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While doing some query checking this am I noticed my normally friendly Google results had been moved further down the page and in their place was a query refinement form for a car search. Most of our readers have heard of Google AdWords but are not sure how it works and how it can help with the bottom line. Just like in every web based business, testing different variations of ads, keywords, and landing pages is a must! A project manager for Zuma Technology who specializes in managed services and web development. Join hundreds of individuals who get free IT tips and resources delivered directly to their inbox! For any busi­ness inquiries, pre sale related ques­tions or even if you want to say hello, contact us directly! In recent months Facebook has been busy making changes to its Newsfeed algorithm; the mathematical formula that sifts through “posts” and determines which stories appear first. In this paper we’re examining what the recent changes to Facebook’s algorithm means for users and big brand names. Like Google, Facebook updates it algorithm to deliver the most relevant content to its users. Firstly, Facebook’s webmasters have targeted “like-baiting”; posts that explicitly ask users to share, comment or like in order to get more distribution than it normally would. So, fundamentally, the algorithmic changes intend to punish publishers who are creating feed spam. Adweek reports that there is an increasing “misconception in some circles around the idea that Facebook is an agnostic platform that doesn’t systematically curate the user experience.” Facebook has been modifying its algorithm to “highlight content in a fashion that’s not unlike a newspaper or magazine’s online presence”, as more websites that work with viral material have suffered.
Changes to Google’s search algorithm have fuelled the development of search marketing and SEO and the recent changes by Facebook have encouraged online publishers to revaluate their Newsfeed strategies. Nevertheless, one source (allegedly familiar with Facebook’s marketing strategies) told Valleywag that algorithmic updates intend to force brands to spend more money on advertising because free brand pages will become less effective. Facebook has also implemented auto-play in users’ new feeds, resulting in a 785% YoY and 134% QoQ increase in video plays.
Revenue from social channels acquired by retail sites has been on the decline; not Facebook, however, which is on the up – 11% year-on-year. Pinterest has overtaken Facebook in the UK for the amount of referral revenue, but Facebook is still in a position of great strength because it offers great all-round value for advertisers. Another finding in Adobe’s report is that fewer people are “liking” Facebook posts, but more people are “sharing” and commenting; perhaps surprising because it takes more time and effort.
For some time, Facebook’s webmasters have been running tests on Newsfeed to encourage users to post more regularly. However, research concluded that text statuses from brand Pages were not as effective as from friends. You may have noticed Facebook’s new auto-play videos – videos that play (without sound) automatically as you scroll through Newsfeed. More high quality content is rolled out, especially current news stories from authoritative sources. Facebook is making long-term investment in an Artificial Intelligence research lab, helping it to better understand user-relevant content and determine the visibility of Newsfeed posts.
There are around 25 million small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) who regularly use Facebook, but only about 1 million of those advertise frequently.
Great wailing and gnashing of teeth in the Internet world is occurring over Google’s decision and implementation to now offer paid Google product search results at the top of every Google page, including using paid product images prominently at the top of the results pages.
The big merchants are simply adding the cost to their budgets, the little guys are screaming bloody murder over losing their clout because they think can’t afford the new marketing costs, and the search engine optimization professionals are seeing a lot of their hard fought and hard won work simply disappear before their eyes.
Here’s the problem: Newspapers originally embraced online versions of their daily product on the Internet by offering their content for free. As long as the old, free system was in place, a little help from a good SEO program could alter the search engine ranking results in favor of a particular web site, which would alter the bottom line of the web site in a favorable way all the way to the bank. Which also means taking another look at SEO programs, and, instead of goosing search engine efforts perhaps once a month, goosing them more often. Oddly, this situation is going to help legitimate SEO program offerings, and pretty quickly weed out the amateurs who are taking money for a poor offering and delivering lousy results. There is no question the Internet is becoming more sophisticated – and, at the same time, more professional – so it is only natural companies such as Google are going to change the rules.
When Lord Cornwallis lost to General Washington and the Continental Army at Yorktown, Virginia in 1781, his ironic signal things had changed, and the mightiest empire in the world, Great Britain, had lost to an army it considered rabble, was the British Army band played “The World Turned Upside Down” during the surrender ceremony.
