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Includes clear instructions with full-colour photos and the templates needed to make the sleigh, sack, and display box.
Today I wanted to share with you one of my free card making ideas that I sent to my Card Making Classroom subscribers.
This particular card making idea was sent for Valentine’s Day but would work very well for a number of different occasions like anniversaries. Dark brown cardstock, Patchwork Dark Brown Argyle paper (or any dark brown patterned paper), light brown cardstock, Doodlebug Brown Dots paper (or any light brown patterned paper), Red cardstock (or patterned paper), a brown pen, dark brown ink, light brown ink, two brown brads, a Pebbles Inc Loving sticker (if you do not have this, simply cut out a square of cardstock and write ‘loving’ on it), a Pebbles Inc Forever sticker (if you do not have this, simply cut out a circle of cardstock and write ‘forever’ on it) and brown alphabet stickers to write ‘YOU’ (mine are from Sandylion). Glue the piece from the previous step to the left side of your light brown cardstock from Step #3.

Using brown alphabet stickers, write the word ‘YOU’ across your heart, underneath your ‘loving’ square. Place your Pebbles Inc Forever sticker towards the bottom right of your heart, as shown above.
It’s a free newsletter that I send every week through email featuring card making classes like this one. You have now created a pocket and your red heart from Step #4 should look like it is tucked into the pocket. When dry, use a brown pen to draw a dashed border all the way around the edges, as shown above.

Make sure you place it at an angle and covering a significant amount of your light brown cardstock. When dry, use a brown pen to draw a dashed border around all the edges except the torn edge. If you wish, don’t stick it down until you have the next piece ready and can see exactly where you should position it.

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