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Small businesses are looking for online marketing automation software to help concur the confusion of online marketing. 1)   A dedicated support representative helps setup the business branding, sub-domain and website tracking code. 2)   Email campaigns are setup with easy to use template building software for lead nurturing.
3)   Campaign development guidance is given by their support team for content development, email templates, stationary, and development of the lead nurturing program.
4)   During the pre and post campaign results stage Act-on helps load marketing lists, create dynamic segments on profile and behavioral data. Hubspot and Infusionsoft are two of the biggest marketing automation software companies for small to medium businesses. Brian Moseley of Hubspot says, “If your goal is to eventually sell inbound retainers to clients; I’d ask Infusionsoft what ongoing support their sales team offers in terms of coaching and consulting. Jeremy Maher of Infusionsoft was glad to take a look at the comparison data sheet and was able to correct some of the information about his company. After interviewing the sales representatives the conclusion is all three companies have benefits they can offer with their online marketing automation software. This entry was tagged Acton, Hubspot, Infusionsoft, Marketing automation, Online Marketing, Software.
With no marketing budget or prior app marketing experience, secure at least 300 downloads for first title, Glint, on launch day. Before launch, Ensomniac reached out to members in several forums (primarily TouchArcade) asking for their opinions on Glint. Ensomniac compiled a list of review sites that had covered Glint-like games in the past, as well as corresponding contact information. Even though Ensomniac’s social media efforts helped boost its initial download numbers, none of its marketing efforts equaled the power of the press. Glint received over 1,000 downloads on launch day (233% over its goal) and at least 300 each day since. Ensomniac Studios has been producing high quality digital content since 2002 and is the personal publishing platform of Ryan Martin.
Many thanks to Ensomniac Games for allowing Indie Game Girl to cover its successful iOS launch of Glint. Also was it localised for markets such as germany or was it just released as an english version in all stores for example? Interesting story and thanks for sharing so many details, but I really can't see this game as a successful example with less than 10,000 installs in the Play Store and probably a similar number in the App Store. This is indeed an informative article for a person like me because I just developed a small 2d game in Android for Sudoku lovers. Do you think it's best to have a separate site for the development blog (separate from the app's landing page)? I like what Glint did with the asset design time lapse video - it's cool to see behind the scenes content.
A question here - does it make sense to create a subscription form in the WordPress based blog?
Hi Pavel, if you're going to put the effort into maintaining an active Wordpress blog, you should absolutely have a subscription. I'm not far off finishing my first game as an indie for iOS and I'm thinking about he whole "marketing early" approach.
I'm just thinking of its good or i can say its best way to get many download by submiting to press list. The best chance you can give your email of actually getting opened and read is by having a pre-established relationship with a journalist you're sending the email to. Emmy Jonassen is an independent video game marketing consultant, freelance writer and speaker helping indie developers build adoring fan bases for their games. One of the most common questions is How do I increase my (organic) search engine ranking? We are attempting to answer this for a site that is starting up. It would be great if the question being asked was How do I increase my competitive advantage using the web which would mean identifying customers related to what you do well and offering information, products and services that best solve their needs. You are a small business website provider, just launched last week and have had 24 people visit your site and a couple of those were your mother because you told her about it over the phone. The return on investment - ROI - calculation for your website doesn't lend itself to big marketing budgets, so you are going to do this by working at it. Earning enough from direct and indirect leads from the website to pay for the cost of the website and the time that you have to put into it. We do know some of how google ranking works, particularly the importance of referral links.
A recurring theme - not only will URLS with meaningful text in them help search engines classify the website, but it will help people navigate. There are a couple of other application meta-data elements such as facebook-meta-data that are now cropping up. A lot of search engines are trying to become more 'real-time' and they can't do that by crawling the entire web.
It is said that the performance of a website - speed that a page loads in - is used as part of the ranking algorithm. Links to your site in other - well respected or highly ranked themselves sites - is still said to be the main ranking metric. Certainly people who see your site on twitter facebook linkedin email will directly increase visits to your site. It is said that a certain number of links within a page may add to the authority assumed by google of a page.

