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As 2014 has passed and everyone starts planning the 2015 version of themselves, an inevitable first step for many is researching and purchasing a gym membership. Setting the PriceBefore we get down to assessing what you're paying for, it's important to understand how the prices of any given gym are established.
We all know the punch line to this joke: An average of 67% of people enrolled don't actually ever show up.
This pre-enrollment membership model skews the perception of what it actually costs to run a gym, as its largley based on passive income—which, of course, can work out quite well for everyone who actually shows up. Three Points of CriteriaNow that we understand how the prices of gyms are set in general, let’s also assess what you're paying for, which requires asking the right questions. Traditional or Commercial GymsMost traditional or commercial gyms are going to have your standard sea of treadmills and cardio equipment, a full set of pin selectorized Nautilus-style machines, and then a smaller portion of the gym reserved for free weights and hopefully a place to stretch out. CrossFit AffiliatesOften the more specialized or serious your training, the more likely you’ll need a gym that caters to those needs. These services include programming tailored for your abilities as well as regular movement education and feedback.
As mentioned above, what you get with a traditional gym membership is access to the facilities, and you pay extra for specific programming and movement correction in the form of personal training. Aerobics-style and spinning classes are often a major draw at traditional gyms, which technically qualify as training services. But, as I mentioned above, each CrossFit gym is its own freestanding business, which means that each gym owner can put their own individual stamp on the program of CrossFit—but it also means that the quality and experience of training services will vary from gym to gym. Unlike traditional gyms, CrossFit gyms are a communitarian fitness experience—meaning that participants interact directly throughout large portions of class, which can and often does lead to meaningful and supportive relationships between people who might otherwise never have met.
For anyone interested there is a longer comments thread on the CrossFit Reddit where I respond to other questions about this article.
I totally agree with these comments, except, I can't wrap my head around what exactly would justify a box charging 230 a month.
Whenever curious friends or family ask me how much my gym costs, their typical response is surprise at our $230* a month price tag. Therefore, these gyms must account for what becomes a much smaller carrying capacity by charging a higher rate and actually delivering an experience that warrants the price tag.
This encompasses everything from the equipment, layout, and amenities like showers, childcare, and parking.
When I started CrossFit I was unemployed and I feel so very fortunate this was an option (but then again I go to the best box). The owner and head coach is Anthony Preischel, and he and the other trainers are EXCELLENT.
It is cheaper then planet fitness because I go at minimum 4 x per week and I look forward to going and I have been do it for 9 months.
If you want to workout by yourself on equipment, and plan your own workout then go to a globogym. I was currently dealing with this same issue of should I fork out the big bucks and go to cross fit. This set-up plays to the "rationally minded" consumer making assumptions about their behavior and motivation levels upwards of a year in advance, and allows the gym to assume reliable passive income for the next 12 months, regardless of the activity or success of the member. In effect, gyms are able to drastically discount their rates for the handful of people that come to workout.

But from the perspective of a business owner, this is not at all the way I’d want to run my business. These kinds of gyms invariably require more space and equipment per person, as well as a dedicated staff of instructors to make the whole thing work. This list will help you walk through what is and is not important to you when ponying up the cash to join a gym. The goal is to fill the gym with lots of low-skill equipment so people can mostly figure out for themselves how to press the Start button or push the lever away from their chest.
At CrossFit affiliates, we start with the stripped necessities for our strength and conditioning programs, and build out from there. Generally speaking, the gym at large or the particular trainer will pick one simple piece of equipment (Bosu balls) or a body part (abs) and then fill 20 to 60 minutes with techno music, cheerleading, and lots of synchronized arm waving and kicking. We’ve found that by providing a framework and exercise methodology, people want to show up. While CrossFit has been criticized for quality control, I have yet to see an alternative worldwide fitness movement or chain gym business where all the coaches are considered completely safe, effective, and efficient. While more intangible, the criteria of atmosphere is no less important than the other two and can make or break your experience anywhere. From my perspective, there are far worse things a person can spend their time and money on. I joined many CrossFit boxes in the past due to work relocations, and it always took me to go through quite a few of them to find the right fit.
The reason Crossfit is so popular is it changes every class, you have individualized instruction, and there is a sense of community. As far as price is concerned, if it prevents you from having to take medication and buying oversize clothing and increases your health, then it's worth it. I am currently a student (Kinesiology) and can say that you do need to find people who a) know what they are doing and b) appreciate your business.
A significant percentage of people who train at CrossFit affiliates came through our doors because they felt like their traditional gym didn’t give them enough. The idea is that we’re able to reinvest into our families, coaches, and the business itself instead of lining the pockets of CrossFit Headquarters. That being said, there are exceptions to everything and the place near you might have everything you could ever want to use or do.
This means we actually have a program that the majority of our membership follows (more on this below), and we emphasize the actual workouts over everything else. There are approximately 10,000 independently owned and operated CrossFit affiliates, and basic probability theory dictates that you’ll come across the normal distribution of quality. Unless the gym is getting top-line bars, bumpers and a shitload of square footage, then I see 230 to be abso-fucking outrageous. Just compare rent in Manhattan or Brooklyn to rent in a place like Utah, and the difference is clear. I can send you my gym's business model if you think a CrossFit gym is the path to riches. I hummed over going to start Crossfit for a few months as if you had a partner the rate dropped by about $100 (anyone else have a box that does that too?) but alas, people were scared when I said Crossfit!
They would rather pool together with other people for a cost that’s higher than traditional gym dues but less than personal training and that provides directed feedback and support.

This benefits consumers, since we get to support the people with which we’re working directly.
Based on the chain, there might be additional amenities such as showers, a pool, and childcare, which may play a major factor in your decision.
Much of our equipment, such as bumper plates and climbing ropes, are simply not found in traditional gyms and we actually encourage you to use and (reasonably!) abuse the equipment.
But consider the difference between exercise and training, which may cause you to evaluate their efficacy.
Some remarkable and some awful gyms populate the far ends of the spectrum, but the majority fall somewhere in the middle. I have a great community and great coaches who haveHelped me through previous back pain and joint problems.
So, I couldn't afford it alone- I actually picked up a second job for a month seasonally to pay for four months and the beginners class of Crossfit. The benefit for affiliates is that as we grow, we’re able to do crazy things like subsidize health insurance for our employees and pay livable wages. Take a moment to assess your current situation using the three criteria above and see how your facility stacks up. They made it possible for me to be active and safe, and compared to the cost of being in pain- it is 100% worth it to me. However, if I had more disposable income and I was unaware of how to become healthier, I think it would be worth the money. My blog and others like it are exactly trying to help affiliates that are starting out and trying to figure out better, more professional ways to run their gyms.
We've gotten great feedback from around the world and hope that the quality of gyms continue to improve. Once the initial investment is made in weights, kettle bells, bars, dumb bells the maintenance on this stuff has to be minimal. Every time I go they know my name, every time I go I get a great workout, everyone is cheering each other on. There is a ton of equipment to maintain, including stuff with electrical components (treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, etc) and staff.
Your average box has very low maintenance equipment outside of maybe the Concept 2 rowers and the prices continue to climb.
Another pro to say my 24 Hour Fitness membership is that I've been able to use it all over the country -- for no additional fee. Since all Crossfit boxes are independently owned and operated, membership is non-transferable.
That means if you move, relocate for work or are on vacation, you're stuck having to pony up more money (because guaranteed the locked in rate you had is cheaper than a new rate somewhere else) for a new membership or a drop in fee somewhere. However, the pricing is nuts and has become cost prohibitive for a lot of people -- but then again, maybe that's the goal.

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