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A year ago a publisher that we work with decided to discontinue a large domain and migrate only a small portion of its content to a new subdomain on a different, existing domain. An interesting aspect of the migration is that only a small portion of the content was being republished on the new subdomain.
With so many URLs involved, and with a large number of 301 redirects all pointing to a single URL, I was curious how long it would take Google and Bing to process all the redirects. A year has now passed and I can report back that, at least for Google, it is still a work in process.
We were not directly involved in this migration so I don’t have all the details on how it was managed in terms of the redirect mapping, XML sitemaps, updating links to the old URLs as possible, etc. In looking through the remaining indexed pages in Google today I see that about 270 URLs are on a subdomain of the discontinued domain that is no longer maintained but is still active and accessible. Nearly all the remaining URLs in Bing’s index are also on this still active subdomain. So the migration process is largely completed but it can take quite a while to clean things up entirely. Do you have any idea how long time you can do a 301 redirect in URL that was forgotten during a migration process, and this redirection has some effect positive for Google. Eduardo – if there are still internal or inbound links pointing to a particular URL that was forgotten during a migration, then adding a 301 redirect at a later time will still give you the ability to preserve that value. Adam Sherk is an SEO and PR consultant helping publishers with digital strategy and audience development, including enterprise SEO, public relations and social media marketing. The opinions expressed on this blog are Adam Sherk's own and do not necessarily reflect the views of his company or its clients. Google se esfuerza por mejorar el SEO de los sitios web, por ello cada tiempo saca nuevas recomendaciones y tips, no te va a decir como funciona el Algoritmo, pero si son buenas recomendaciones. Hay que recordar que estas son solo algunas recomendaciones por parte de Google, nos dicen algo… no todo. Deja un comentario Cancelar respuestaDisculpa, debes iniciar sesion para escribir un comentario. CONG TY TNHH TVCN VI?T NAM - Chuyen qu?ng cao tr?c tuy?n tren Google, Yahoo, Facebook va cac bao di?n t? hang d?u Vi?t Nam.
Cong ty TNHH TVCN VIETNAM la m?t trong nh?ng don v? cung c?p qu?ng cao tr?c tuy?n hang d?u Vi?t Nam! TVCN VI?T NAM chuyen qu?ng cao tr?c tuy?n, qu?ng cao tren Google Adwords, qu?ng cao tren Yahoo va cac bao l?n t?i Vi?t Nam. Gi?m 30% chi phi thi?t k? website, 20% chi phi qu?n tr? website, 10% chi phi dang ky ten mi?n, hosting, server.

Tr? l?i ?ng d?ng SEO c?a htaccess, khi m?t khach hay b? tim ki?m tham m?t trang web, may ch? s? ki?m tra t?p tin d?t bi?t d? tim cac tuy bi?n c?a webmaster, bao g?m c? cac tuy bi?n b?o m?t. Chuy?n hu?ng redirect 301 hay redirection 301 thu?ng du?c hi?u nhu vi?c di r?i vinh vi?n (moved permanently). Di?u d?u tien la b?n ph?i d?m bao ch?c server Apache c?a b?n h? tr? mod_rewrite cho phep s? d?ng .htaccess d? ap d?ng redirect 301 . Ngu?i s? d?ng Windows s? khong th? t?o du?c t?p tin .htaccess vi t?p tin d?c bi?t nay khong ch?a ten, no ch? ch?a ten c?a ph?n ten m? r?ng. Sau khi t?i t?p tin .htaccess xu?ng may, n?u da co cac dong l?nh tru?c do thi hay c?n th?n d?ng thay d?i n?u nhu b?n khong ch?c, t?t nh?t hay sao luu m?t b?n d? phong tru?ng h?p c?n thi?t b?n v?n co th? quay tr? l?i.
Chu y : D? b?t d?u thi b?n nen redirect 301 cac trang tren cung host, b?n ch? nen chuy?n cac trang cu d?n thu m?c g?c tuong d?i. N?u b?n quy?t d?nh thay d?i ten mi?n thi cac du?ng d?n tru?c day t? cac website ben ngoai, t? may tim ki?m va ngay c? cac du?ng d?n tuy?t d?i tren website cu d?u b? thay d?i va khi b?n truy c?p, cac d?a ch? tren s? tr? b?n d?n trang bao l?i 404 : trang khong tim th?y.
B?n co th? th? l?i v?i cac ten mi?n vi d? tren ma t? ap d?ng thanh cong dung nhu trich d?n.
Du Google m?i ch?p nh?n vi?c s? d?ng g?ch du?i “_” nhu la ky t? ngan cach, nhung trong th?c t? ngu?i dung v?n quen thu?c v?i d?u g?ch ngang “-”. Trong bai vi?t s? d?ng Feedbuner, cac b?n co th? s? d?ng plugin d? qu?n ly Feeds RSS tren Blog WordPress.
D?i v?i ngu?i dung WordPress, cac b?n co th? s? d?ng plug-in Redirection Permanent Link d? chuy?n hu?ng cac trang. Google 301 sadece kok duzeyindeki uzant?lar? bir birine yonlendirmek icin kullan?lan yonlendirme yontemidir.
Google 301 yonlendirmesi icin en onemli husus dogrulama yap?lan sitelerin dogrulamalar? ayn? olmal?d?r.
Google 301 yonlenmesi gerektiren durumlarda sitenizin ulke taraf?ndan engellenmesi ve kapat?lmas? dahilinde baska bir site ve uzant?ya yonlendirilmesi bicimidir. Google 301 yonlendirmesinin en sagl?kl? olan? Google webmaster araclar?nda ayn? dogrulama yap?lm?s sitelerin bir birine yonlenmesi sonucland?ktan sonra yonlenecek siteden tum veri yedegi geciklip yonlenecek siteye kurulum sagland?ktan sonra yonlenecek siteyi 301 Google yonlendirmesinden sonra meta tag ile yada iframe yoluyla yonlenecek siteye yonlendirmesi gerekmektedir bir sure sonra bunun Google takibi 6 aydan 6 aya olarak gerceklesmektedir. El redireccionamiento de paginas web es una tecnica que se utiliza para unificar las visitas de varias paginas, a una sola. Those pages got a 301 redirect to the corresponding new URL; everything else was given a 301 redirect to the new home page.
So you need to account for some oddities and inaccuracies when monitoring index counts over time. So based on that it looks like, except for some periodic fluctuations, Bing had mostly taken care of business (albeit it with a much smaller number of URLs) within a couple months.

