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Monday morning, Fortune reported that it had obtained a document describing a secret Google (GOOGL, GOOG) initiative that had originally been slated for release in early 2015, but was instead scrapped. Google Here was designed to work within Google Maps, and the app would have served up various display ads and other marketing messages, including coupon offers and loyalty card access, all based on the smartphone’s location in reference to participating retailers. The question, then, is whether Google’s decision to axe the Google Here project was indeed a wise move, and if GOOGL will be better off with the alternative Bluetooth-based solution that replaced it. Interestingly, the Google Maps location-based ad program is strikingly similar to the Facebook (FB) update released late last year, which laid the groundwork for the social media company’s Local Awareness Ads program. Additionally, the Apple (AAPL) iBeacon, a device capable of creating a localized network within retail establishments, was recently announced as the focus of a pilot program in partnership with Target (TGT) stores.
Considering that Facebook and Apple, two of GOOGL’s primary competitors, have been working to get their own location-based marketing tools in place, there must be rather significant potential for the technology to bring in revenue.
Regardless of the method used, whether it’s Bluetooth, GPS, or some sort of beacon transmitter, there will always be a number of consumers who object to having marketing messages and advertisements served up based on nothing other than their physical location and proximity to a retail establishment.
However, there will also be a number of consumers who accept, and even welcome, those types of marketing ads. One thing is certain — the use of exact location-based targeted marketing messages is the way of the future.
As for GOOGL stock, neither program would likely have been powerful enough to move the needle by itself, as the bulk of Google’s revenue still comes from search-related ads. As of this writing, Greg Gambone did not hold a position in any of the aforementioned securities. 10 Stocks to Buy for a Set-It-and-Forget-It Summer Portfolio10 Blue-Chip Stocks That Have Nothing Left to GiveAAPL Stock: Trouble Ahead for Apple Inc.

When a client asks for our help with a challenge or an opportunity, we need to determine what approach to take.
Two qualitative techniques often used by Plan-it are Focus Groups of varying sizes and In-Depth Interviews.
Many of the studies we conduct require a combination of Qualitative and Quantitative techniques to make the most informed and strategic recommendations possible.
Contact us today to learn more about how our Quantitative vs Qualitative experience and approach can help your business succeed. Alphabet CEO Larry Page was apparently concerned over the public’s reaction to such accurate location information, given the exponential increase in personal privacy concerns, as well as the potential annoyance of unwanted display ads. Essentially, Local Awareness Ads behave in much the same way as GOOGL’s unreleased platform.
The iBeacon will allow retailers to deliver ads and related marketing messages directly to Apple iPhone users within the confines of the store, based in part on their exact aisle location. In today’s day and age, privacy concerns are a major issue, and rightly so considering the high-profile hacks and data breaches that have plagued countless companies.
The question, though, is whether the number of accepting consumers is enough to generate results positive enough to make these types of programs worth it for retailers. Whether it would have been more advantageous for GOOGL to re-engineer the Google Maps location-based advertising program is a moot point, as Google Here has been shuttered in favor of Eddystone, an open-source program with similar features to Apple’s iBeacon. Some typical uses include the need to test a new messaging strategy, or explore a new product or concept while it is still in its developmental stages to ensure the target market will respond well to it before it is implemented.
Both allow us to obtain a real world response to what our customers’ clients and prospects are thinking in an exploratory way.

Qualitative helps understand mindsets and attitudes with no preconceived ideas while the Quantitative helps confirm the learning. Other times clients have a wide range of ideas and want to narrow down the options before choosing which to launch. In a case where participants are reacting to concepts, they can also provide feedback on any improvements that would increase interest in the idea being tested. These techniques can also help us identify the approximate size of and evaluate mindset differences between specific market segments and other subgroups.
The short answer is, we use a range of options but most fall within the broader methodologies of Qualitative and Quantitative research, and determining which to use depends on the objectives of the study and what we are trying to learn. To obtain this information, we often use surveys to create reliable data that can be used as supporting evidence to make more informed decisions in the future. Ultimately, Qualitative and Quantitative approaches are both essential practices in successful market research studies. Qualitative techniques allow us to understand the target markets’ attitudes about a category, drivers of decision-making and reactions to specific concepts and ideas, and the reasoning behind their thinking.

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