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Just few hours ago, several Google products including Gmail faced an outage and went offline in several countries of the world. The man said Google was breaching the law which supports the privacy of the content which doesn't needs to be exposed. Google in the current year experienced less then 3 percent shipping of their android phones. Now, Google in relation with motorola's engineers is planning to come with something which they called as X phone handsets. Apple, google, facebook and Amazon have now become technology giants and their war for grabbing the highest market share is getting fierce with each passing day.
Amazon and Google are one of the closest competitors among these giants with both working on their softwares to give them edge in the market. Google is probably one of the most stable elite of all the four with wide range of services. Amazon probably had an average 2012 and 2013 could be a big year for them because in the upcoming year they are to launch probably the most smart Smartphone world has witnessed.
So, in conclusion it could be said that traditional banks is now facing a steep opposition from Apple, Amazon, Google and Paypal. Google in 2012 brought an android update 4.1 (Jelly bean update) which was more than successful, each new Smartphone was having this update installed by default in it. Google TV was an amazing innovation by Google; the pictures from the TV were of high definition and natural too.
Google plans to get internet all over the earth through its project O3b “other three billion”. More fascinating technologies and apps Google will certainly push on for some fascinating apps this year, Google glass is one of them. Mobiles have already outnumbered the number of human beings on the Earth and according to a stat a 500 percent increase in the year 2012 is recorded. Reports on social media says that Google Street View car ran over a donkey due to which it died on the spot, but Google denies all the allegations. The images from Google Street View initially show the donkey standing upright on the right side of the road but if the Street View user moves further up the dirt road past the animal and looks back the creature can be seen lying on its side. While the Google talk the other way, "Our Street View teams take the safety of people and donkeys very seriously," a Google spokesperson. Google also said that Donkey was already lying down when our Street View Car reached there, later it walked off totally uninjured. A cloud of dirt can be seen near the donkey, leading some Twitter users to suggest it was caused when the animal hit the ground. Other users have commented that for Google's version of events to be correct the donkey would have been walking backwards, which the animals apparently cannot do. A recent image from Google earth took everyone by surprise as it showed rare images of a person’s murder.
However, recent investigations on this image proved the initial observations wrong, it was the dog image basically that was captured.
This warning was issued by newly elected Minister of Information Technology Anusha Rehman in a cabinet meeting. In a question asked by local journalist over Youtube ban, the minister replied that it is about time that such content should be removed or else Google will be banned. Google should listen to the new government of Pakistan, if not then Google will face complete ban in the country as there are other search engines online as well. Anusha added that if Google can't remove such content then at least it should block it in Pakistan. On 29th May, 2013 Peshawar High Court of Pakistan had ordered Telecom authorities to block any website that spreads blasphemous content including Google, Twitter and Facebook.
You can still browse anonymously on the internet and the perception that our emails are being spied is ''wrong'', says Fabio Coelho, Country Director of Google in Brazil. The internet giant was among the companies criticized recently after reports published by British newspaper The Guardian - based on documents leaked by former CIA technician Edward Snowden which had revealed links between these companies and the surveillance scheme mounted by American security agency NSA. In an interview with BBC Brazil, Coelho said the whatever Snowden's revelations are, the truth is that "there is no breach of privacy" in Google. In Brazil, the topic is being discussed in Congress with the Marco Civil defense of the Internet, which deals with issues such as online privacy and removal of web content. BBC Brazil - There is a growing realization that Gmail, Google's e-mail, do not have privacy. Fabio Coelho - There is much misinformation and an attempt to bring the discussion to an issue that is not central.

