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The video editing program helps you edit videos and then save to many popular video formats like AVI, WMV, 3GP, MP4, MPG, FLV, MKV, M2TS, etc. Aura Video Editor, the video editing program allows users to add almost all kinds of video formats, audio formats and images.
What's more, all the editings in the video editing program can be previewed right after you apply the effect. The video editing program allows adding video, images and subtitles, it also provides plenty of wonderful transitions and effects and SWF output format, all these enable you to make a amazing video-photo-mixed slideshow.
Make a different video slideshow and then upload to YouTube, social websites, or transfer to your media player devices.
Or you can purchase the full version to enjoy your creation of videos for a lifetime at only 24.95 USD!
User friendly Logo Design Software is used for generating a bunch of impressive corporate logo of unique shape and size for industry need. Logo Designer software offers various designing objects including pencil, arc, text, line, word art, clip art, shape style, star, signature, and ellipse for making good looking logo images without any other help. Highly reliable Business Logo Design software creates high resolution trademark symbols used for small to large scale organizations from your computer desktop without being requiring professional assistance. Logo Maker is an easy to use product that makes it possible for any business owner to design professional business logos, by using 3300 fully modifiable templates, 10000 objects and shapes, over 50 options for objects editing, etc. Any Logo Designer is a powerful logo creator helps you create brand logo, company logo, letterhead, web or email signature, icon for website, blog, forum with rich templates, vector graphic, front text, pro color schemes within minutes.
User friendly Logo Designing Software is able for generating unlimited company logo images of different shapes and size like rectangle, ellipse, square etc on computer system. FlexiMusic Composer is a multi-track program for composing, editing and mixing of music using sampled instrument sounds. FlexiMusic Composer software is used by digital musicians, music composers, sound engineers, etc., to make music as per their innovative skills.
The basic output of FlexiMusic Composer is loop-able pieces of music organized into tracks. FlexiMusic Composer’s output mix allows you to stretch this basic unit of music into a full-length composition by turning tracks ON or OFF as the song plays. If you are a music loving person, you’ll definitely love the experience of creating music yourself.

If you don’t like the new pattern, you can edit it until you do like it, or else delete it and add a different pattern. Music Cycle: The Music Cycle is the sound source to use for every block of play position on the track. Select Instrument Sound: Select Instruments Sounds is a list of wav file samples (names) available in FlexiMusic Composer. Visible Waveforms: At each stage of processing, a waveform is displayed, like the stages of blocks, patterns, music cycles, tracks and the final output. Edit Music Cycle Window is improved (Piano roll keys added for each step to avoid confusion). Collections window is renamed to Select Instrument Sound, and one common collection of instruments is maintained all together. More than 600 instrument sample sounds are added so you can start making music immediately. Effects window is simplified.  Instead of managing all sets together now only one set is maintained separately where it is used. In the Help, menu we added the commands How to Order, Order online now, Check program updates, Go To FlexiMusic Website and View Readme.txt. It provides numerous transitions and video effects for editing video under two kinds of editing mode: Storybox mode and Timeline mode. The preview window has large size and high quality, which helps you better modify your video work. If the needed device is not included in the output profile lists, you can simply customize the settings on your own. This logo generator offers easy to customize logo templates, vector graphics, fonts, various output formats, tagline resource, editing tools, amazing effects and many more. Using my own fonts font browser you can test your entire font library when looking for that perfect font for your design project, logo or any other project where you might need to choose a suitable font. You can create your own songs and tunes at home easily, by mixing variety of music pieces and samples of your choice.
The average computer user can become a digital musician without using any musical instruments.
Each track can have many patterns, and each pattern contains an unlimited number of instruments.

When the Composer starts first time, all sound samples apply together with the Composer installation file. The quality of the output wave format (bit rate, sampling frequency and channel) can be set as required.
Select Instrument Sound is made with a tree view to make it easy to manage the group of instrument files.
Song Information for a song is separated from Timing window and has its own dialog box through menu File > Song Information.
The tutorial takes you through all the steps necessary to build a simple song in FlexiMusic Composer. After download YouTube videos, add them to the video editing software, add some images and music if you want to.
You can select and arrange all existing wave files in your hard disk into different groups, and save them as a default collection.
If you would like to use the mp3 format to compress and save the audio file, you can use our FlexiMusic Wave Editor to convert wav to mp3.
With this video editing software, you can easily edit video with images and music, choose from plenty of wonderful transitions and effects, add subtitle and overlay videos as you wish.
Then apply transitions and effects to the YouTube video, trim and add watermarks, at last convert it to other formats you like! When you click the ADD PATTERN button, a randomly-generated pattern is added to the Music Cycle.
It provides fun and tempts you to the emotion of creating music, it let anyone to create music on their personal computer. Select Instruments Sounds has two main groups: one is the Instrument group and the other is My Recordings. Play positions are shown as blocks that you can drag using the mouse to adjust the timings.

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