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If you’re not familiar with Java JNI, you may need to read about JNI first in order to understand the code.
If you want to work with ffmpeg video and audio files forget about buying any cheap commercial convertors (which are probably using FFmpeg anyway) and just take the plunge into the world of FFmpeg. FFmpeg will do everything you want with audio and video but installing it and getting to grips with the command line options can be daunting. The FFmpeg source code compiles and runs on all platforms, but getting the latest build with all the latest codecs and libraries compiled for your operating system can be troublesome. For OSX use the Homebrew package manager to compile and install the latest version of FFmpeg.
Homebrew is dependent on XCode, the Apple development application, before you can install any packages with Homebrew install the free XCode app from the Appstore. If you will be streaming video using the Apple Darwin Streaming Server you will need to hint your video files, install the gpac package using Homebrew (OSX) or apt-get (Linux) to obtain the MP4Box utility for hinting video files.
All being well type ffmpeg from your command line and check that the software has installed sucessfully.
You see this a lot on YouTube and Facebook, people actually want to share audio so they create a video that consists of one still image for the duration of the song. I am going to hint this too so I can add it to my Quicktime server and RTSP stream it (click the image for a demo).

Now lets add a series of images to the video to make it slightly more interesting. This is a very quick method for creating a slide show type video from a series of images. Forcing FFmpeg to use a framerate of 1 frame per second (-force_fps), our images are shown with a 1 second delay between them and our resulting video at 1fps is relatively small, 4Mb or so, not much larger than the MP3 file. For a longer delay use two images that are identical together which  would create a 2 second gap, 4 images a 4 second gap etc.
Photoshop is great for creating titles quickly using the video timeline to render text and images into 25fps image sequence frames that we can quickly convert into video using ffmpeg.
Don’t forget to hint the files afterward for RTSP streaming with Apples Darwin Streaming media server. This also gives us the interesting option of combining what we have learnt creating videos from image files, to create on the fly content for live Darwin streams using PHP and FFmpeg – more on that in another post! The app will detect the input video file’s resolution and codec information through interface provided by FFmpeg. Note that the code below is not completed, you can download the entire code at the end of the post. The code below is extracted from the app source code, which is provided for download at the end of this tutorial.
Here I will create a very simple list of the most common tasks you will want to do with FFmpeg video including command line options showing how to do it.

I am working mostly with Linux (Ubuntu) and OSX and found the easiest way to install the latest version of FFmpeg and libraries was to compile the source code myself. I first compiled FFMpeg on an Amazon EC2 Micro instance and the compilation took well over an hour. It is a big application and around a 2GB download so visit the Apps Store and go for a coffee. I have done this before with full blown video apps and its a long process for a relatively simple requirement.
Note that the compilation process is processor intensive, if you are doing this on a live server do it out of hours so as not to affect other applications.
I am going to create a bash script on my Mac to use FFmpeg to encode all MP4 files in a folder to a new MP4 folder.

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