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Questo e cio che e alla base del Guerrilla Marketing, che mira ad un modo di fare pubblicita diverso, in grado di stupire i consumatori colpendoli ad un livello inconscio, non convenzionale, diretto. Il suo scopo e generare stupore nel consumatore per poi indurlo a promuovere la campagna attraverso il passaparola. Il Guerrilla Marketing e oggi una delle tecniche piu utilizzate nel campo dell’advertising perche permette di risparmiare sul badget ottenendo un alto livello di ROI (ritorno sugli investimenti). Samsung ha deciso di puntare sulla moda del momento per promuovere la sua nuova fotocamera: i selfie che in questo caso diventano dei self-portaits di pittori famosi. Ecco cosa si sono inventati quelli del deodorante da uomo AXE…il messaggio che passa e davvero chiarissimo. Ecco un altro esempio di Guerrilla marketing usato per discutere di temi attuali ma scomodi. Le immagini riportate su questo sito sono da intendersi come esemplificative del lavoro che Sadesign e in grado di realizzare per la propria clientela.
That’s exactly what Flower Scented Laundry Softener Lenor performed in their latest Guerrilla Marketing Campaign with Flower Foil Wraps. Take a look at this Guerrilla Marketing Campaign for Dinosaurs Alive which makes it look like a Dinosaur ripped through the bus stop. Here’s a guerrilla marketing campaign that transforms an ordinary traffic gate into an awesome Extra Thin Schnitzel. The brief was to find an unusual way to promote a new product: Extra Thin Schnitzel, and use an Extra Thin Budget. To celebrate summer, 711 convenience stores has been hitting the streets, literally, in a new mobile guerrilla marketing campaign geared to get consumers to create their own 711 slurpee creation. The guerrilla marketing slurpee mix-maker has been traveling across the nation getting and asking mix-makers to step up to their interactive kiosk and enter in their contact information and slurpee mix-maker creation.
After naming your new slurpee and taking a photo, your photo and creation prints out on a sturdy mix-maker badge right there on the spot. From there you can proceed to grab a free sample of a 711 slurpee and grab coupons for free medium slurpees at your next trip to 711.

In another creative attention seeking guerrilla marketing car ad for Alfa Romeo, they stood a car upright as if it was placed in a shopping cart and displayed the art masterpiece in the middle of a mall. Skull Candy is coordinating a really neat guerrilla marketing campaign in New York by hanging their famous headphones in trees around the neighborhood.
Check out this clever Ford F-150 Guerrilla Marketing Ad which makes it look like even the F-150 truck in the ad on the wall is strong enough to lift the real-life large load above the hallway. Results and Effectiveness: Thousands of bath towels were stolen at the start of the summer season. To promote the new Colgate Max Night variant local pizzerias were supplied with special Colgate-branded boxes for their dinner deliveries. According to the Venetian Casino, the visits increased by 60% since the eye catching ad appeared at the airport.
DDB Auckland ads were placed on the virgin thighs that are exposed in this latest trend, by putting indented plates across the inner city and fashion district bus stops, mall seats and park benches, so that when people sat down the message was imprinted on their thighs.
Durex Performa is a condom that contains a special lube, Benzocaine, inside the sheath which helps the man to control climax and prolong excitement.
Interbest and Y&R Amsterdam used an overweight male stripper to build awareness of their billboard visibility. Real red apples were placed on the heads of the statues in the most crowded areas in Bratislava. Sono delle pubblicita spiazzanti, provocatorie che sono praticamente impossibili da ignorare e difficili da dimenticare.
Applicando un apribottiglie su un distributore automatico di bibite, questa pubblicita non puo non essere notata! Questa campagna di advertising invita a condividere il personaggio del libro che si sta leggendo incitando anche a non smettere di leggere. The creative solution: a Giant 3D Meat Hammer, which is ordinarily used for tenderizing chicken breasts and make them thinner, was placed on public parking lot barriers. I’m pretty sure the guerrilla marketing campaign is also aimed toward getting people to talk about Skull Candy on Facebook and Twitter.

We’ve handpicked another awesome collection of guerrilla marketing examples that we are eager to share it with you.
Gillette wanted to bring the topic of body shaving to the attention of men and women – just before summer as the topic of hair-removal is most relevant during that time. This meant that as well as having branded seats, a veritable army of free media was created for Superette, with thousands of imprints being created and lasting up to an hour. Electronic boards were held up at half time and the end of matches to signify how much extra time will be played. Colpiscono il compratore nei momenti e nei luoghi in cui non e attiva la sua “advertising counsciouness” (cosa che accade invece quando si e davanti alla tv o quando si sta ascoltando la radio). When the barrier opens, the hammer rises, and when it closes, it comes down, simulating it’s use in the kitchen.
With the start of the outdoor swimming season, our target audience gather in parks, next to lakes, rivers, at outdoor swimming pools and on green areas in the city. The message reminded people to use Colgate max night so their dinner breath does not become their morning breath. Plus, by the nature of where the ads were placed, only the hippest young cats were seen advocating the brand. Of course, with the branding of the boards, the extra time took on a whole new meaning and relevance! In order to stop this domestic alco-violence, advertising agency redesigned the trademark beer mugs of their client Bernard brewery to reventatively warn its beer drinkers to not lose control over their drinking. The many people who pass through every day, received a unique experience in a very unpredictable place.
The idea is the world’s first bath towel with holes in areas where you would usually find body hair.

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