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According to the Coca-Cola Fun Facts page, over 10,000 Coke products are drank every second of every day around the globe.
How did a wounded Civil War veteran create one of the biggest marketing successes of modern history? The story of Coca-Cola begins with wounded Civil War colonel John Pemberton who first formulated the mixture under the name “Coca Wine.” at a drugstore in Columbus, Georgia. In lieu of his father, Charley Pemberton filed for incorporation of the Coca-Cola Company in 1888.
Though the company did not stay in Charley’s grasp for long, this is the same Coca-Cola Company that is in existence today.
Coca-Cola’s status as a marketing icon has earned the brand a privileged spot in the annals of American history. Unlike similarly antiquated brands, Coca-Cola has always prided itself as an American tradition. Because of this, Coca-Cola offers collectors an uncommon commodity – a historically unchanged brand that traverses the movements and trends in American advertising. Whether it’s the taboo nature of the orginal formula, the timelessness of the brand’s aesthetic or simply Coca-Cola’s large focus on being “classic,” collectors have been flocking to the cola giant for years, with little signs of slowing down. 1889 – The reproduction above of a vintage 1880’s Coca-Cola sign features the original logo. 1890 – This unique, swirly logo was used for only one year, on a calendar produced by the Coca-Cola company. 1894 – The world’s first painted wall advertisement for Coca-Cola in Cartersville, Georgia on the side of the Young Brothers Pharmacy. 1930s – It’s a little hard to imagine an era of American history when you didn’t instantly have information about the weather or temperature on hand. 1934 – This sign shows the sideways rectangle logo that Coke used from the 1890s all the way through the 1940s. 1942 – Coca-Cola’s metal signs became even more ubiquitous at diners, filling stations and bars. 1952 – The Coca-Cola sign here shows the slogan “Drink Coca Cola” combined with an image of the iconic bottle. 1960 – In 1958, Coca-Cola changed their logo ever-so-slightly to be included in a fishtail type shape in place of the forward-on or angled rectangle. 2003 – In line with the animated, textured design trends of the early 2000s, Coca-Cola revamped their wave design, nearly thirty years old, in 2003.
2007 – These days, Coca-Cola’s logo and signs have adopted a more simple, flat design. Video marketing is only just starting to peak as business tool, with big name brands and newbies alike finally coining onto how powerful and effective it can be.
Of course, there’s a time and a place for video marketing and the same applies to the contrary, but as part of an overall marketing strategy it’s a proven fact that video marketing really is of crucial importance and gigantic value.
What would you say if we were to tell you that YouTube is in fact the world’s second biggest search engine? According to recent studies, when a person sees a video depicting the services you offer or the products you sell, they have a 75% better understanding of what it is you do. And just to throw another statistic your way, no less that 25% of all web surfers are known to follow up on the information contained within the video ads they see – vastly more than those breezing past banners and popups. The Internet is so cluttered and congested that it’s difficult to remember even a tiny fraction of the information we’re bombarded with on the average day. It’s estimated that only one in every five visitors to your site will read your content right to the end, but at least four out of every five will watch a short video. And finally, if a video hits home with any of the visitors to your site, it is a proven fact that they will be infinitely more likely to share it with their friends and family than a simple block of text.
Seeing as 96% of smartphone users text message, and 98% of text messages are read compared to 29% of tweets and 12% of Facebook posts, SMS marketing is naturally a rich field of potential for digital marketers.
SMS marketing company TextSprout published the following infographic to explore the successes of text marketing.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
Without delving into too much detail this infographic gives some good starting points for using the internet to market your business. To help get your clients enthusiastic about your items, you should run unique deals through public internet promotion. Jon Morris, CEO of Rise Interactive, needed help in his quest to becoming a more fashionable dresser. Today we will tell you really important facts about the SMM and why we shouldn’t underestimate it.
The SMM works great for small and medium business, which means that many people can take advantage of it.

The Social Media Marketing is really necessary, because more and more peopel prefer to contact different firms and stores using social networks. From a technical point of view, it is evolving from merely a “search” engine into what can rather be called an “answer” engine.
