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GoDaddy does not guarantee any backups for your website and according to their terms of service, you agree to back-up your own content. When you’re just starting out as a Web developer or site maintenance freelancer, it may not be a bother to manage your client list. But when that list grows to five, then 10, then more, the management of all those accounts for all those clients gets harder and harder.
So what are the “pain points” that GoDaddy is addressing with this new offering? This information might include things like login credentials  for multiple online accounts and client credit card information.
While Web management professionals might currently keep this information in a private spreadsheet or some other type of file, the fact is such files are not always as secure as one might think. Web managers can even manage purchases related to their clients’ sites through the GoDaddy Pro platform. GoDaddy Pro’s new services also include shared digital shopping carts that can be sent to clients easing the checkout process.
In addition to the launch of GoDaddy Pro, the company also unveiled its first WordPress Managed Hosting service. There are four subscription tiers available with GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress Hosting service. The less expensive Ultimate plan for Managed WordPress Hosting includes services like malware detection removal from Sitelock, as well as SSL to keep sites secure and safe from hackers, GoDaddy notes in a press release. King says that both of GoDaddy’s new offerings are catering to those professionals who manage a client list of websites for other companies. These tools, he says, allows them to look more professional and make the tedious parts of their job less so. That’s a good market to target for there are not a lot of services that cater to their needs.

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GoDaddy normalmente era popular por la venta de dominios, sin embargo para este 2014, GoDaddy se ha convertido en una excelente opcion para adquirir un plan de hospedaje web, esto gracias a las promociones de este fin de ano, las cuales ademas ya incluyen Cpanel, algo que nos facilitara la vida de gran forma.
Godaddy Website Builder is one of the most amazing think on web to build a website yourself using wide range of beautiful templates. Godaddy Website builder comes with close to 200 beautiful templates on the below mentioned categories. Godaddy is offering a free domain name & web hosting space with every website builder plan if someone opt for more than one year. This is not a marketing gimmick to promote website backup services; this is the unfortunate truth. If you’re looking for a cheap web hosting from a trusted hosting provider then you can go with Godaddy. In fact, making the jobs of Web pros easier was the driving force behind these new GoDaddy Pro offerings.
Take Web service providers with multiple clients and thus a considerable amount of sensitive client in formation to store, King explains.
Thus potentially vulnerable outside files and spreadsheets for storing the information become unnecessary, King says. And if anything ever goes wrong with a site being managed by a Web Pro user, it will be the user not their client that is notified of the problem first.
The more heroes we can make out of these freelancers, the more we’ll be able to attract these professionals to our platform,” King explained.
This allows users to host up to five WordPress sites through GoDaddy and includes a host (pardon the pun) of add-on services that Web pros can offer their clients.

A journalist with 17 years of experience in traditional and online media, Joshua got his start in the newspaper business in Pennsylvania. Like others, Godaddy also offers unlimited bandwidth and web space to host unlimited websites with guaranteed 99.9% uptime.
GoDaddy is also giving its GoDaddy Pro users  access to ’round-the-clock technical support.
This is the best time (Holiday special) to grab a hosting plan from Godaddy because it’s a double discount offer.
He eventually founded his own local newspaper, the Pottsville Free Press, covering his hometown.
Godaddy itself offering 50% discount without applying any coupon code and when you will apply the below coupon then you’ll get total 75% discount (see the below screenshots to see how to apply the promo code) which is much affordable and cheapest hosting.
Most of the websites just shared 35% or 50% off web hosting coupon codes but here I am exclusively sharing this 75% off on Godaddy shared web hosting. It means there is no additional extra regular charge for multiple-years, so you should grab it for multiple years (other web hosts offers discount only for first year). Click on the below button to get the Godaddy cheap web hosting 75% off discount promo code-Screenshots- Check out the below screenshots to select a plan according to your site need- (click on above button it will open Godaddy special discount page -> Get Website Hosting) Don’t forget to check other awesome Godaddy discount coupons here.
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