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Bug Shooting is also integrated with multiple output types to take action for captured screenshots. To use this screen capture software for personal use, you have to get a free license by registering on its homepage. CaptureIt Plus also lets you add watermark to your screenshot which is also a good feature. As all these screen capture software come with valuable features, it is a bit difficult to choose the best one. Using our free screen capture software you can capture a screenshot and easily post it to your bug tracking system or post it to other tools like.
The Screen Capture Software enables users to take screenshots and post to informUp bug tracking system in just two clicks. You can then paste the screen capture into a document or other application like Paint tool.
There are two types of screen captures you can take: the entire screen, or just the active window. I liked this software because of its unique freehand shape screenshot capture feature and screenshot enhancing feature.
That means, you can save screenshot (as png, gif, jpeg, or gif image) either to PC, can upload it to your FTP server, open it with MS Word, MS Excel, etc.
It lets you capture a fixed region, full screen, rectangular area, active window, freeform (freehand capture), Repeat LastCaputure mode, circle, window capture, and scheduled mode to capture screenshot with a time delay. You can add a custom text as watermark, can select font size, color for that text, and position to appear on your screenshot. It can help you to capture screenshot with webcam, capture full screen, a specific part of screen, and take screenshot in ellipse shape. Or else, you can even right-click on its tray icon to use a tool or capture screenshot with any possible mode.
Post screenshots to informUp bug tracking system in just 2 clicks ("Capture" --> "Send").

Whether you have to capture a specific region of desktop screen, or the full desktop screen, you can use any of these software. My favorite features of this software are desktop screen recording and free cloud storage space. Clicking on that icon will open up all the options it provides to capture screenshot and record desktop.
First of all, it helps you to capture a whole series of screenshots with different screenshot modes. Moreover, you can also enable output option to attach screenshot with Microsoft Outlook, Skype, Thunderbird, Upload screenshot on ImageShack, and more.
Its beautiful interface and features to capture screenshot, record desktop screen, online cloud storage space has made it best screen capture software for me. All of these have their own unique features as well, such as: record desktop screen, capture freehand shot, capture a series of screenshots, and more.
Moreover, for screen recording, it also gives annotation tools to highlight or focus on a particular area. Apart from this, it lets you capture desktop screen, an active window, and a particular region of desktop screen. That means, you can capture full desktop screen, an object, capture screenshot using webcam, a particular region, an active window one by one, and it will keep storing those screenshots.
Like all the above software, it also provide its own built-in editor to use annotation tools. It is quite handy software that lets you capture screenshots (full screen or a specific region) and save them to PC. Once recording is completed, you can save it to PC as MP4 file, and can also upload it to your Monosnap account.
As soon as you finish screenshot capture process, it will open screenshots in different tabs in its built-in editor.
Moreover, it is also able to create a simple animated gif using supported images present on your PC.

Another interesting thing about this software is that you can send captured screenshot either to default image editor, clipboard, OneDrive, can post it your Facebook account, FTP Server, Imgur, Twitter, etc. It provides a color picker tool and a ruler to measure the length of objects on desktop screen.
It provides multiple tools, such as: text tool, color tool, line tool, circle tool, rectangle tool, etc.
However, this feature didn’t work for me, and result to upload video to YouTube came with an error.
But you can set output format as png, tiff, or bmp format as well. It also comes with a built-in editor which is another handy feature.
Each tool comes with many different styles which is quite rare to find in any other screenshot capture software. Apart from this, screen magnifier tool is also available using which you can zoom in any text or object visible on your desktop screen. Moreover, screenshot editor also helps to view recently captured screenshots as well as view full history of screenshots.
An interesting feature that comes with this software is a whiteboard that covers whole desktop screen for drawing.
The screenshot editor of this software provides various annotation tools, like: pencil tool, text tool, font selection tool (to set font style, size, and font), arrow tool, line tool, color tool, rectangle tool, ellipse tool, gauge tool to choose line width, etc. Apart from enhancing captured screenshots, it also lets you open saved screenshots or images with its editor to edit them.
This is another handy feature as most of the screenshots only lets you edit captured screenshots.

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