Previously, search engines crawl and index a particular web page and look at it as a mere string of text elements. Digital Marketing Philippines provides you with these amazing facts and statistics to give you a better understanding of Semantic SEO and how it can help you with your digital marketing efforts in the near future.
In semantic search, the SERPs will return better snippets of information that will provide more useful and more reliable information to the search user. As a digital marketer utilizing these elements of Semantic SEO, focus will go beyond keyword matching but more on developing quality content that will make it a better authority of the subject and a bigger influencer among search users looking for the same piece of information. Social Media Authority Building – authority is developed by having a strong social media presence where you can develop and build your audience.
Content is king and Semantic SEO will still don the king’s crown in this new era of semantic search.
Lead generation will also be a top goal for content marketing, just like what 44% of respondents in another survey from eMarketer are saying. Hummingbird is another evolution to Google’s search algorithms that will push it further towards ultimately achieving the framework for a semantic web. This will make the search engine go beyond its basic function as a “search” engine and moving towards ultimately becoming a tool that will provide answers. Semantic search will go beyond mobile devices, as it can and will be part of the Internet of Things (IoT) or the Internet of Everything (IoE). This coincides with information from another data group, ABI Research, which reported that by the year 2020, there will be 30 billion devices that will be part of the Internet of Things, up from the existing 10 billion devices already available in the market today. As mentioned earlier, social signals will play a major role in how you can develop authority and rank higher in future search results. Through social media engagement, trust and good relationship with your targeted audiences will be developed.
The future of search is about providing real answers and not just matches to keywords and phrases. Semantic search, the future of search, is happening now with the advent of Hummingbird, Instant Answers, Google Now and more extensive use of Google’s Knowledge Graph – and as a digital marketer you should be ready to engage in this new marketing arena with Semantic SEO.
This French Wine Coca nerve tonic (containing trace amounts of cocaine) was registered in 1885.
The logo, the shape of the bottles and the flavor are nearly the same as your great great grandparents would have seen, purchased and drank when they were young. This unique characteristic has contributed to highly-valued antique signs which routinely sell for over $1000.00 on virtual and brick and mortar auctions.
While no official record of signs bearing this logo exists, the discovery of a sign featuring this logo would no doubt leave the discoverer a very wealthy woman or man. Before smartphones, the internet and even widespread television adoption, one of the best ways drug stores and soda shops could service their clientele was by providing the temperature on a sponsored sign.
The sign shown above features a popular campaign that used images of children to illustrate that adults, involved in business, and children alike need to stop for refreshment. Also, the slogan created for this campaign seems a little self-aware as the brand’s aggressive marketing strategy from day one seemed to define how important signs would be for the company. It has gone through a few revisions since then, but aside from the logo has been the longest running design element since its inception. The company added a yellow shock pattern and small bubbles to the wave on their signs which accompanied the bubbly TV advertising campaigns.
In addition to the introduction of a more streamlined wave, Coca-Cola began to recycle some of their classic signage and printed advertisements to appeal to the brand’s nostalgic fandom. At the same time however, there are those that remain adamant video marketing is nothing more than a crude, brash and far too in-your-face approach to marketing for anyone to take it seriously.
Unbelievably, this is as true as it gets – rivals like Yahoo and Bing simply don’t get a look-in.
Written marketing pushes and pictures are all well and good, but seeing a product in the flesh on a video is second only to the real deal. That’s precisely why it’s so interesting to learn that over 80% of web surfers remember video content they’ve watched, above and beyond all other material. Keep the videos short, to the point and ideally family-friendly to stand the best possible chance of going viral…at least in a limited capacity.
Does it annoy you or do you appreciate it when you receive a marketing text message on your cell phone from a company? Start your decision-making by looking at your manufacturer’s slogan, Maria and Dennis explain.
This change is already happening right before our eyes and is slowly but surely being integrated into algorithms – practically changing how search will be done in the future. The second example provides more useful and relevant information beyond keyword matching, including information about the author, the author’s influence in social media circles, and the results of reviews and what others say about this source – all in one quick view.

