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The easiest way to get traffic to your blog is via Organic traffic for that you must have sitemap in your website. Sitemaps are a way to tell Google and other search engines about your pages on your website. In addition to your content using metadata format, including videos, images, news and mobile version. Your site has pages that aren’t easily discovered by Googlebot during the crawl process—for example, pages featuring rich AJAX or images.
Your site has a large archive of content pages that are not well linked to each other, or are not linked at all.
Open the plugin configuration page, which is located under Options -> XML-Sitemap and build the sitemap the first time. You can also directly activate this plugin via WordPress Plugin Directory, type the above plugin name in the Plugin Search Box and once you find out the plugin just activate the plugin. Now you can leave your comment below in the comment box How to Use XML Sitemap Generator for WordPress. Once you install the plugin and activate the plugin go to settings page and configure that plugin correctly. If you like this post consider sharing with your social media friends and you can also leave your valuable comments below in the comment section.
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SiteMap X software not only allows you to automatically generate an introductory sitemap for Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines but also helps discover problems like dead links that may be prevent your site from ranking well on search results. SiteMap X can generate four types of sitemaps which can fully satisfy your needs: XML,GZ, TXT or HTML. Sitemap can help Search Engine crawlers (like Googlebot) find out what pages are present, which have recently changed, and to crawl your site accordingly.
Any wrong link or dead link on your site would greatly influence the user experiences and search engine indexing, all of which can make negative impacts on your site rankings.
Just set a schedule and leave it alone, SiteMap X can automatically generate the sitemaps and upload the files to your own site with built-in FTP Client. Sitemap is a necessity to a good website for it can clearly show the internal structure of a site to visitors and search engines.
1) Please enter the http address (the starting directory) of your site, then customize additional sitemap info or choose it as default.
2) Choose the sitemap formats which you would like to generate, including HTML, XML, TXT and GZ. It checks out error pages which may prevent your site from ranking well on search engines with the built-in broken link checker.
2.The Ping function of Sitemap X allows you to submit your sitemap to search engines with several clicks. Download this free Html site map generatora€“Sitemap X now to build site maps for you automatically!

Many content management systems, blog platforms and other dynamically generated website scripts come with options to automatically generate, and often submit sitemaps to the big search engines.
While a submitted sitemap does not guarantee inclusion in the search engine, it does provide the search engine with information about pages on the web property so that they can be accessed directly. The only other way for the search engine is find and follow links pointing to those pages on the website. Static HTML websites on the other hand do not come with sitemap generation scripts, and while it is perfectly possible to hand code a sitemap before submitting it to Google and other search engines, it often means unnecessary work.
Sitemap generators, like the WonderwebWare SiteMap Generator crawl domains automatically to generate sitemaps at the end of the crawling.
The freeware creates multiple sitemaps, for instance an XML sitemap for Google, a static sitemap, CSV map or plain text sitemap.
The example website Garden Patio Set for instance operates a blog in a subdirector which makes use of a plugin to generate sitemaps for that part of the web page automatically. WonderWebWare Sitemap generator is an excellent free program for users with static (even though it is not limited to those) websites who want to create a sitemap. Martin Brinkmann is a journalist from Germany who founded Ghacks Technology News Back in 2005. I use Xenu and it also generates a site map (now I have to verify if it generate the "Google XML" site map).
The question is: what do I do with that file so that Google and other can benefitiate from it?
With other sites I built with WordPress I use a plugin that guides me to the process (entirely different°.
Der Sitemap-Generator ist eine Windows-Software zur automatisierten Erstellung von Webseiten-Inhaltsverzeichnissen. Im Gegensatz zu Online-Generatoren ermA¶glicht Ihnen das Programm individuelle Einstellungen fA?r jede einzelne Datei.
Aktualisierungsintervall und auf Wunsch auch das A„nderungsdatum ausgewA¤hlter Dokumente vorgeben. Sitemap is one of the main factor in search engine rankings especially to Google, Yahoo and Bing. Otherwise it’s almost impossible to discover your website content for search engines. Otherwise, it may not be discoverable by Google and other search engines in their normal crawling. However, we use the data in your Sitemap to learn about your site’s structure, which will allow us to improve our crawler schedule and do a better job crawling your site in the future. As a result, you can enjoy a quick indexing speed, high site rankings, and large volume of traffic.
This way can quicken the indexing speed and get better freshness as well as coverage in search engines. A HTML sitemap can help visitors quickly find what they are looking for, while an XML sitemap can aid search engine crawlers (like Googlebot) to effectively crawl the whole site and can be very beneficial to the site rankings.

It's not only used to help human visitors navigate your website, but also to help search engines crawl your sitemap better.
The schedule feature allows you to automate the whole process, from crawling, generating and uploading to pinging sitemap. It is usually not the only information but that should be enough as an explanation for now.
It is for instance possible to increase the maximum simultaneous connections to the server hosting the website, set starting pages, and to configure exclude and must-follow patterns. The blog subdirectory could be added to the exclude pattern to avoid duplicates in the sitemaps. The maximum amount of pages that should be crawled, the maximum url length or the delay between page retrievals can be configured here, as well as specific parameters for Google's XML sitemaps. The tab buttons at the top lead to the various sitemaps that have been generated by the software.
The program generates listings for failed urls, all outbound links and the website's robots.txt file automatically and displays the information in its window as well. The failed urls can be corrected for instance, the outbound links checked for broken links which often improves a site's standing with the search engines.
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In most cases, webmasters will benefit from Sitemap submission, and in no case will you be penalized for it. Making your whole blog directory writable is NOT recommended anymore due to security reasons.
Meanwhile, Sitemap X can automatically generate Robots.txt file to attract crawlers to properly index your site pages. And the most effective way to create HTML sitemap is using a free Html sitemap generator like Sitemap X which can help you automatically build HTML sitemap which is both SEO & User friendly. Each sitemap can be edited right in the program window, for instance to remove entries that should not be included. Sitemap makes it easier for search engines to find your new content as well as modified content. So it will inform your updated posts to Google and Bing automatically you need not submit to them manually. What's more, this Html site map generator is proven to create XML sitemap accepted by all major Search Engines. Hundreds even thousands of webmasters download and use it to run their online businesses on a daily basis!

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