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The term “guerrilla marketing” describes an advertising strategy that engages low-cost unconventional marketing tactics that produces maximum results. There?s a whole lot more to guerrilla marketing than setting up social media pages for your business.
A flash mob is an impromptu form of street theater, which is usually characterized by an outrageous display.
Jay Conrad Levinson writes “Realize that people hate taking the hard step of buying something, so guerrillas use soft steps to make the hard step a little easier. Successful proponents of guerrilla advertisement know that potential clients function from either the left or right side of their brains. Follow up on any guerrilla marketing tactic and use it to seal your relationships with your followers. Lisa Marie Mercer is a widely published writer, whose work includes topics such as travel, skiing, expat lifestyle, fitness and social media. The price tag for conventional advertising could be huge, this may hinder companies’ especially smaller ones from venturing into this area. This system of service promotion depends on time, energy and imagination instead of a huge marketing budget. This form of marketing is ideal for small businesses that are running an advertising campaign on a tight budget. Advertising dates back to 4000BC at a time when the early Egyptians made use of sales messages on wall posters. There are lots of “weapons” that can be used for guerrilla marketing, however, marketers are encouraged to be creative as the success of this marketing tactics is hinged on creativity. Here are some examples of guerrilla marketing tactics that applies in contemporary everyday living.
If you are heading to a conference or an online marketing summit, you can print a door hanger with your business name on it. Giving away high quality T-Shirt that people would like to wear could turn them into a walking bill board in your favor. When you get to the doctor’s office, while you are waiting to be attended to, slip your business card into every magazine you can find there.
If you can place your posters on the walls of the bus stop, you will be able to reach a wide number of audiences. MORE ABOUT BRANDONAfter being physically and mentally disabled by a brain tumor, Brandon overcame the odds to regain his health to help his pregnant wife in her fight against stage 3 breast cancer. Masterplanner is a continuously updated source for fund-raisers, openings, and major events for the next 12 months.
Every year, thousands of event and meeting professionals gather in South Florida, Los Angeles, New York, and Washington, D.C.
The BizBash Event Style Awards honor creativity, innovation, and excellence in the meeting and event industry throughout North America. We are currently accepting speaker submissions for our 2016 Event Innovation Forums, Workshop Series, and Elevate Conferences in New York, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C. THE essential resource for corporate and independent planners to discover venues and suppliers in 18 cities across North America.
Brand marketers went beyond traditional events this year, hosting surprise stunts throughout the country. Jay Conrad Levinson first coined the term in his 1984 book titled “Guerrilla Advertising.” Guerrilla warfare inspired the term. Build a community across your social networks, and learn about their interests and insights.
In order to align the meeting with the guerrilla marketing philosophy, you need to plan something special and exciting. Of course, someone is always on hand to make a video of the scene, which in turn gets posted on YouTube and other social networks.
Left-brained people prefer sequential, logical reasoning, and respond well to “top ten reasons to buy” lists.
The same applies to long, verbose posts and other guerrilla marketing ideas whose ideas can be delivered concisely.
She lives in Uruguay, with her husband, where they perform social media management for expats businesses, and for businesses around the world.
Basically, this unconventional mode of marketing is expected to be interactive, targeting the consumers in unexpected places. It is also recommended for large companies who want to reach out to the grass root audience as a means of complimenting other forms of mass media reach out programs. However, it was not until the early 20th century that conventional advertising methods were developed.
There was a huge rush for the attention of the consumer as everyone wanted a piece of the action. He was of the opinion that there needs to be a way of combating the conventional marketing techniques by an unconventional method. According to Livinson, an author in this field, he recommends that a guerrilla marketer must deliver the goods and must have an established relationship with the client in order to make a sale.

He recommends guerrilla marketing tactics for small businesses and entrepreneurs as a way of getting more exposure with minimum cost. Profit is the main indicator which is used to measure the success of guerrilla marketing effort and not sales. The focus of the marketer’s effort should be on getting the target audience to request for more information rather than making a sale.
