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You’ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing.
He's talking about the application in the real-world and bemoaning why it is still taught in universities and colleges. Since our focus at Smart Insights is developing digital marketing strategies, my arguments are based on developing a digital channel-specific SWOT, but my five arguments showing the value of SWOT apply equally to development of overall marketing strategy.
So, a technique that can help inform strategy and communicate it more effectively has to be better than no strategy at all.
The TOWS matrix approach has the internal strengths and weaknesses and external market opportunities and threats, but also the 4 types of strategy that can be reviewed for the future.
Just so I don't misrepresent Mark Ritson, or he doesn't misrepresent himself through his eye-catching headline, Ritson isn't saying that analysis or research isn't valuable, simply that SWOT is a poor technique. In my experience, many companies are too involved with executing campaign tactics to make the time to look outwards at the changes happening in the marketplace in a structured way. Of course this is particularly important in the fast-moving environment of digital marketing. Using the TOWs format, the SWOT analysis can be used in training and strategy development sessions to think through alternative strategies and priorities.
Take one example from this diagram, discussing countermediation helps companies think about ways of increasing their digital footprint through partnering with or acquiring publishers, something I find is often missed in web strategy. After the SWOT has been created, companies can then summarise the key issues that need to be faced and look at the cost-benefit of different communications approaches and place them on a roadmap. Which way the coin falls depends on how it is approached, how well communicated the goals are to people taking part and outcomes are focussed on delivering against goals. The problem with theory teaching is that often it lacks the real world application – I know from having done an MBA, the SWOT thing was just chucked in without giving any clear context and application. So if a SWOT project helps clarify what people have to do to contribute to the global goals to improve business performance, you’re likely to get greater buy-in than a fancy document that gathers dust because nobody knows how to apply it to their own roles and their team output.
What I think Mark Ritson is referring to is an approach to a SWOT that is not customer led.
I agree to some extent that this approach (or management guesses) may not be the most effective way to conduct a SWOT. The key point is that it’s your customers that inform not a bunch of managers with a whiteboard.
SWOT is old, proven and has high value to anyone whoi wants to vet and filter some marketing issue. To date I recommend only 3 programs and specifically endorse only one as the best online marketing training, guaranteed scam free. Feel tired of your job,  feels like you live to work instead of working to live and life seems to be a lesson in survival, well that was me before online marketing. I  had my main job and always had a business on the side to give my family that extra perks now and again, but what this meant was that I worked all the time and for the most part that extra money disappeared in household cost. Anyone that tells you it takes very little effort to make money online is a liar, they are just looking to Scam you out of your money, I can’t put it any clearer than that!
I started with a GETTING STARTED course to get my feet wet and see what the whole online marketing thing was all about.
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Hi John I am not sure who was offering $17 a month they only have 3 offers that I know of and that is a FREE starter membership which you can stay on as long as you like at and many do and the next is premium membership where if you go premium in the first 7 days you get the first month at a discounted price of $19 and after that it’s $49 a month for everything that WA offers, no upsells.
I know you could read my response to your comment and go this guy is just pro Wealthy Affiliate but if you look at all my articles I am just spelling out what I see, thanks for the opportunity to respond John, cheers Mike.
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I'd certainly agree, if it doesn't work in the real world, it shouldn't be taught, but I think it does still hold value if applied in the right way.
The beauty of this tool is in its simplicity - you can engage non-digital specialists with the key issues facing a company without getting bogged down in analytics reports. I'd agree with Mark that the conventional simple form of SWOT only looks at analysis, not strategy. It encourages analysis of the factors that impact a company, starting with customers, then competitors and other marketplace players like media and publishers. He points to these other ten marketing analysis techniques which I recommend taking a look at.
Competitors can be eating your lunch through innovative use of digital tactics like search, social media and mobile marketing. You can argue that some of these may be obvious, but it can help senior management buy-in if these ideas are worked through by a team, rather than just presented.
For me the framework for analysis is rarely the issue, more the degree of focus and clarity from people doing the analysis. People learn best when what they are being asked to contribute to is framed by the context of their day to day job.
Starting with a segment of your market, ask your customers what factors do they take into consideration when they buy?
From this ask your customers to evaluate your organisations strengths and weakness against these factors. Hi Brian, thanks for your detailed comments – adding a bit more context to what Mark R said and recommending the approach you have found it has worked. Just have participants honor honesty and you will win every time — as I have with my business over 25 years. I am going to give you some of the reasoning behind my choice for the best online marketing program, this ISN’T A SALES PITCH, this is just what I deem to be the your best chance to learn online marketing in a sea of scammy products. You get two FREE websites and step by step instructions on how to start a profitable online business. Working on this course took me about a week, I was a true newbie when I landed in this course, new absolutely zero about Internet marketing. You learn the necessities of building an online business that creates a long term income stream. Over the years I have been scammed numerous times by products and services that have claimed to help me build something real online. But in this case I thought I'd comment since he's knocking SWOT analysis, a technique that I continue to use and recommend for creating digital marketing strategies. If SWOT analysis just includes the 4 areas of S-W-O-T as a four box matrix, then it's like to get left on a shelf and rightly ignored.
I'd also suggest you need a way of summarising the output from these more complex analysis techniques.

Is it just for theory and best ignored in favour of tactics or other strategy development tools? I Review and write about online marketing training and institutions always in search of Guaranteed scam free programs but they are extremely hard to find. I have been down the road of looking and trying various online marketing products and I am here to tell you it cost me a boatload of cash before I found the program that actually taught me what I needed to know about making money online! I was interested in the Internet and how much potential there seemed to be in making some money online, I guess that was my first mistake, I was so focused on making money I didn’t see online marketing as a career, this opened me up to every scam artist on the Internet. I had to take action and get to it, you can’t just plug away and look at online marketing as a hobby, you need to look at this new endeavor as a job. There’s no secret money system, Full money system, Pushbutton Millionaire system, Fast Money System, Cash Machine System that is going to make anything for you except poorer than when you started on your adventure to make money online. Here’s your first glimpse of what you see followed by a getting started basic course outline. When I completed this course I not only had a very good understanding on how to make money online I also saw the potential for a long term career in the Internet Marketing field. When I evaluate an online marketing program I always start with basic requirements that a online marketing program must possess and move on from there. I got burnt over and over again until I stumbled upon the what I realize now, to be the best online marketing training platform available on the Internet. I actually failed at my first attempt with the online marketing program that eventually changed my life. These are all scams specifically built to appeal to people who think they can make it online with no effort. You will see how simple making money online is if you apply some self motivation and follow through to step by step instructions.
What you are going to see next is what I had access to which was clearly becoming to me the undisputable best online marketing training platform.
The online marketing program that came through for me has many other features such as regular live webinars, here’s a quick snapshot of a few out of many that I took part in! You have private access to Kyle and Carson the owners, and get this, you don’t have to pay extra for their help.
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