The Google band is tuning up; free is gone, it’s time for more SEO professionalism and the reality that the Internet itself simply isn’t free, either, in the big picture.
Peter Roesler (1201 Posts)Peter Roesler president of Web Marketing Pros has an extensive background in all things marketing, social media, and search engine optimization. Can you find the hidden story in last montha€™s Google search volume statistics for the following terms?

As an Inbound Marketer, these stats tell me loud and clear why I still get glassy stares when I mention Inbound Marketing. Email and Social Media Marketing are currently much better known and far more frequently adopted as marketing tactics. In my opinion, this is a very important post and one that I hope is amplified far and wide. In a big way, Stevea€™s post is a call for a return to good and proven marketing principles that translate just fine into the digital framework.
For years Ia€™ve been a proponent of marketing integration, which stubbornly remains elusive regardless of the platform. Social Stevea€™s post suggests that we get beyond compartmentalizing the elements of Inbound Marketing and get to some real results and leverage.
While you're thinking about this subject, you may want to learn "20 Reasons Why You Should Take Control of Your Marketing Using HubSpot." It only takes a click to access your free copy. I figured this was to increase the amount of users to Google Base so they can soon monetize it once it has met a minimum threshold of users and feels comfident they will be able to compete with eBay in their own way and still make money.It was quite annoying though. Another Google product that helped with making intelligent business decisions on behalf of our customers is having Google Analytics installed on the website. Established in 2003, Zuma Technology has been able to assist companies of all sizes with IT efficiency. Sometimes its difficult to follow all these practices, but when followed religiously it will produce good result.
We’ll propose that, like Google, Facebook intends to harvest, collect and monetise our personal data and ask whether or not, from a search marketing perspective, the paths between the two internet giants could converge further. Facebook stated that its new algorithm “will not impact Pages that are genuinely trying to encourage discussion among their fans”, but reduce the number of stories that dilute content posted by friends and more relevant (and interesting) brand Pages. Moreover, Facebook’s webmasters ensure high quality publishers that their Pages will not be adversely affected – they might even see an increase in Newsfeed distribution and traffic should not be concerned.
The company has not cited any specific changes to brand “Pages”, however, some publishers claim that the content they share over Facebook has not been reaching the reader numbers that they had in the past.
This is largely due to more competition driven by more sharing”, the California-based social media giant told CNET.
Organic reach has supposedly been cut from 2% to 1%, which would mean that an advertising giant like Nike, which has spent huge resources in acquiring over 16 million Facebook “likes”, would only reach around 160,000 users when it publishes a new post. Adode’s Social Media Intelligence Report highlights how Facebook’s ad click through rate (CTR) has increased by 20% quarter-on-quarter and 160% year-on-year, while ad “impressions” have increased by over 40%. Users’ engage most with posts with images, while posts that include links also experienced significantly more engagement. The growing popularity of Facebook ads fuelled a 60% increase in sales revenue in the final quarter of 2013 and a similar growth trajectory has continued into this year.
For example, when users see more text only updates from friends, they are more likely to post themselves. It has also introduced auto play adverts, although not video content uploaded from third party sites such as YouTube. Webmasters have stated that the mobile version has been redesigned to become more competitive with Twitter on breaking news stories.
It is becoming more personalised, but users can still ensure they get what they want by engaging with high quality posts and reporting spammy or irrelevant posts. Both are vast internet empires and both use metadata contextual data analysis and monetise our data through targeted advertising and selling analysis of data trends (although both, of course, now have to meet stricter privacy laws). Users are adding more and more friends and liking more and more brand Pages, which has intensified competition in our already congested Newsfeeds; nowadays, both people and brands have to contest the right to appear on our Newsfeeds. The answer is to be smarter than the big boys, to better target offerings, and to be more appealing to average shoppers. His impressive work history includes VP of Development at AppSoft Development, Director of Multimedia at Advantage Services, and Creative Director at Mammoth Technology. Even though ita€™s been around for several years, comparatively speaking, ita€™s still not on a lot of radar screens. But theya€™re only a small part of what it takes to transfer online activities to bottom line results. Schaefera€™s {Grow} Marketing Blog today by a€?Social Stevea€? Goldner titled, Ita€™s Time to Evolve the Social Media Mindset. It makes a great case for not creating digital marketing a€?silosa€™ and for working toward strategic and holistic integration of online marketing tools into business processes.
