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Light House Media Centre - Cinema, Exhibitions, Training, Events, Media Education, Production, Venue hire. Here at Light House we like lots of things.We like movies (obviously) we like music, we like technology and we like keeping you up to date. We now have a facebook page dedicated to Light House and a number of groups to join if you only want to be kept up to date with your favourite bits i.e. It seems anyone that is anybody is twittering, from the witty observations of Stephen Fry to the humorous dialogue of Jonathon Ross and the inane ramblings of my next door neighbours mom and now were doing it to. We like even better when people offer us nice shiny things to put on our walls that tell us what were good at, and in the last couple of years we've received a couple awards and recognition for things we've done that make us smile lots every time we look at them. Friday night was the Black Country Tourism Awards 2009 and wouldn't you know we've done it again, they've given us another shiny thing to make us smile.
Unfortunately none of us were available to collect the award in person at the award ceremony but we're thrilled to have been recongnised again.
The film brings together the digital domain of computer generated images (CGI), stop-motion animation and technology developed for producing engineering prototypes, moving Second Home to the forefront of new animation production. Second Homea€™s co-founder and director of the sequence, Chris Randall, said: a€?This particular project involves the use of replacement puppets for each frame of action a€“ a variant of stop-motion animation. Michael Baig-Clifford the (DOUBLE, they sold him short in their press release) BAFTA winning director was once supported by Light House's Plot project where (although as much as we'd like to take credit for this amazing new animation technique, it definitely wasn't our doing!) We helped Michael with his script development, and supported him during the writing process for this innovative piece.
We're so pleased that Michael has gone on to work with Second Home Productions as they too have worked with us here at Light House, providing artwork and helping us judge some of the amazing videos that have been submitted to our FLIP animation festivals.
Some people don't read much and will wait for the movie to form an opinion on the story, and then maybe read the book.

Then, there's others (like me) who will HAVE to read the book first so they can sit and tear the film to pieces because "that doesn't happen like that!" and "that's not in the book at all!" - but will still enjoy the film for what it is. Emmy nominated version of Kim Edwards' novel about a doctor who seperates his twin daughter and birth, as one of them has Down Syndrome. ProProfs is a free online training course creator where you can create very feature rich online courses for your business, students, teammates and anyone else who might be interested in learning what you have to teach. Quizzes in this free online quiz creator can be created in two different ways, either new ones from scratch, or you can search through the gallery of existing ones, select one of them and then simply edit it to your liking. The first thing that you need to do, after registering an account is follow the option that you’re offered with and create a new course. Course is set up by scrolling down, like we already mentioned, by adding chapters and pages.
Once that the course is finished, click Save in the top right corner, after which you should see a list of all the courses that you have created. ProProfs might be a bit confusing to use at first, but after sometime of setting up the courses, you’re gonna feel right at home. Online Photography Courses are fairly abundant these days so how do you cut through all the flack and find the right one for you? All Things Photography has always prided itself on giving the best advice and information to its readers since early 2005. Some of our more in depth information such as the Wedding Photography Blueprint or our own online photography courses are paid for but a lot of the information on our site is free for all to enjoy. That justification is generally well deserved because when we pay for something (something of quality), we tend to pay more attention to the information and actually do something about it and that’s the point…taking action!

I myself have spent many thousands of pounds on training over the years and I am currently about to spend a further ?1500 on specialised training to further my career in another, new direction.
So with that in mind we've been expanding out horizons around these here interwebs and now have a few more places you can find us (as well as some improved old ones). Plus the bookA really develops all characters which just takes too long in a film and seems to drag it out. Her re-emergence in his life years later serves as a reminder of his dark secret and causes a fatal family rift. Various different options will be available, for sharing, generating embed codes and what most important, course preview. When you pay for something though, we all have this built in mechanism that creates the need for justification. Training and practice is the only way to go , especially if you are looking to not only improve your photography, but make a career out of it. Others will NOT watch the movie, being devoted to the story and not wanting to see someone else's interpretation of it. Quizzes are just one of the thing that you can add to the online course that you create, we listed some of the other things that are available in the introduction. Screenshot of a very simple course can be seen on the image above, you move through the pages using the left sidebar or navigational buttons in the top right corner of the screen.

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