Again caution - if the google search engine thinks that you are trying to trick it, these techniques will work against you and the reference ranks might be ignored or worse still your site blacklisted by google. One of the 'old SEO sales' was to discover effective keywords by experimenting with them in AdWords. There area  number of SEO tools that can be used to test your site and new ones pop up all the time. Use webmaster tools to submit sites to search engines and check that they are being indexed. In summary we see techniques for improving search engine ranking as being the same ones that help users.
Updates: Sydney Morning Herald says there are record numbers of complaints regarding shonky SEO 'consultants'. Three sales representatives from HubSpot, Act-On and InfusionSoft help offer solutions for your marketing department’s online challenge.
The company helps launch your business email and social campaigns while analyzing your marketing campaigns and lead sources with their software.
During this stage Act-on helps scale your business based on campaign results and identify the most effective campaigns for future lead and revenue generating activities. However, there are legal precautions both the consumer of the software and software companies need to take.
This allowed the Ensomniac team to easily communicate deadlines, share ideas and more in one centralized location.
Ensomniac established a development blog, as well as social media properties, to generate awareness and give people a place to follow its progress. The reviews the studio scored in AppAdvice, Pocket Gamer and App Spy contributed to the vast majority of its downloads, reinforcing the important role press plays in an indie’s success.
This means asking a writer to join Test Flight and download your game is a good way to score ZERO coverage. In addition, Ensomniac has been contacted by several interested publishers, but has made no commitments. Based out of San Francisco, California, Ensomniac Studios is currently focused on mobile app and game development.
As I understand it the only way to give a pre-release version of your app to reviewers is via an ad hoc build through TestFlight or similar. It's correct that in order to have promo codes, you need to have your app staged in iTunes and approved by Apple.
What we did with one of our upcoming titles is polished it to a point where we knew it would be approved by Apple and was press ready - not production ready. It's now staged and we have promo codes to give out, but it isn't available to the public yet. We wanted to get the game into as many hands as possible and keep the acquisition friction low. I've known some people to use these kinds of services and really like them, and others definitely found they're a waste of money.
I'd like to use something similar as part of my marketing strategy, just not sure if it's wise to add too much to the landing page. I'm not sure which exposure to use "early" and what to use on launch, when the game is available for download.
That's why I place emphasis on trying to establish rapports with journalists well before your launch. The SEO question to me is similar to How to have a Number 1 (hit single) the - the easy way - it sounds tantilzing but for most people not what we actually want. If the audience is the 3000 ecologists in Australia your visits per day goal will be different to the most popular shopping centre site in Australia. Use the free Google Adwords Keyword Planner. Plan a set of keywords that relate to the junction between target audience and competitive advantage as per the planning.
It may not annoy all visitors, but it annoys me as I think you are helping search engines, not me. You may get a system that is not as heuristically driven as google - you may get some old Librarian excited by your classification which is always nice (but not that constructive). If Mountain River web publishing solutions built your site for you we will have provided a drupal module that does this for you.
It is best to have a site that loads in 3s anyway, as visitors will be happier and you will have fewer people click the 'back button' and leave your site for the next search result.
Social media - twitter and to a lesser extent facebook google+ linkedin will help with this. Unless requested otherwise MountainRiver web publishing solutions will have done this for you. Google wants to see the web succeed and therefore, encourage good practice in adding content, labeling and linking. According to all three companies’ sales agents, Hubspot, Act-on and Infusionsoft,  said they take the CAN SPAM Act very seriously and make sure they are compliant with the law. This is the exact situation Ryan Martin of Ensomniac Studios was in when he and his team launched their first title, Glint, on the App Store. Not only did the team focus on what it thought was good gameplay, graphics and so forth, it consulted real users. Once completed, these materials were posted to an online press kit made accessible to the public. If you can get to this point, I think it's a much better opportunity than suggesting the press use Test Flight. We're currently testing different price points to explore the potential of premium versus freemium.

