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All of Subway’s restaurants are owned by franchisees, with about half of the company’s growth overseas. The fast food industry has gotten an unexpected boost from the recession, most surprisingly in non-traditional demographics. With its newfound status as the world’s largest restaurant chain, Subway is clearly on a roll.
MDG Advertising is a full-service South Florida advertising agency, with offices in Florida and New York, that specializes in developing targeted franchise marketing solutions, exceptional online executions, and solid branding and media buying strategies that give franchises a real competitive advantage.
Our core capabilities include advertising, branding, creative, digital marketing, media planning and buying, public relations, Web design and development, email marketing, social media marketing, lead generation strategies and SEO.  To view MDG’s portfolio, click here.
Franchise Marketing – What’s the Difference Between a Franchise and a Business Opportunity? You may be ready to spread the ink on a contract with a franchisor who has a national franchise marketing campaign that is the talk of the business world. Franchise Marketing Systems strives to successfully rank your franchise website on the first pages of Google search. More and more, franchise brands are embracing email marketing to help them on a number of fronts.
Fragmentation is more the rule than the exception, so clear and consistent messaging, while hugely important to the overall brand, is a significant ongoing challenge.
The appropriate application of technology to business needs allows templates and content to be developed at the corporate-level and then either pushed down to the franchise level for independent sending, or transparently sent from the parent-level on behalf of the individual locations.
Like any good email campaign, you will need email addresses to which you can target campaigns. There are a number of ways you can go about incentivizing associates and customers alike to begin building your list.
Report back the results via an intranet, email to associates, or daily or weekly text message and this is a fairly low impact way to increase brand engagement internally and to build your email subscriber database quickly. As soon as you begin to collect email addresses, you need to send to your database on a consistent schedule. These dynamic components of the email can be created at the parent-level and “locked down” for franchisee locations to have included in an email without needing to know how to code anything, or again simply sent on behalf of store locations. Triggered emails will make up a small percentage of your overall send volume, but generate a large portion of revenue from email.
Last but not least, be sure to report back to managers and associates how the email program is performing.
It is also important to report back the value of having a customer’s email address, so that managers and associates understand the importance of collecting more email addresses. Finally, setting benchmarks to display next to the store’s metrics are important so the location can understand if their numbers are good, average, or need improvement.

Get off to a good start by including your franchise locations in the planning of the email marketing campaigns and content that will promote their location. Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Marketing Land. MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists. SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23.
Subway had 33,749 restaurants around the world at the end of 2010, compared to McDonald's 32,737 units at year end. Subway has more than 1,000 locations throughout Asia, and it just opened its first store in Vietnam.
A recent American Express survey showed quick service restaurants saw a bigger rise in spending by ultra-affluent consumers than any other restaurant type in 2010.
MDG Advertising handles creative, media, and interactive marketing for Coverall, one of the world’s leading commercial-cleaning franchising companies, with a global network of more than 90 support centers and 9,000 franchisees. It’s broadcasting the message of the product or service faster than a Japanese bullet train. Over time, our SEO will cause your franchise website to show up organically for search terms relative to your industry. Often, franchisers deal with a number of different types of franchisees — single location, multi-location, multi-state, small corporations, partnerships, solely owned, highly sophisticated, unsophisticated, etc. Franchisees can then reap the benefits of driving traffic to their stores from these emails, with little investment in time or resources on their part. Why not create a contest program to challenge each franchise store location, or even associate, to compete for acquiring the most new valid email addresses? Because customers are on their phones when in store, allow them to text in to join the email program – perhaps in order to secure a discount on their next purchase. Begin by immediately triggering a welcome email or series to set expectations with your subscribers, and to reward them with any offer they may be expecting for signing up. Include dynamic content to personalize the emails by franchise location for the subscriber. Use email to notify your subscribers when you have employment opportunities, new products, new store openings, or in-store events. Set expectations clearly by immediately sending a welcome series to new subscribers after they sign up in store. Leveraging her 14 years of experience and thought leadership in digital direct marketing, she and her team lead email and SMS strategy, integrations, and campaign execution for flagship brands like Crocs, Helzberg Diamonds, MathWorks, Cabela's, Life is Good, and TITLE Boxing.
Brazil, Mexico, India, China, Russia and France are other high-growth nations for the chain.

It’s all you can do to wait until you can be a part of the branding effort with your own local franchise outlet.
No more paying for ad space with Google, when people search for terms similar to your niche, you will rank organically in the first pages of Google allowing you to save money over time. Train customer service associates to ask for email addresses when the customer is checking out, or use keypads or tablets to let customers enter their email address in directly. Create a simple form that integrates with your email service provider to collect email addresses and immediately sends a welcome email. This not only reduces or prevents fraud, but also allows you to track redemption of exactly what was purchased by a customer. Include dynamic content to notify subscribers of point balances, rewards attained, expiration notices or progress toward the next reward. Furthermore, use email as a way to communicate any “extras” you offer, like free WiFi, community partnerships, extended hours, etc. In her spare time she runs half marathons, cheers on her beloved Royals, and drinks copious amounts of coffee while trying to exhaust her eight year-old daughter, five year-old boy, and one year-old golden retriever. Start generating franchise leads with organic traffic and see the results in your business today! In addition, you may want to ask for ZIP code or for the subscriber to select a preferred store location to send relevant content after sign up. One of the easiest places to promote this is on product, including drinks, bags, boxes, etc. By creating an in-feed collect form and promoting it with paid media, you can build your email database very quickly. Depending on your business model, in some cases you may also wish to include associate information such as a photo or name in the email as well. This redemption data in-turn allows you to further personalize their promotions in addition to tracking their purchase frequency. Next, focus on new triggers that can be created based on your customers’ interaction with your brand.
Your eyes may be on national, the magic of a national tide may be sweeping you away but your future and the place where your success lives or dies is local.

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