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View the most current jobs in the boxes below, or visit the JOBS section to find more jobs within a specific media category. Our rates are $75 for regular service and $200 for premium service, plus GST, for a single job posting.
When I tell my marketing colleagues that I’m a freelance writer, they usually think it’s a temporary occupation that fills gaps between jobs.
When I explain that it’s what I want to keep doing for an indefinite period of time, they ask, how much money do freelance writers really make? In 2014, nearly 50 percent of freelancers made $9,999 or less, and only 3 percent made more than $70,000 annually. Ask yourself this question if you’re considering a career as a freelancer: How difficult is it to break into the market?
Upwork is one of the most popular communities of different types of freelancers and has members from nearly 200 countries.
Thousands of talented—and not-so-talented—writers compete for the same jobs, and it isn’t easy to get noticed among them. If you choose to enter this chaotic marketplace and you’re having difficulties evaluating your talent, remember that success is impossible without persistence. Given that most freelance writers are responsible for finding their own work , contacts are necessary for branching out of freelance communities.

Freelance writing is a feasible option for seasoned PR pros looking to leave the corporate world. This week’s freelance copywriter, flash developer, graphic designer, mobile app developer, programmer and sales executive jobs in the North West.
This week’s freelance artworker, business development, copywriter, graphic design, marketing officer, mobile app developer, PHP and web developer jobs in the North West.
This week’s freelance animator, business development, developer, graphic design, marketing, PHP, Photoshop, video production and web editor jobs in the North West. This week’s freelance artworker, copywriting, graphic design, developer, iPhone developer, marketing, PHP, sales and social media jobs in the North West. I know I am not alone in this, but who else has spotted the huge expansion of talent available on a freelance basis?
A ComRes survey, commissioned by PCG, published today (Nov 22nd) shows that nearly three-quarters (73%) of the 1,624 polled had actively chosen to become freelancers as a long-term career option in a survey to celebrate National Freelancers Day, the freelance community’s birthday. Does teamwork matter for freelancers?Freelancers are lone wolves – they work by themselves to their own schedule.
7 lessons learned in a year as a freelancer workerThe Frazzled Freelancer reflects on the first year as his own boss, discussing lessons learned along the way. 7 Tips for Freelancers to Keep Healthy and Keep EarningWhen we freelance, we put our health on the line. Should freelancers form a partnership with another freelancer or developer?I recently had a skype conversation with my web and tech developer.

Freelancers Co-FoundersAre you a freelancer or contractor who is considering joining a start-up on a partnership or equity share basis? If so, we are building a list of freelancers who want to meet up with other freelancers or businesses that looking for engage your skills and talents in return for a partnership or equity share role. That, however, is a tough question to answer, because a freelancer can make anywhere from $5 to more than $150 per hour. That turned out to be true, but I am still not making as much as I originally thought—or as much as many PR and marketing pros. One you break in, you’ll finally be able to enjoy flexibility all while making enough money to support yourself. Are happier about their health, financial situation, their prospects…and their wife, husband or partner! 7 Tips from the Horse’s MouthWe asked Tim Crighton from County Insurance to share with us his tips for freelancers that want to impress. Extreme care was taken to enhance all aspects of her comfort and style, while maintaining her pedigree as a true performance yacht.
Although anyone can offer their writing services on the international market, the average hourly rates here are low.

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