T?p tin htaccess g?m cac dong l?nh, co th? tuy bi?n theo ngu?i dung, du?c d?t trong m?t thu m?c nao do, no s? co tac d?ng cho thu m?c do va t?t c? cac thu m?c con. May ch? sau do s? th?c thi cac l?nh tim th?y trong t?p tin htaccess thu?ng g?m chuy?n hu?ng redirection, b?o m?t va bao l?i.
No tr? v? ma l?i 301 trong ph?n header nh?m thong bao cho may tim ki?m hay trinh duy?t, may ch? r?ng trang web hi?n t?i da du?c chuy?n r?i t?i d?a ch? m?i. Vi th? b?n hay t?i t?p tin text b?t k? trong window r?i t?i len server qua FTP r?i d?i ten tren sever. 301 yonlendirmesi Google webmaster tools araclar k?sm?nda adres degisikligi sekmesi alt?ndad?r.
Meta yontemi ile sitenizi dogrulad?ysan?z 301 yap?lacak sitenin de ayn? yontemle dogrulanmas? gerekmektedir. Genelde hack uzeri cal?sanlar 301 yaparak sayfa degeri yuksek ve pagerankl? sitelere 301 yaparak kendi sitelerine yonlendirip sahte pagerank yani genel olarak bildigimiz fake pagerank olay?na ortam sunmaktad?r.
But I still found it interesting how Google’s reported index counts jumped around quite a bit, especially from 500K in late May back to 8 million in early June. M?t trong nh?ng ?ng d?ng ph? bi?n c?a htaccess la cho phep vi?t l?i du?ng d?n URL (rewrite URL). Turkiye haricinde diger ulkeler icinde ayn?s? gecerlidir kok domain d?s?nda 301 yonlendirmesi maalesef yap?lamamaktad?r. Index kodu ile dogrulad?ysan?z 301 yap?lacak sitenin de ayn? yontemi kullanmas? gerkemektedir.
Bunun haricinde ald?g?n?z backlink ve t?klanma oranlar? yonlendirdiginiz siteye aktar?lacakt?r. Lo aconsejable es realizar la redireccion 301 permanente, lo que mantiene una reputacion positiva en SEO.Las paginas que estan referidas en varios sitios web de calidad, gozan de buena reputacion en los motores de busqueda.
De igual modo, el SEO puede verse perjudicado en caso de que se este duplicando un sitio web por no utilizarse el redireccionamiento requerido a una pagina. En este caso, redirecciones temporales 302 y meta de actualizacion son dos tipos de redireccion que impactan negativamente en el SEO. The first few weeks it seemed like 30k-40k pages would de-index per week, but it’s been dramatically each week less since then. Aqui el dano al posicionamiento seria minimo o nulo, pero es importante que lo haga una persona capacitada para ello para evitar errores.En caso de paginas con contenido duplicadoLos motores de busqueda penalizan fuertemente a las paginas que tienen contenido duplicado o con informacion muy similar a otras.

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