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As I discussed in my previous articles on Internet viral marketing, existing online networks are the primary ingredient to creating a viral message. It is worth bringing up Google's Gmail which is the #3 e-mail service in the world with about 200 million users (after Yahoo! In 2001 BMW started a new trend in advertising by making a series of branded mini films exclusively for the Internet.
Audi released a campaign called a€?The Art of the Heista€? in 2005 which included a number of online and offline elements in a truly integrated viral marketing campaign. Burger King has a campaign that has been running successfully since 2001 called The Subservient Chicken which featured hilarious website where you could type in commands for a man dressed up as a giant chicken. The distinction of the fastest-growing Internet viral marketing campaign ever goes to an Old Spice viral video that went from close to 7 million views in 24 hour to over 3 times that number within 36 hours. The producers of the hit 2008 movie Cloverfied decided on a clever marketing strategy whereby teaser trailers, posters and other media ads were created that only showed the relase date of the movie without its actual title. It is no surprise that the viral campaign for Cloverfield was as thought out and intricate as it was, because the producers had applied the same techniques to marketing the hit TV show Lost. Movie viral marketing campaigns mentions are not complete without this 1999 horror movie which was the first movie to be heavily promoted on the Internet. Do you have insights, strategies or a story about viral marketing to share with other readers? Viral Marketing Takes Work!!! What a great write-up of some of the 1000s of examples out there of companies that have used the power of viral marketing successfully! Blair Witch- The Blair Witch Project was one of the first movies to use viral marketing successfully. Office Max Elf Yourself- The last few holiday seasons, Office Max has pushed a viral campaign that allows users to “Elf” themselves. Quiksilver Dynamite Surfing- Quiksilver’s fake surfing videos generated millions of hits from youth around the world. Snakes on a Plane- Say what you will about the movie, but Snakes on a Plane generated an enormous amount of buzz online. Transport for London Do the Test- One of my favorite viral ads was the awareness test launched by the Transport for London. This is a great list of some notable viral scheme, but the Nine Inch Nails viral scheme for Year Zero was one of the most ingenious ones IMHO. What makes something viral isn't just the medium used to discuss it, but that it is being discussed at all.
Wish I would have known about this app earlier so I could sacrifice the tards that constantly superpoke me or send me fish! In looking at why some viral marketing campaigns were successful, I want to talk about how the key concepts of networks, passability and remarkability that I have discussed previously come into play.

As goofy as that sounds today, they sold the world's first web-based e-mail service to Microsoft just a year later for an astounding $400 million and Windows Live Hotmail is still is world's largest e-mail service with over 350 million users. Hotmail took off through the word of mouse of Hotmail users e-mailing people who were traditionally tied to e-mail services provided by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like America Online. BMW enrolled world class producers, directors and actors and made films that won awards and critical acclaim from the Cannes Film Festival to the New York Times to Time magazine. The premise of the campaign was the fictional staged theft of an Audi car and the general public was asked to help track down the a€?stolena€? automobile in everything from billboards to online games, TV ads and public announcements at automobile shows. To their credit, Audi has a long history of creative and interactive advertising from placing hundreds of magnetic model cars around Toronto during the city's annual film festival to launching a free iPhone game to a new online series about a rich family of Audi owners called Meet the Beckers.
Based on the tagline, "get chicken the way you like it", you can type in anything from a€?singa€? and a€?dancea€? to a€?go awaya€? or a€?eat McDonald'sa€? to provoke all sorts of responses. The Subservient Chicken concept was originally a series of TV ads that evolved into an online concept which has given it the ability to go viral and stay popular for so many years.
Well, millions of people have, thanks to a successful mutlimedia ad campaign that featured a Gorilla playing drums to the Phil Collins song, a€?In the Air Tonight.a€? Cadbury spent millions on the expensive production and campaign and ran the ad on prime time TV, cinema, billboard and print ads in the fall of 2007. Perhaps you have been able to achieve viral marketing success or want to recall another major viral marketing success or flop!
The concept is simple—upload a picture of yourself on the website, and your face will be affixed to a hilarious dancing elf.
The staged video featured a teen throwing a stick of dynamite into the water to create a wave for his friend to surf. A viral campaign to promote the dark comedy featured a mock video of a press conference talking about a death list of the serial killer.
One reason for this buzz was a viral campaign that allowed you to send your friends a personalized phone call from Samuel L. There is a link to where the BK app was explaining that the BK sacrifice app has been sacrificed. My belief is that any sales and marketing organization can benefit from these techniques in applying them to your own online marketing strategy. Finally, unless you are communicating something useful, interesting, funny or entertaining, your message will not be remarkable enough to gain a big following. Gmail used the different approach of originally releasing Gmail to a limited audience who were then allowed to invite friends to join. Over 10 million people viewed the films within 4 months of their release and BMW sales went up 12% over the previous year. What made a€?The Hirea€? series of films a success is the quality and sheer entertainment value of the films which were distributed on limited edition DVDs but spread mostly via e-mail online. In the commercials muscular actor Isaiah Mustafa appears wrapped just in a towel and delivers a suave monologue that sees him transformed into various scenes from being on a sailboat to riding a horse to being in a hot tub to serenading women.
When the ad was eventually posted online, a planned web presence and the initial groundswell helped it receive 500,000 views within a week and over 6 million by the end of that year. Cadbury sales of its Dairy Milk chocolate bar shot up 9% that year and market research showed a 20% improvement in the public perception of the company after a number of disastrous public relations mishaps. It was only when I saw the actors at the MTV Awards that I realized that the whole thing had been a farce! That’s why I’ve created this list of some of the most brilliant and successful viral campaigns.
Keep in mind, this was when the web was still developing and people were less used to these types of viral campaigns.

Even though the surfers were nothing more than actors, users still passed the video to everyone they knew, gaining Quiksilver an immense amount of exposure in the process.
Wendy Where's the beef commercial Yes I do believe that was pretty much before the time of the internet. To this day you can still invite others to Gmail as well as simply just sign up yourself for free. Note that under the covers of Google's ingenious promotional device is a quality product that offers many features that make it quite a different offering from Microsoft's Hotmail. The success of the campaign was no doubt centered around the sheer entertainment value of the carefully choreographed clip whose popularity spawned 200 Facebook fan pages and worldwide acclaim. The Blair Witch Project went on to become one of the most successful movies ever in terms of being shot for a mere $30,000 by a team of amateur film-makers and grossing over $250 million worldwide.
These are just a few of the things being promoted in an unorthodox manner through viral marketing campaigns.
The one thing that each of these has in common is that they engage their target audience and elicit a response. The Blair Witch message spread like wildfire, and the film made a profit around $250 million. Sure, the idea had been done before, but it was never personalized and it never featured Samuel ****in’ Jackson. Google as a company is heavily vested in creating many free applications that provide no end of value from Google Earth to Google Docs to the ingenious Street View facility on Google Maps. The vast majority of the money spent by movie studio Artisan once it picked up the project was a staggering $25 million in marketing the movie in order to create the facade. For those who don’t know, viral marketing is any technique that entices users to pass on a company’s marketing message to their friends and family, thus creating more exposure for the message. The campaign captured mainstream attention, and from November 20, 2007 to January 2.2008, the site received 193 million visits. Users install an app that gives them a free coupon for a Whopper after they delete (or “sacrifice”) 10 friends from their profile. Every time a user sacrificed a friend, a message would be sent to them stating their friend chose a Whopper over them.
Of course, Facebook wasn’t thrilled with the campaign, and they pulled the plug shortly after its launch.

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