We've released a title since Glint that was localized in 12 languages and the game saw a quarter million downloads in the first week. It's more meant as an example of what one developer did (using marketing) to defy odds and score over 1K downloads on launch day--something that many indies cannot do. Either way you decide to go, I would definitely recommend you distributing through Gamespress.
As far as offering a way for people to judge a game's uniqueness, usefulness, etc., there are ways for this too. As for now I've started a development blog, created Twitter account and trying to promote my blog in the some game development forums.
I've got a preview from pocket gamer and it got a bit of attention (though I wasn't really ready to take full advantage of it), and it feels like it would have been more benefit having the game linked to and ready to buy at the time, rather than "build interest".
However, if you find yourself in a situation where you're reaching out to a journalist with whom you have no prior relationship, try to personalize that email toward that journalist by making your game relevant to him or her. 70k hits per day might stoke the ego nicely, and yes we might be able to sell some ad-words. Certainly it doesn't look professional and search engine tools have been adapted to these techniques. This is one of the things that you can do for search engines that is for them rather than users.
We don't want search engines (could they really?) make the mistake of thinking it is 2 site and splitting referrals.
It is important to ensure that you are getting an economic return - that you understand ROI as this can be highly effective or expensive depending on how it is done. All of this does take effort and consideration of the value that the organisation and website provides. You can tell how interested a person is in your product or service by a cookie that tracks what the consumer clicks on after opening the email sent from your business.
According to previous press coverage they are close to being in pre-IPO territory.  Infusionsoft was founded in 2004 and has 12,000 clients with 350 employees.
The team agreed and received a feature article two days before the launch, followed by a full review the day of. If given a second chance, the team would have distributed promo codes earlier by staging on iTunes earlier.
Dodge bombs, collect rings and score exciting power-ups as you climb through the innumerable levels bursting with brilliant colors and stunning visual effects. I must also say iv only started to read some of the blog posts you have here but I must say theres some real gems. With most of the downloads coming from localized countries, it seems like that was a huge help. Also, it is not noted in the article, because the article was written previous to when these decisions were made, but at a certain point, Glint became a paid app and then went back to being free. Ultimately, a person knows a game once he gets a lead and invariably he is trying to download it from App store.
We have already started doing marketing and I am just trying to put the pieces of the app marketing puzzle together.
I would also like to know as to how did you generate the buzz before the launch, since there is no way for people to judge and validate the usefulness, uniqueness or for that matter the functioning of an app. Given someone fairly new is only going to get so much coverage, is it better to spend it on launch than risk people dismissing it because it's not ready yet (then likely ignoring further coverage on it because they've seen it already)? The reason you do this is to have a fanbase ready and waiting to receive your game at launch. Alternatively if we found 70k customers and provided for their needs it would be outrageous. Again try to ground the data - increasing on last month is good and for benchmarking I can say that 20 visits per day in the first month can be expected unless you do something special. MountainRiver publishing solutions will have done this for you, but please use the URL alias feature to refine urls to better match keywords. Google provides other experimental methods, such as trying a few different topic pages and seeing which ones are effective in achieving the user call to action.
Kung believes email analytics with Act-On is a secret business tool for spying on the customer’s behavior.
I'll look forward to reading more of them and also following some of your new stuff in the future.
Localizing a game after it's made can be a pain, but if you think about it from the beginning, it can be made to be fairly painless. Your efforts in this "community building" portion of your marketing that happens before your game is launched, will help you establish a group of people ready and waiting to download your app before it is published. After being made, you can post your videos to YouTube and spread them around via social media. Perhaps save the "big ones" for launch and try to build an expectant fan base with more, smaller review sites? This map will also help search engines with things that computers don't find so easily, such as items under dynamic menus or presented via AJAX. You could also start reaching out to press and letting them preview the game before it is fully released.

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