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In Windows Live Movie Maker 2012, exporting WLMP project file to video format extends from WMV to MP4. There is no other option to export WLMP file to video on Ma but to export WLMP file on Windows 7 or Windows XP in Windows Live Movie Maker. Free download the professional WLMP Converter – Total Video Converter (for Windows, for Mac) and then launch the software. Pick videos, photos, and songs to have AutoMovie create an effective slideshow-styled movie for you in under a minute.
Taking clues from iMovie (part of Apple’s iLife suite of digital lifestyle apps), Windows Live Movie Maker allows you to edit and share videos via a simple interface that lets you easily create titles, captions, credits, and add music to your photos and videos.
I recently used Windows Live Movie Maker to create a movie out of 50 photos, three video clips, and a music soundtrack in 30 seconds using the AutoMovie feature in Windows Live Movie Maker. You can publish your video to YouTube or Facebook, save it in high definition (or a smaller format), transfer it to a mobile device, burn it on a DVD, or email it to a friend. With Windows Live Movie Maker, the Windows Live Essentials suite now offers an apps and services combo that is comparable to Apple’s iLife + MobileMe solution. It depends on how you look at it Envomni, Movie Maker as a product (with an AutoMovie feature) has been around for years.
Should you wish to view your home movies on any DVD player you more often than not find that you can’t do this, unless you have a DVD Camcorder.
So after spending many days on converting my home videos into lots of different formats hoping to find one that will be read by a general-purpose DVD player I get nowhere. As a long time xp user, I’ve edited all my videos for presentations using windows movie maker. Have you ever wanted to convert a clip from a video file into a GIF image?, say for use as an animated Avatar image or for publishing on a website, etc. This post will present a relatively quick and easy method to convert any video file to GIF at the press of a button, without having to export your video into individual image frames first and without a lot of mucking around.
If you just want to convert a segment (or segments) or a larger video file, this article will begin by describing how to do that as well.
To begin with, we are assuming that you have a video file that you would like to convert to an animated GIF image. Before you start: since most GIFs are short snippets and not what you would consider full-fledged videos, we assume that you need to clip a short segment (or segments) of your video first that you want to convert to GIF. Note on clipping: GIFs are by nature should be small and compact, in order to be easily distributable and light when used in websites and the like. Step 1: We will use Windows Live Movie Maker, a free video editor from Microsoft, to clip the segments you want from the larger video. Step 2: add your video into Windows Live Movie Maker (click on the ‘Add Videos and Photos’ button in the ribbon). Step 4: use the slider at bottom to isolate the segments you want within each part you created, and the ‘set start point’ and ‘set end point’ tools to hone in on the segments you want within each.
Step 7: load your WMV from step 5 (you can drag and drop it onto the interface) then select “Picture – GIF Animation Formats” from the profile dropdown menu.

A note on bitrates: my suggestion, try a bitrate of 10 or 12 and see what file size you get, if it is too high you might think of redoing it using a smaller bitrate, if it is small enough you might redo using a higher bit rate.
I like that GIF is supported by almost every computer out there with any graphics capability, but its an old standard and the file size can get pretty big. I edited the video and followed this exactly, but when I go to put it into the converter it says that it can’t add it. This might be a bit late, but when you save it, you’re actually saving it as a project.
In this video, Mahalo Windows expert Sean Hewitt gives you an overview of Windows Movie Maker. This program is included with the Windows Live Essentials Pack and allows you to make movies quickly and simply.
Please remember that using others' images on the web without their permission is not very nice.
It may contain movie transitions, music, and effects as well as links to digital photos or videos. Is it possible to convert WLMP file to video like AVI, WMV, MP4, MPG, WebM, FLV, 3GP or convert WLMP file to audio like MP3? You can save WLMP files to WMV or MPEG-4 H.264 Video in High-definition 1080p or 720p, Widescreen (480p), or Standard-definition. It packs in an automatic movie creation feature (iMovie lacks this), a simplified interface, rich editing capabilities, dozens of effects and transitions, and a range of sharing and publishing options. Depending on your hardware, you can auto-preview transitions like cross-fade, dissolve, pixelate, and shatter by hovering over the effect and watching it in real time.
You first need to download a tiny installer to pick individual apps from the Windows Live Essentials suite. However, whereas Windows Live Essentials and associated online services are provided free of charge, Apple preloads iLife on every new Mac for free (retail version sells at $79), but the MobileMe cloud part is provided as a $99 a year subscription. Those who prefer managing their media in a more elegant and integrated fashion are already thinking about switching, anyway.
After my Dell xps m1210 motherboard crashed and died after it’s second replacement, I took the leap to buy a MacBook. If your video is already clipped and you want to convert it to GIF in it’s entirety, skip to STEP 6; otherwise start with Step 1. Next, decide on how many segments of the video you want, then move the slider beneath the video and use the ‘Split’ tool in the ribbon to cut the video into however many initial segments that you want (you will later refine these segments using the ‘set start point’ and ‘set end point tools’). Note that the slider under the video will move across all parts when you move it, so keep your eye on the thumbnails on the right to see where you are.
If you want to cut out different clips and convert to separate GIFs then that is even easier; just do each segment separately. Format Factory also creates GIFs, but with a max resolution that is a lot smaller (which actually might not matter much because the higher the resolution the bigger the file size, and you want to keep GIFs small in general). Thanks for sharing, but I must say I prefer to just run my video through a converter rather than have to hand pick each individual frame myself.

Its easy to use, many video formats are supported and there are a lot options to reduce the file size of your resulting Gif. Sean has spent most of his career in computer construction and repair, working intimately with every version of Windows (from 3.1 to Windows 7) in the process. Yes, Microsoft still has Windows Live Movie Maker, but it doesn’t come out of box for Windows 10 and according to Microsoft Windows live Movie Maker are no longer supported. In fact, it’s dead easy following the detailed guide below to solve all the headache and time-consuming issues. Whichever way you look at it, things will only get better for PC users as Microsoft perfects and tweaks individual apps in the Windows Live Essentials suite over time. I don’t know if this was even before iMovie had it, but MS is actually way late on that catch-up.
I save stress troubleshooting, save long term costs, and the resale value after 3 years is double that of a Dell, Hp, toshiba or lenovo. Note that the installer downloaded might include other Windows Live components; make sure to select Movie Maker and not anything else (unless you want them, of course). While you can still install and run Movie Maker in Windows 10, it just feels old and doesn’t match up with any of the new Windows 10 UI look and feel.GoPro, famous because of their action camera and all the thrilling videos you see from YouTube. Movie maker 2 was probably the easiest editing program known to man, but once projects got slightly complex with photos, video, audio and transitions, the crashes were intolerable (using 2.56ghz core 2duo, 4g ram Dell xps m1210). Once you have it open, you can add effects and animations then export your video to Facebook, YouTube or a DVD. While it’s designed for editing GoPro footage, it doesn’t limit to only editing GoPro videos. That said, there are some features you will not be able to use if your footage isn’t recorded by a GoPro camera. For those of you don’t have a GoPro video footage, the first step “View & Trim” can be skipped.
Because GoPro studio doesn’t allow you to trim any video that are shot without using their camera. But, this doesn’t prevent you to actually trim your footage, you can still trim down the video as you wish in the second step “Edit”. Just simply drag the video you want in the timeline, find the “Mark In” and “Mark Out” to limit what to be shown in the final output. To trim a video into multiple clips you need to drag the original video select a different part of the video and cut them by “Insert” into the timeline.You can also specify how the transition is between videos. Overall, GoPro studio is a decent free video editing tool that are alternative to Windows Live Movie Maker.

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