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Description: HEAT Service and Support provides core service and support functions, including incident tracking, inquiry tracking, and case management.
HEAT Service and Support is the foundation for the HEAT product suite from FrontRange Solutions.
The Bottom Line: HEAT solutions enable your organization to increase service levels while lowering costs.
HEAT also integrates easily with the FrontRange ITSM product line, providing organizations with advanced needs, complex technology infrastructure, large size, or enterprise-class needs a seamless and efficient set of interaction management solutions. HEAT is an effective solution for any size company, in any vertical, with specific design considerations for small to mid-sized organizations. FrontRange customers represent 44 percent of the Fortune 100 and 76 percent of the FTSE 100, and include Coca-Cola, Shell Oil, Prudential Securities, Electricite de France, Mack Trucks, Campbell Soup, Avaya, Bechtel Corp, Bank of America, and Turner News Network.

EQMS Lite has been designed keeping in mind, the need of small business, to help them organize sales process and accelerate growth. Usually lot of paperwork needs to be done to manage service contracts and customer complaints. Service Desk Lite is useful for service firms to systematically manage Service Contracts and track customer complaint so that it never goes, unattended. Time tracker Lite is useful for professionals such as architects, graphic designers, software developers, lawyers or any consultants, who work on time and material basis or on fixed cost. Since managing time in excel has its own limitation, its tedious, less organized and information is not readily available. HEAT gives you the visibility to see where you can improve, and the agility to change as the market changes, to elevate your organization’s response to meet market demands, and to stay within your budget.

The Holy Quran Free software is designed in V.B Net with a User Friendly Interface and easy to navigate for ease of. You can also brought it from us in nominal price standard handling and shipping applied according national and International customers *.

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