Temporary Tattoos: Getting the information around with respect to your blog or business can be done with ease by making use of temporary tattoos. Hand Bills: Another method of distributing your hand bill is by going to a local news vendor, place your hand bill in every newspaper and magazine you can find before they are taken to the new stand. If you have a website, you can include your website URL and add a link to some free stuff on your website. These could be placed where clients can pick them as they leave your business premises or you can give them a copy at the counter as they make payments.
Organize a free demonstration of what you do at a local store that relates to your business. For those who have great copy writing skills, they can write editorials for local newspaper and include a line for their business.
It is normally used during elections for mayors and by realtors for houses that just got refurbished. If you are into the design of websites, offer to setup hosting and buy the domain name, if you are a gardener, offer to clear the snow in the winter. Except for “Highly Corporate Industries” like the financial institutions, most others could use a sex advert in several ways. Small scale businesses and upcoming ones can take advantage of it to take their businesses to new heights. Gaille is one of the top business bloggers in the world, and he has founded several multi-million dollar companies.
Monthly installments on trends, news, and ideas by industry luminaries make this a must-listen for every planner. This irregular form of warfare uses tactics such as ambushes, sabotage, raids and elements of surprise. Instead of immediately pitching your product, interact, ask questions, and discover what makes them tick. It manifests itself as a hip invitation to join or to be part of a movement.” Guerrilla marketing tactics are all about being fluid and ever-changing. In contrast, those who make their purchasing decisions from the right side of their brains enjoy emotional, aesthetic appeals and respond to marketing that brings tears to their eyes. The main objective of guerrilla marketing tactics is to develop an engaging, unique and thought provoking idea or concept that will then go viral among the target audience. It could also be adopted by individuals as a way of seeking for a job or finding more work. This suggestion came at a time when radio and television advertisement were on the rise, but the consumers were already bored, so he proposed that it was time for advertising to be unique, captivating, engaging and surprising. Go to the local library and in the section that relates to your business, place your complimentary card in every book you can lay your hands on. Get the news around through local news stations and you would be amazed at the results that your effort would give. For example a car wash outfit could use the service of some cute looking ladies in bikinis to wash the cars of clients. These once-a-year, one-day events are where the most influential names in the industry network, collaborate, discover, and become inspired to create incredible events. You can rely on our blog to present you with valuable information, the latest trends and ways to improve your business even further. One of the best examples of a guerrilla marketing social media flash mob was the “Girls Dancing in the Red Light District” video. The early adopters of Google Plus and Pinterest had a head start in the game, simply because they were quick to see the guerrilla marketing potential of these social media networks. These fans of the cap-lock button are bound to post highly negative feedback on your social media pages.
This form of marketing usually involves meetings in public places, giving away of products on the street and in outdoor areas and any other form of unconventional means aimed at reaching a larger audience with minimal resources. He also felt that the associated cost for an advertising campaign could only be afforded by already established companies. You could stick them on your forehead, behind your neck, maybe on the back of ladies wearing bikinis and worn to an event with a large number of attendees.
This will cost a few dollars to print the card and your time spent in placing them in the books.
Make it something people would love to wear to the games, telling friends about you all the way. This would obviously grab the attention of passer-by and generate the much needed traffic to your business. Filmed in Amsterdam, it showed a group of dancers performing an erotic dance, and a crowd of men salivating as they watched.

Some of it might be valid, but some of it can also be fake complaints, posted by competing businesses.
This is a low cost unconventional marketing strategy that can be used to promote a product or service and even an idea. By 1960, most advertising campaign efforts were based on a heavy budget through mass media channels like radio and the printing press. Places like soccer, baseball games and the cinemas would be a great place to wear these tattoos to. When he and Shane Gibson collaborated on the book titled “Guerrilla Social Media Marketing,” they added “community” to the mix. At the end of the dance, a screen flashes a message from an organization called “Stop the Traffick,” informing the audience that many women come to Europe with false hopes of a dancing career, but this is where they end up.
