for steel in the cab and body structure has pared curb weight by 700 pounds. When you stomp the loud pedal in this rig, you’ll have no performance complaints about its V6 replacing a V8. Note that although your warranty will cover all Energi system bits for 15 years or 150,000 miles, the high energy battery warranty is limited to 10 years or 150,000 miles. Under full electric power, it proved so quiet that we were able to sneak up on a bobcat hunting in the wild without alarming the cat.
The steering wheel contains so many control buttons for cruise, stereo, and incidental information, that you will find it difficult to keep your hands focused on driving rather than programming. When you’re in full electric mode, dependant on just 118hp to motivate this two ton sedan, you will be a full time occupant of the slow lane.
After experiencing this disconcerting behavior for a day or so, I belatedly realized such feedback was intentional. The fact that there are roughly 72 people and vehicles positions around said weeper is not a good sign. Maybe because he's used to having to get close so people can hear during the race, but, man, he's maybe five inches from Mike Andretti. The disembodied Graham Rahal is being interviewed, live from Long Beach, where Marty and Scott Goodyear are physically located.
I think when American dentists see British citizens come into their offices, they immediately get on the phone and buy condos in the Bahamas, since they know they are about to come into some serious revenue. Foyt IV, Hideki Mutoh, Ryan Hunter-Reay, Buddy Rice, Darren Manning, Vitor Meira, Jay Howard, Ryan Briscoe, Townsend Bell, Marty Roth, Roger Yasukawa. We've begun recycling material now, with the Scott Dixon lost the championship in turn four of Chicagoland montage repeat from last week. Wants to get the victory so people (mainly Jack, I think) will stop asking her when she is going to win.
Note: the Japanese contractor broadcast crew in Japan is feeding stuff back to ESPN and I think they have limited control over what is fed.
Tony Kanaan were just hitting pit road when the yellow came out so they will have to drive through.

Dixon missed pit in, said many obscenities, I'm sure, and will have to come around and pit for a splash. She's clearly saving fuel, and I'm giving her and her team credit right here for being smart -- no -- brilliant.
If that ain't a hint that Danica is playing with her knob (fuel setting knob) I don't know what is.
Goodyear has been away from karting for 20 years (I hear Goodyear once LOST to ESPN stat king Russ Thompson in go karts. Goodyear declares that one day Danica is going to be a mother and it will be cool to show her kids this.
DUDE, if you get that camera any closer we'll be able to tell when was the last time Danica blew her nose. In my work I examine the concepts of pride, power, and patriotism, especially as it relates to art. Jack and I had every intention of adhering to this rule as well, until our staff email inbox received a message from Rolls Royce Motorcars, asking us to come drive the all-new Wraith. Watch out, “bespoke” is losing its worth faster than a dollar during the peanut president regime. That’s authentic British heritage, no Bentley-by-Breitling-by-Bentley-by-Brietling-by-Volkswagen needed.
As a result, you no longer need a gas swigging V8 under the hood to provide enough punch for acceptable performance.
The only irksome note is struck by Ford’s Auto-Start-Stop regimen, which automatically kills the engine at stoplights, then re-fires it when you touch the gas pedal. Had we transported plywood, however, the 6′ bed would have prevented us from using this trick. A top level Titanium series Fusion costs $30,500, with incremental jumps to $32,500 for either the Hybrid or the all-wheel-drive version. The instrument binnacle contains two vertical bar graphs, with the left side dedicated to electric charge information, and the right side providing fuel tank status. Braking is regenerative, with the heat of brake application being diverted back into the electric energy supply chain. We get a big lead in on ESPN Classic from Russo and Steele car show starring Reggie Jackson's muscle cars. Let's run down the points standings: Helio, Dixon (-10), Kanaan (-13), Wheldon, Rahal, Marco all tied. The nutty part is you have to downshift a gear or two going into the narrow end and then take the big end FLAT. Tip: everyone else seems to handle cold tires and they add an element of actually passing, etc.
Mutoh coming out of the pit and just puts it sideways in front of the pace car that was coming out for Marty. Marty just got into the wall and Mutoh put it sideways in front of the pace car at pit out. Motegi is a fuel race (Kanaan won it on fuel strategy last year) and everyone ahead of Helio will pit before it's over.
Even now the IndyCar PR posse is making plans to be busy all day until sometime in late November handling the media requests.
Although this protocol does save fuel, the F-150 shudders when shutting down, then shakes like an awakened Frankenstein when re-firing.
The morale is that if you truly need a work truck, you may not want to opt for the Supercab configuration which limits bed size to 6′ in length. And its bulk is undeniably intimidating to other drivers, especially the boors normally predisposed to usurp your right of way. If that range meshes with you daily drive, then you’ll never need to visit a gas station again.
