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Quality & Product Development at Cirrus Research plc, the leading manufacturer of noise measurement instruments. The NoiseTools software that is supplied by Cirrus Research, free of charge, with the optimus sound level meters and the doseBadge noise dosimeter is now fully compatible with the new Windows 8 operating system (as well as Windows 7!).
If you are currently using software for your noise measurement instruments under Windows XP (or something even older)  and you’re looking to upgrade to Windows 7 or even Windows 8, have a closer look at NoiseTools and the optimus sound level meters. If you need help choosing the best sound level meter for you, try our new optimus selector and find out which instrument best meets your needs. About Latest Posts James TingayQuality & Product Development at Cirrus Research plc, the leading manufacturer of noise measurement instruments.
Expand your Noise Knowledge!Signup to the NoiseNews blog for the latest article updates straight to your inbox. The application is quite good-looking and it is provided with 5 different themes which are then provided with 3 different resolutions and you can switch within themes very easily in the Preferences menu.
Not necessarily everyone is master in video Editing and having professional video editing software installed in their windows computer.
You can Download and install all of these Video Editing Software on your PC if you have basic knowledge of installation and once installation is over you can use for Editing Video. Microsoft has provided simple and easy to use Video Editing Software for users with basic computer knowledge. This free software for editing video is little bit difficult to learn, unless you have some fluency in editing video. Wax is another easy to use video editing tool which can be freely available to download and use.
Free Video Editing tool named Avidemux is not much huge or professional video editor, but still having good capabilities of Video Editing. So, hope this post will surely help you to Download Free Video Editing Software if you are using your computer laptop with Windows XP, 7 or 8 operating system. Young, Dynamics, skilled Technocrat and Admin of Various regional and international communities on Facebook, Google. A download accelerator is a program that helps a computer or a PC download content more quickly over Internet.

EagleGet is a freeware that uses multi-threaded technology to accelerate downloads by splitting files into several parts and then transferring them simultaneously, thus increase download speed scientifically.
Once, the download is complete, the program shows up a pop-up window and even plays a sound to notify the user that download is complete. To configure other settings and additional options you can access the ‘Configuration’ window.
It allows a user to mix music together using a Windows PC. It is free of cost and is available on its website. With its looks it provides a one more very important feature that is that it looks like an original DJ and provides every feature in the main first screen.
He loves to try out new Windows based software and gadgets and is currently learning JAVA.
But everyone wants to do basic editing in their personal video they have captured using their mobiles or personal handy cameras.
They can use this free video Editing software to edit their personal videos using easy available functionality.  This software supports most of the video format and you can simply drag and drop your video clips and easily can be arranged in required order with special effects you wish. Though lots of help and manual you may get, but still it may take sometime to use this free Video Editing software. Wax is designed in a way that it can satisfy most of the basic user’s requirements to edit their personal videos with nice effects. A very user friendly and pretty clear interface of this software will help you to avail lots of video editing features.
They’re so bullish on Windows 10 that there was even talk that they would give it to people who were running pirated copies of Windows for free. The program is compatible with many browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera and Firefox.
For downloading online videos you just need to move the mouse cursor over the video player and click ‘Download’.
For this, just double-click a file name and the program will happily display the task in the download queue. You will never face any problem with formats supported by the Mixxx as because of this reason only it is widely used by individuals and different companies or organizations for mixing and saving music.

Mixxx has also become the #1 Top Free App in the USA, Germany, and Italy and is hoped to become #1 top free app in India also.
Most of the professional video editing software are not freely available and you might need valid license to avail them with full functionality. Once you have command over this editing software, you may use plenty of effects and functionality to edit colors, lightings etc.
Using this free video editing software you can Add Logo, Crop, Flip, Rotate, Resize, Sharpen, Remove Noise, tweak brightness, contrast colours and more to your existing video. There’s an all-new web browser, Edge, that levels the playing field with the likes of Chrome and Firefox. Creating a System Restore Point first before installing a new software is always recommended, he feels.
But I will give you today few Video Editing software Free of charge and you can download them to your windows XP, Windows 8 or Windows 7 computer or laptops. If you can’t afford expensive commercial video editing software then WAX is definitely a good choice for you. You should be able to install Windows 10 via Windows Update, too, and the Windows Media Creation Tool should be updated in short order to create update install DVDs and USB drives. Cortana will also make her desktop debut in Windows 10, Xbox Live integration is getting properly done up, peer-to-peer updates are being introduced, and Microsoft’s calling it their most secure OS ever. They’ll still need to purchase a product key if they want to get Genuine and avoid using a crippled OS. The video you want to download automatically gets downloaded to the hard disk of your computer. The program not only downloads programs from popular online video websites but also support HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, MMS and RTSP protocol.

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