Hopefully, some of your fans will come to your assistance, but you also need to be ready to send a private message, and discuss the issue away from the public eye.
The record breaking 120,000-feet fall was made possible because of the marketing zeal of Red Bull, a stellar crew of scientists and a huge chunk of money. With this is mind, here are 10 tactics for setting up a guerrilla marketing social media strategy. Such stickers are better placed on rear glasses so that it could be easily seen in traffic. But regardless, it managed to put Red Bull in the minds of the millions that saw it.This was guerrilla marketing at its flashiest.
Be ready to ban and block anyone who you think is purposely trying to wreak havoc on your business. For the most part, however, guerrilla marketing is about the use of low-cost unconventional methods and materials like flash mobs, sticker bombing and graffiti to promote ideas or products.This is a marketing tactic which involves using innovative approaches to engage customers while providing a brand experience that cannot be easily forgotten.
Instead of money, this strategy demands an investment of time, energy and most importantly, an acute understanding of the audience.The Guiding Principle behind Guerrilla MarketingHuman psychology is the best tool a marketer has at his disposal. Using that along with calculated guesswork, judgment and experience is what sets this form of marketing apart from others.
The focus of the marketer in this form of marketing is to create a number of new relationships with the consumers.Understanding the perception of the brand being marketed as it currently is, as opposed to how the client wants, can be handy in devising your plan. Getting in touch with them in a way that is relevant to you is going to make your campaign more memorable. There are a variety of ways to promote the brand, but trying to find one that will speak to your audience is the key.
Trying to sell adult diapers at a concert will only get you laughed at.Street Marketing or Grassroots MarketingThe archetypal style of guerrilla marketing, it is highly effective if executed right. We have all seen flyers being handed out, or mascots waving a sign at passers-by, but those are tackier versions of the old street marketing tactics.
But the right street marketing for the right target audience will indubitably be profitable.Get up a notch with your street marketing.
Get colorful brochures with unique designs printed and handed out by an employee dressed in a tail coat, you can come up with any strategy provided you keep in mind the point above – stay relevant.
A similar tactic could work brilliantly for a small restaurant or agency looking to brand itself locally.
A relevant concept marketed similarly to another campaign can make the concept look stale.Keep Your What-Ifs in SightEvery guerrilla marketing campaign is fraught with risks. Most campaigns do not go a 100% seamlessly, there will be frayed ends and issues will crop up. Having a secondary plan to put in place for situations that you know can go wrong is always a wise idea.Have an Efficient TeamA strong team is the backbone to a successfully executed guerrilla campaign, Mr.
Having a strong street team is as essential as having an efficient group of people handling your social channels. Clear whatever doubts a team-member has before going on ground with a campaign.Carpet Bomb Your Target GroupLeave no proverbial stone unturned. From getting a flyer in their hand, to observing a cavorting mascot of the same brand, to finding an emailer about the same brand, make sure your TG knows it is your TG, and then some.And when you have finally gotten their attention, drop something unexpected on them. Communicate with your clients and audience through social media about a particular activity you are doing. Launching smartly promoted teaser campaigns would be a good idea too.During the event, gather as much evidence as you can about the proceedings.
This can create further traction for an ongoing campaign as well as help you gauge immediate reactions to it.
Hiring someone to shoot a video, or creating a “making of …” video is also a good idea if you hope for it to be a recurring activity.Guerrilla marketing is the best bet for small businesses hoping to widen their reach on shoestring budgets, while established companies use it to support existing marketing campaigns.
This technique, while not apt for all products or services, can have far reaching positives when implemented correctly.If you are seriously considering a guerrilla marketing campaign, throw out of the window all the conventional wisdom of marketing and think way outside the box.

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