As an owner of a particular piece of content, snippets of your information will be provided in search results, allowing for better brand awareness and interaction with your targeted audiences. Getting more clicks means more targeted traffic heading your way, which is far better than ranking high in search results that no one clicks on. Interaction with your social media audience will generate more social signals associated with your content, thus establishing it as an authority and a source of quality information people consume through social media. When you publish high quality and relevant content, publishers and other authors will syndicate or link your content, further increasing your authority as a major source of information for that particular theme or subject. With changes in search algorithms and a growing focus on content marketing, up to 46% of businesses will be formalizing their content marketing strategies according to Unisphere Research.
With Hummingbird, the focus on search results will go beyond matching pages with just a few keywords used for making the query.
Search queries will become more conversational, just like someone asking an expert about information they need in a conversational and engaging exchange of information.
In Star Trek, characters talk and ask Computer directly for information on their mobile whatchamacallit in a conversational tone and receiving an accurate answer in likewise manner. The IoT excludes existing internet-enabled devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops, but rather takes into account all other gadgets and devices that will soon be wirelessly interconnected. As a digital marketer, it would be to your greatest advantage to start mastering Semantic SEO and play a significant part in the Internet of Things.
When you develop this level of trust through Semantic SEO, there is greater than average likelihood that targeted audiences will follow your lead, know more about your brand, and eventually avail of your products and services, just like what 81% of respondents from a Market Force study will do.
It goes beyond matching as it will also take into account the meaning of the words in the proper context, the opinion and sentiment of other search users towards this piece of information, location, how up-to-date or fresh this information is, and how credible the author is a source of reliable information.
This antique Coca-Cola sign uses the theme of cold to remind people how delicious a cold Coca-Cola will be. As you can see, the signs of the 1970s took on a longer design in line with the contoured wave. The power of YouTube is simply impossible to lay down in words on paper, but suffice to say its popularity alone speaks volumes for the power of online video.
As a business owner or digital marketer, one must have a clear understanding of what constitutes semantic search and how it will affect the way SEO will operate in the near future.
When someone makes a search, it also creates a pattern of text elements, and what the search engine does is return web pages that best match this same pattern according to rules set by the engine’s algorithms.
The benefits for you will go beyond providing you with better search ranking, but will focus on providing you with better Click Through Rates (CTR) of up to 25% more clicks based on Google’s own statistics.
That is why it is important, as Google’s own Matt Cutts pointed out, to give Google Authorship some focus and provide high quality content that is relevant and more importantly, read by targeted audiences.
From these businesses, 68% will be making use of their content as a gateway towards better engagement and interaction with their targeted audiences. What it will do is to take into account the meaning of the whole query, trying to understand its context and meaning so it can return pages with information that the user is actually trying to look for.
This is a very important factor to consider when trying to establish Semantic SEO for your business, more so as a greater number of people are relying more and more on their smartphones, tablets and other web-enabled mobile devices. In semantic search, particularly with Hummingbird, performing the same conversational query through your mobile devices will soon become a reality in the near future. According to Gartner, these types of units will grow from the previous 0.9 billion in 2009 to a staggering 26 billion by the year 2020.
In semantic search, what others are saying about your piece of content will matter on how the search engine will rank your website. It delivers the information more about SEO through its detailed content and eye-catching design. At this time, “Drink Coca-Cola” was replaced with “Enjoy Coca-Cola” perhaps an unintentional homage to the amusement the brand provides beyond it’s namesake beverage.
First and foremost would be an understanding of the definitions beginning with the basic workings of a traditional search engine. This really puts a whole new light to word-of-mouth, for the reviews and social signals generated by your content is actually the equivalent of word-of-mouth interaction in this new world of Semantic SEO. Check out our Digital Marketing Services today and let us help you in achieving positive and profitable results for your business. Instead of patterns, algorithms will be reprogrammed to provide search results based on the meaning of the words used for the query. It will try to understand exactly what the user is trying to look, providing a better and more accurate search result.

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