Especially since I was looking for actual information on the environmental impact of the vehicle and not shopping for a car.
Now, whether the action be to buy the product or service now or perform some research, you want to have your brand at the top of the search result ad position.
The AdWords management team at Zuma Technology, has worked with various budgets and have been able to produce high click through rates, increase conversions, and generate quality traffic.

This product is an invaluable asset that provides great data on how visitors are engaging with your website. The founders of the company have instilled the practice of simplifying enterprise level technical support to provide the same principles for small and medium size businesses.
Its new modifications will crack-down on poorer quality and less user-relevant content from repeat-offending Pages.
Facebook’s webmasters have managed to detect spammy links by measuring how often people share the links they have visited.
And, although revenue per visit (RPV) has declined on Twitter and Tumblr, it is on the rise on Facebook.
Conversely, text-only Facebook brand posts have experienced a decline in engagement, becoming a less effective advertising tactic. Accordingly, after increasing the number visible text only updates, Facebook reported that an average of nine million more updates were posted daily. The organic reach of Facebook posts has decreased, so businesses are going to have to revaluate how they use social media to promote their brand. Andrew Allsop, marketing manager for Fatsoma online ticketing, now spends ?500 a month on Facebook advertising compared to nothing this time last year. Nevertheless, Facebook still reigns supreme over the world of social media and around 1.3 billion people use it. They discovered savvy consumers would rather read online for free than pay for a printed copy every day as newspaper circulation declined dramatically. In other words, web sites are going to have to be more clearly focused, and content on those sites is going to have to be better defined, either through text or images or both.
Sure, HubSpot, developer of the all-in-one Inbound Marketing software, has more than 6000 client companies onboard a€“ a significant achievement for a young software company.
Next post we’ll discuss some features about AdWords and how these tools can help develop content for your website. The average user has approximately 1,500 posts that could appear in their Newsfeed every day; however, Facebook’s algorithm only makes about 20% of posts visible.
Even if a user has read a story from a source like the BBC, Facebook wants to ensure its users do not miss topical content and social conversations.  “After people read a story, they are unlikely to go back and find that story again to see what their friends were saying about it, and it wouldn’t bump up in News Feed”, webmasters wrote in a blog.
The future of Facebook advertising will be over mobile devices; mass, personalised and automated reach. Search engine results used to be completely free, too, but that has changed, and people used to free don’t like to give that up easily. But, if free is gone forever, then the simple answer is to make the best of the situation and push forward with Plan B. But there are millions of businesses in the US that are still doing whatever in their marketing. When people click on your ad, they’ll go to your website to learn more about a service or product. Research shows the top spot in the first ad position has shown to attract the most traffic and increase click through rate.
Secondly, brand posts with embedded videos have gained traction in the first quarter of 2014, experiencing 58% more engagement quarter-on-quarter and 25% growth from last year.
Page admins can expect a decrease in the distribution of their text status updates, but they may see some increases in engagement and distribution for other story types”. The mistake was making too much free in the beginning; the Internet was considered a democratic marketplace instead of a capitalist marketplace. If it succeeds, and continues to innovate and evolve, it will remain an essential communicative and commercial artery for businesses and brands.
It's quite clear Google is bending to Wall Street and doing whatever they can to generate more revenue but it also appears they may have started cutting corners.I'm not sure if the car search refinement tool will be on all car results or if they're just testing things for the time being but it's annoying and I'd like the real Google to stand up please. Searchers understand companies at the top are quality companies that know being number one is a way of generating quality leads.
We were able to lower their budget from $2,500 to $1,500 a month, increase the conversion rate by 12%, and increase the company’s click through rate by 44%. Not only did we help lower the customer’s budget, but we were able to increase conversions and generate quality traffic.
The company has over 1,000 products and the marketing spend was leaving money on the table. We were able to optimize the account by agreeing with the customer to not advertise during the weekend, as their audience was B2B, and focus on conversion optimization ( in their case making a sale on the site) for the website. We were able to test various landing pages to find the optimal registration form and landing page layout.

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