Although the Fusion’s brakes at first seem slightly mushy, they never change their engagement point on successive applications.
It’s a full size four door family sedan, though you do lose significant trunk space to battery storage needs. Using such a small engine would have been unthinkable in previous three ton versions of the F-150, but thanks to the use of aluminum, the small displacement engine is perfectly adequate to all needs, including towing up to 11,000 pounds. This will come as a welcome benefit to those who have sampled regenerative brakes that behave inconsistently. Its exterior and interior design reveal the same flare and finesse that characterizes the entire Fusion line. A tiny bullet train pulls up and 45 clowns jump out and start checking Marco's tire temperatures. He's a rock star there, second only to the Japanese drivers (including Yasukawa who is an American of Japanese extraction). This is not a vehicle to be trifled with, and if you value the safety of you and your family, you might want to consider the F150 as your main means of transport – even if you never drop so much as a brick into that vast pickup bed. Ford blatantly emulated the grill silhouette of Aston Martin’s $300,000 DB-9 to distinguish the Fusion from anything else in the mid size segment. To cover the shortfall, Ford has provided a 4 cylinder in-line, 2 liter gas motor which kicks in when needed with 141hp and 129lb.-ft. If you want to go green, and can afford to spend liberally upfront to save in the long run, the Fusion Energi is a good Hybrid choice. But since bloggers are exceptionally gifted and witty, I'm sure he's stealing our material. Buddy Rice, in a shrewd effort to double his total air time, jokes with Wheldon as Wheldon and Tony walk back through the pits. Goodyear says Mutoh was probably on the gas and when his pit speed limiter kicked OFF, he suddenly had 650 horse power going to the rear wheels and spun it. Will Danica be invited to Letterman, which seems to be the Pinnacle of Media Success for IndyCar people, given her bailage on that team?
In any event, at refueling time, you’ll be pleased to learn that the EcoBoost motor averages 20MPG in overall driving.
Mike says there is a buzz everywhere about the merger, yada yada, blah blah blah, merger rocks, etc. If I was a driver in the, ah, bottom tier of the rides, I'd just stand next to Danica all day.
Tony is going high and Helio going low repeatedly at the same point on the track and Tony can't pull off the pass.
The result is a very handsome product from Ford that rings the styling bell with cues borrowed from Aston’s James Bond closet. If you have battery reserve, you can combine the two sources of motivation by depressing a button on the steering wheel. Those quick bursts are enough to make passing slower cars possible, a feat not necessarily feasible on electric power alone.
With both sources of propulsion in use, the Fusion Hybrid Energi will cut a 0-60mph run of 8.6 seconds and top out at 104mph. To ensure that consumers can continue to be connected in real time with their online community regardless of where they are, Mazda has developed is new operating system to be intuitive and less distracting, which leads to an overall safer and more pleasurable driving experience.The new operating system connects via Bluetooth® to a smartphone and can easily be updated to ensure users always have access to the latest features and services without the need to swap out hardware. An optional Bose® premium audio system with Centerpoint® 2 virtual surround sound playback will bring the harmonies and vocals to life for even the most discerning of audiophiles.The system also can read email and short messages aloud while the vehicle is in motion using text-to-voice technology. Short Message Service (SMS) messages can be received and shown on the touch screen monitor. The system can then articulate the messages as well as allow users to send replies using fixed phrases. A new speech recognition system also allows users to repeat and shuffle audio tracks, as well as search and select folders. When connected with a smartphone, Twitter® and Facebook updates can be read by the system with audio responses available using the Shout function. An SD card-based navigation system is optional.SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY Leads the WayThe long relationship between Mazda, the brand, and Zoom-Zoom, the anthem, is no secret.
Jinba Ittai, the oneness between car and driver, is a long-standing brand philosophy, an essence, which is built into every Mazda ever engineered – whether for leisurely drives within the cul-de-sac community or hot laps around a track. The SKYACTIV-G 2.0-liter produces 155 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and 150 lb-ft of torque at 4,000 rpm.
Carefully engineered load-transfer ensures a firm grip on the road that the driver can sense. The brake response also was improved to be even more responsive, allowing for excellent vehicle control and feel as well as a braking distance amongst the best in the segment.
Such improvements also reduce rolling resistance, all improving fuel economy.A new lightweight material that exhibits a high level of noise absorption is introduced on the dash insulator and floor mats, and insulating material also is positioned for maximum effectiveness behind the instrument panel.
These measures achieve a level of cabin quietness that is highly competitive within the compact car class, and fully comparable in a class-above vehicle.Safety Features Without CompareThe 2014 Mazda3 introduces several all-new safety systems under the umbrella known as i-ACTIVSENSE.
These technologies use sensing devices such as milliwave radars and cameras to support the driver in recognizing hazards, avoiding collisions and minimizing damage, should accidents occur.

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