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You can have an SEM account with hundreds of thousands of keywords that each have fantastic click-through rates (CTR) but without quality landing pages, you will never fully optimize your CPA and never reach your true money-making potential. I have put together some guidelines to help you create the best PPC landing pages for your AdWords account. The first step in creating quality landing pages is to establish your marketing goals to decide what you are trying to accomplish. Once you have established what you are trying to accomplish with your campaigns and ad-groups, do some competitive research.
You should not use the same message to target viewers from PPC that you would use if they came from social media or email nurturing campaigns. Use clear calls to action along with arrows and catchy text while avoiding a  “scammy” look. Use persuasive copywriting techniques and "power words" that inspire visitors to take action.
The biggest mistakes I see made in regards to testing are not allowing your tests to run for significant amounts of time and stopping after one test. Stay patient and pull in as much data as possible before declaring a winner, then use that data to set up ongoing tests against the winner to find and display the best possible advertisements and effective landing pages you can. Ben Cohen is a Customer Success Specialist at WordStream and supports WordStream’s managed services team on numerous accounts. I am finding that a great looking squeeze page with navagation on the right is working well. Squeeze pages are great for capturing emails, but pre-sell pages are the best to actually close a customer on the prodcut you are promitng then and there.
Hi Ben,Do you recommend creating landing pages directly on your web site, or using a 3rd party service? Hi Andrew,As with everything that has to do with PPC it is rather hard to give a definitive all encompassing answer. Hi , Ben It's really great post , this really helps many people in designing their landing pages . My problem is that I have done everything in this article plus a bunch more and have lousy conversions.
Hi Terry, You bring up an excellent point and I have had this arguement with colleagues a few times.
Get best conversion, traffic and sales of your product and services by using amazing landing page design from our effective landing page design collection.

Convert your business into next level by enterprise your business through our killer landing page design sample.
Do split text with our existing landing page to get better conversion then your previous landing page. Among of 40+ landing page design category below are some most popular landing page design category you can found in my landing page design website which will meet your business requirement. Capture quality leads for your business with our effective lead capture landing page design templates on affordable price. Check out your competitors’ landing pages and look up some templates to see how you can design your pages. Considering how your viewers got to your page should influence and change the messaging you use to close them. As you have the time to build a new page, add it in and slowly convert your ad groups to all have specific targeted landing pages.
Depending on your marketing goals you should consider putting your phone number at the top of the page, adding a form directly to the page, or allowing a purchase to be made directly from that page.
I personally feel that, this simple step by step procedure surely help not only to all, but also, specifically to newbies to get the awesome landing pages in order to improve the ROI.Thanks for sharing nice article!!!
I would recommend doing testing, some more testing, and then even more testing after that.If your landing pages aren't working you can choose to try a 3rd party service and test against those. For newbies it's really helpful  they can understand easily as you have explained in an step by step procedure .
I have great engagement, low bounce rate, long page durations, multiple page views, but no sales.
If you were to include social media links then make sure they launch in a new tab or simply allow visitors to like or share the page.
Our clean and creative user friendly landing page design will boost your website conversion rate up to 200%. Our landing page design collection include lead capture landing page design templates, responsive landing page design templates, Informative landing page design templates, product review type landing page design templates and business conversion landing page design templates on various niche.
Below is an example of beauty product lead capture landing page design templates for inspiration. But unlike traditional sales you do not have the flexibility to try different angles like any good salesman would. Make it easy for them to brag about their purchase and share their experiences by adding links to all types of social media.

Born and raised in Boston, Ben has not wandered far from home, having studied Marketing and Management at the University of Maine, Orono. There are a lot of great spreadsheets out there on the web that will make the analysis easier.You mainly want to look for a confidence score.
If, however, there is one page that is clearly outperforming the others, the experiment stops early.
We like to design flat and effective responsive landing page design, which load first on any modern browser, any screen device and any screen size, that’s why user don’t have to wait to see your marketing offer. Instead of leading people to your homepage, test out driving traffic to a more targeted, conversion-optimized landing page (see below). This will allow you to change and test single variables such as headlines, imagery, body text, and calls to action evenly over time. I recommend doing research on each and finding the one that matches your company the best.The biggest take away from this article is "Always Be Testing". This is good for a cases when all you need from a customer is to get him signed up for a something. When he is not out hiking New England, you can find him at America’s most beloved Fenway Park. Apart from knowing which ad campaign is working, you get lower bounce rate, higher quality score and ad rank, and most importantly, you get higher conversion rate.
But what if you have B2B web, with a products, which same time is also used by a existing customers who come in to check it's spec, etc? And this is why the only thing in article I would argue with, is this:Keep the page clean and easy to read. Keep it short and sweet and give them exactly what they are looking for.And yes, that also means SEO optimized page is not already good landing page? I guess no right? Or - do we create different pages then for SEO traffic, PPC, and product pages?
So, 3 pages for each product what you have? A lot of questions, and I guess formal answer is "that depends on your case, establish your goals, etc".

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