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Call or email each potential client to make them aware of your services, tailoring your pitch to suit. When I started freelancing almost ten years ago, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter hadn’t yet been launched. Getting a positive result from cold calling is a fantastic feeling – as though you have created something from nothing. I have been a freelance telemarketer for 9 years and used cold calling for 9 years before that. When consulting with moms who need to work from home around their unpredictable schedules- I often suggest they look into freelance writing. These Freelance Writing Jobs for Beginners will provide you with experience, knowledge and an understanding of the job. Regardless of how you find work as a freelance writer, it is an excellent way to make a part-time income from home. Thank you so much for this list, it’s a great way to start and I find it extremely helpful. Thanks for sharing the list Miranda for freelance writer beginner.You can also add Text-Writers in your list which is also a good place to get started as a freelance writer. Yes, cold calling can take some courage and might have a low success rate, but it could just produce that single magic client that you need to get started.
You follow up the ones who say yes, providing them with all the right information and an excellent impression of yourself. However, you may make small connections (‘Yes, why not come into our offices for a quick chat”) which you can nurture into work over a longer period. You might only get a positive response from one in twenty contacts, and those few leads may not turn into actual clients.

It does take perseverance and faith in your own abilities, but these are two essential traits for any freelancer anyway.
I started Freelance Parents to help other mums and dads find the same type of family-friendly work that I've enjoyed for the last eight years.
Although becoming an online content writer can initially be intimidating- it is actually very rewarding and worth the step out of your comfort zone. The signup is simple and straightforward and they have plenty of work to be done right now. I did some fairly thorough research into local digital marketing agencies and tailored an email to each of them. I got a tatty old phone book (my local business directory), made a list of businesses I thought I could probably work for, and simply rang them up and asked whether they outsourced the services I was offering.
People’s fear of the phone is without doubt the reason I get the majority of my business. When beginning an online career as a freelance writer I would suggest gaining some experience with the following companies. Instead of splitting the pay between you and the content site, why not collect it all yourself?
For many, it can come completely out of nowhere when a paying customer builds up a balance of hundreds of dollars owed and then you never hear from them again. Miranda is living out her dream, working from home to be with her children while actually making money doing something she loves! You will need to attach a checking account so if you have a business checking- I would link that one. I had already looked at a couple of these, but now I feel more confident about signing up after reading this post.

One of them invited me for a meeting because my skillset was of interest, although they didn’t have any current work. Most, if not all of your target market will have a phone so to ignore that direct approach completely in favour of sitting safely behind your keyboard seems crazy to me. When you are ready to find your own private clients there will be a variety of places you can seek work as a freelance writer.
While it would be encouraged to use a binding contract when working for private clients- most writers choose not to use one. Although, there may still be a way around linking your checking account and then opting for PayPal to send you a check in the mail if you prefer. What experience do I need to have and what do I need to know and do to get this kind of work?
After our meeting (at which they asked me to critique their newly designed website – eek!), they passed on my details to an agency whom they knew were looking for freelancers like me. After submitting your “test” and information to Blogmutt, how long did it take for them to get back with you?
Not only that- they also can’t find the benefit as the process of enforcing a written agreement would likely be too expensive and timely to even bother.

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