Fabio Coelho - One of the great assets of Google's trust, and we will continue educating people regarding the privacy options available on our platform. But Google has privacy policies very clear, and our goal is to bring it to light so people can know when they want to sail with certain elements that allow navigation turns into services and understanding of their habits or when they want to browse anonymous, which is also an option. Fabio Coelho - Yes, the authorities have to make requests according to rules, with due process we provide the data to the government in serious cases.
BBC Brazil - Recently, Google Brazil denied in open court that has provided data to the American NSA.
Fabio Coelho - What must be assessed is the amount of users that Google has, which are billions around the world.
BBC Brazil - The YouTube, the requests for removal of content have doubled, what can you tell us about that? Fabio Coelho - We are in favor of freedom of expression with respect to the laws of the country but there are one hundred hours of YouTube (addition) content per minute.
Fabio Coelho - There are many, eg Android platform, since Brazil is one of the fastest growing markets in the use of smartphones in the world and YouTube, which represents the democratization of production and consumption of content produced by small, medium and large organizations or persons. Brazil is one of the five largest markets in the world for YouTube and tends to be among the top three. According to experts, single women looking for a happy, secure boyfriend should look for a man with a sister or sisters. Pro Tip: When surprising your son or daughter at college, make sure you know their correct dorm room number.
After waking up from an operation, and still hopped up on anesthesia, this kid tells his mom that he and "his boy, Rocco" killed people in Dubai. This scanning is done to obtain keywords for the target advertising over the user's gmail accounts. The mama issue which the man fought on the way in which Google without any legal permissions scanned mails.
This particular app is designed to records and share video at a single instant from all time famous youtube videos directory. Meaning they haven't had quite a lot of market share in worldwide sales revenue of the android devices. According to the Google chief, this will enable a tougher competition with it's rivals and elites of the cell phones market i.e. But critics believe that they might not see all the features in this fascinating Google's device. All these brands, though, might not have identical products, but they all somehow have some relation in their products. But, both of them now have diversified into cell phone market for their revenue maximization. All these elites are now looking to take away the monopoly of Google in the market of search engines. But, online advertising is another ground of war where these elites are trying to get over each other.
It started the year with tremendous response of its new iPhone 5, recording breaking sales were witnessed by all of us. For Google this has been yet another successful year in which it opened a wide range of services for its customers and was successful in keeping them all happy. Google, is though in the upcoming year to work with Amazon’s retailers to provide them with on the order day delivery.
Facebook, nowadays, is looking to make a move towards mobile application rather than previous pc applications. With e banking making a progress with each passing day and lot more people entering into it. Doing shopping manually has dropped over the last few years, lot more people want to shop as it saves time and expenditure too.
Google has already launched Google wallet service to allow users to spend on their smartphones through it. In order to keep up with up with its rival traditional baking requires a lot of upgrading especially in term of features. Google Fiber was launched in 2012 it provided fantastic speeds to the internet, the speeds were far higher were far then normal broadband speeds. This project is introduced to ensure availability of internet all around the globe and about 3 billion people are still facing unavailability of internet. Google glass is one of the fascinating technologies you would ever likely to see, through it tons of first user generated contents can be produced and a lot more traffic on mobile would be through videos.

This, however, doesn't come off until a series of investigations was laid by the detective around the internet world.
Those photos show that whatever is going on was in clear view of anyone across the lake or crossing that bridge. Until, Jacquelina Koenen identified his dog in the image that led to the confusion, he reported to one of the newspaper.
Logically Gmail is a huge platform, which has a huge user base, there is a concern that privacy terms are well known to everyone.
When Google shares information on requests made by the government, we always release a transparency report. The Arizona student, who attended Red Mountain High School, exposed his genitals in his high schoola€™s varsity football team photo after being dared to do so by a teammate. However, the main issue created here was that Google not only scanned mails belonging to subscribed Google services users but non-subscribed users also faced the same course of action from Google. Now, here the main issue was why Google scanned mails even without user's permission ?
Google this year took over the mobile manufacturer Motorola for $12.5 billion a firm which itself was not doing well in the world of cell phones.
Google has recently bought Motorola for $12.5 and Amazon has added kindle fire for its android devices. Apple has developed its unique search engine which through speech recognition resolves people’s queries and facebook on the other hand has said to build an improved search engine at their site to help its members.
It has rolled out mobile advertising to ensure free flowing facebook surfing on the mobile devices.
The Smartphone is said to be manufactured in low-budget and is said to have a low cost with a number of worthwhile apps. Over the last few years people have moved a lot from traditional banking system to e-banking systems. Google is planning to launch 8 satellites all over the world that would help both the internet and mobile operators. Already, Google has launched some of the best apps on mobile such as voice recognition and voice-search.
Although, cpc for mobile ads is low in comparison to the ones that are showed on a desktop pc but with the intervention of iOS devices Google ads could be shown at a much wider web place such as games, videos and online software.
Splash of blood was clear in the image and with a man standing right next to this splash of blood.
According to him, it was him and his dog on the bridge, his dog like to play in the water and run across the bridge. The photo was then published in the schoola€™s yearbook a€” somehow without a single person noticing. The videos after being recorded can can be share on facebook, youtube, google + and twitter. This integration is in particular for the promotion of both the elites in the software market. But, in nutshell, all these brands are strongly working upon research and development to bring best possible results for their products.
It recorded a decline of about 22 percent in its Android services, a decline by 8 percent in the total Android handset shipped by Apple was another thing witnessed this year.
Google is now looking to make plastic cards for its Google wallet service thus eliminating the power of ATM cards. But, a man in from USA didn't stayed quite and took this particular case to the code of law on 30th November 2012. However, Google must realize it's supply-chain issues before going into the production of these so-called x phones. To continue competing with its rival facebook is set to launch a new app which will tell the user’s about the business in relation to their friend.
Amazon has already tried to go after Apple through tablets by launching Kindle Fire tablet this year. Actually, the problem Is with technology advancing there is more demand for technological products so people prefer online shopping cards over regular debit or credit cards. Apple is now looking to diversify into other products like it is nowadays looking to test new LCDs and have contacted some cable companies too.

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